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Joey in Bluebeard.

Joey  Heatherton !
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1a. The Joey Heatherton Story - Brief Description.

  1b. The Joey Heatherton Story - TV Guide 1963.

    1c. The Joey Heatherton Story - Look Magazine 1968.

2. Joey's Television Credits.

3. Joey's Movies.

4. Joey Heatherton Magazine Articles.

5. Pictures of Joey Heatherton!

6. Joey's WWWeb Connections.

7. Related Videos!

8. Why?!


The Joey Heatherton Story!       Joey H!

[1a] Joey Heatherton,  entry from book, The TV Encyclopedia, by David Inman.

Born Rockville Centre, NY, Sept. 14, 1944.  Sexy, elfin singer-dancer of sixties variety shows who's had her share of legal and career problems since then.

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[1b] This is Joey,  by Leslie Raddatz.  Reprinted from TV Guide Magazine, Aug. 31, 1963.

This is the assignment on Joey Heatherton.  I sorta figured Joey was probably a comic like Joey Bishop, but actually Joey isn't like him at all.  In fact, Joey isn't even a comic.

Of course, Joey's short like Bishop - 5 feet-3 - but, where Joey Bishop has dark hair and brown eyes, Joey Heatherton has blonde hair and blue eyes - much bigger eyes than Bishop's.  The general build and physical appearance are also quite different.  Joey Bishop is what I would describe as wiry, which is not the way I would describe Joey Heatherton.

Joey Heatherton was born in New York on Sept. 14, 1944, the daughter of Ray Heatherton, a former musical comedy star, who until recently was The Merry Mailman on WPIX.  [A New York City independent TV station.]  Her mother was a dancer in the Broadway production of "Babes in Arms," in which Ray Heatherton appeared, and that is where they met.

With that backround, it is only natural that Joey would turn to what we in the trade call show biz.  She got her start in "The Sound of Music" when she was only 15 years old and has been in a number of Broadway plays since.  She has also done a lot of television - The Perry Como Show, The Nurses, The U.S. Steel Hour, The Virginian and Route 66.  She recently completed her first motion picture, "Twilight of Honor," which is also the first starring vehicle for Richard Chamberlain - Dr. Kildare.

For a young lady who was graduated from high school only a year ago, that is an impressive list of credits.  But actually Joey didn't get to her own graduation; she was appearing in summer stock in Buffalo at the time.  This fall she is planning to take courses in English literature and psychology at Long Island University - between commuting to Hollywood for TV and motion picture roles.

Joey's interests are those of any teenager.  But despite the fact that she swims, skates and rides horseback she is not muscular; and all the hot dogs, pastrami and gooey sundaes she eats have not made her fat, although she is, you might say, rounded.  Nothing like Joey Bishop at all.

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[1c] Joey Heatherton: Heavenly Body Entering Orbit, by Gerald Astor.  Reprinted from Look Magazine, Feb. 8, 1966.

She sings some, acts too.  But her body lifted Davenie Johanna Heatherton up from the ruck.  Beyond these tangible virtues, what has given Joey Heatherton orbital velocity is the way she moves that torso.  When TV's Hullabaloo went on the air for the first time, Joey made a guest appearance.  Although the show brought grunts of wrath from the critics, Joey's dance hiked temperatures and eyebrows.  The talk about the dance helped the program survive.  Bob Hope made the troops laugh when he visited the Dominican Republic and Vietnam; they howled when Joey danced.

She could have been born and raised in a trunk, since mother Davenie and father Ray met as performers in a Broadwy musical.  However, Joey was brought up in a prim Long Island suburb of New York.  She started ballet school at six, studied four years with George Balanchine, put in a year on modern-jazz dance and went on to voice and dramatics.  Richard Rodgers, "the wall-to-all carpeting of show business," says Joey, gave her the first big break with a part in The Sound of Music.

After the Broadway turn came some TV dramas and film flops.  Something about Joey's sexy-kid look earned her roles as a teener in trouble.  She now rejects such parts: "No more pregnant ingenues for me."  Also off her list for the present are marriage and the white picket fence.  "I'm not interested in marriage now.  We've got a picket fence home, and it doesn't interest me."  Keeping suburbia and show biz in harmony poses problems.  Townsfolk don't realize their contagious colds and late hours ruin performances.  She laughs at silly tales of her smoking pot and doing a strip in a bar.  Father Ray tells her, "You don't have to be a kook."

Choreographer Jaime Rogers thinks Joey's "tremendous vitality and her energy make her very sensual.  She gets her motor going, and it just flows out naturally."  Some critics of the free-flowing body have labeled her dancing "sleazy eroticism."  Joey shrugs off the hullabaloo over Hullabaloo as the result of unfortunate camera angles.  She offers no apologies for her style and writes off bad reviews as symptoms of confused minds.  For a girl with a fiery reputation, she lives in a remarkably temperate climate.  Her home continues to be with mother, father, brother and dog, Mr. Didums, in Rockville Centre.  She relaxes by riding and swimming, sometimes bursts out with clothes-buying orgies.  "Somebody takes care of the money, I draw what I need."  Her mother accompanies 21-year-old Joey on most road trips, and she dates rarely.  "It's too much of a drag to come all the way back from Manhattan on the train with the drunks."

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[2] Joey Heatherton's Television Credits.

As a Regular -
Year Network   Show  Title
1961-63 NBC Perry Como's Kraft Music Hall
1968 NBC Dean Martin Presents The Goldiggers
1975 CBS Joey & Dad (with Ray Heatherton)

As a Guest -
Year Network   Show Title  Episode Title
1956 NBC The Perry Como Show ? (variety show)
1960 CBS Route 66 Three Sides
1962 CBS The Nurses Night Shift
1963 NBC The Virginian A Distant Fury
1963 NBC Mr. Novak To Break a Camel's Back
1963 ABC Arrest and Trial Some Weeks Are All Mondays
1963 CBS The Nurses Rally Round My Comrades
1964 NBC Bob Hope Chrysler Theatre Runaway
1964 ABC Hollywood Palace ? (variety show)
1964 ABC Channing The Trouble With Girls
1965 NBC Hullabaloo ? (first show, others?)
1965 NBC The Dean Martin Show ? (variety show)
1965 CBS The Steve Lawrence Show ? (variety show)
1966 NBC I Spy (a two-part episode) To Florence With Love
1968 ABC Of Mice And Men (TV Movie)
1968 Synd. The Mike Douglas Show One Week as Guest Co-Host!
1969 ABC It Takes A Thief A Matter of Grey Matter
1969 NBC The Dean Martin Show ? (variety show)
1969 ABC The Ballad of Andy Crocker (TV Movie)
1969 ? The Jackie Gleason Show ? (variety show, Sept.)
1970 ABC Love American Style Love and the Nervous Ex
1970 CBS The Glen Campbell Goodtime Hour ? (variety show)
1970 NBC The Dean Martin Show ? (variety show)
1970 CBS The Ed Sullivan Show ? (variety show)
1971 ABC Love American Style Love and the Hitchhiker
1971 NBC The Militant (TV Movie)
1972 Synd. The Mike Douglas Show ? (variety show, July)
1973 ABC Old Faithful (TV Movie)
1973 NBC NBC Follies ? (variety show)
1973 NBC Bob Hope Special ? (variety show, Nov.)
1976 NBC Doug Henning's Worlds of Magic ? (variety special)
1977 CBS Circus of the Stars ? (2 hour variety special)
1977 NBC King Orange Jamboree Parade ? (1 hour special)
1981 ABC Laverne and Shirley Night at the Awards

I'm sure that there are other performances of Joey's in the 1970's, 80's & 90's that I've missed.  If you know of any please e-mail me!

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[3] Joey Heatherton's Movies.   Joey in Bluebeard.

Year   Title   Co-Starring
1963 Twilight of Honor Richard Chamberlain, Claude Rains, Nick Adams.
1964 Where Love Has Gone Susan Hayward, Bette Davis, Mike Connors.
1965 My Blood Runs Cold Troy Donahue, Barry Sullivan, Jeanette Nolan.
1972 Bluebeard Richard Burton, Virna Lisi, Raquel Welch.  (Notable for Joey's semi-nude scene.)
1977 The Happy Hooker Goes to Washington George Hamilton, Ray Walston, Jack Carter.
1986 The Perils of P.K. Dick Shawn, Louise Lasser, Larry Storch.
1990 Cry-Baby Johnny Depp, Ricki Lake, Traci Lords.

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[4] Joey Heatherton Magazine Articles.

Magazine  Date Pages   Article  Title
Seventeen Jan. 1961 66 - 67 A Rising Star Learns to Shine.
TV Guide Aug. 31, 1963 24 - 25 This is Joey.  (reprinted above)
TV Guide Nov. 13, 1965 ? - ? ?
Look Feb. 8, 1966 24 - 26 Joey Heatherton: Heavenly Body Entering Orbit.  (main article reprinted above, but worth seeking out for pictures.)
TV Guide Sept. 17, 1966 ? - ? ?
TV Guide July 27, 1968 ? - ? ?
Newsweek Sept. 25, 1972 85 Just a Little Girl.  (unappreciative review of Joey's live stage show)
Playboy April 1997 130 - 137 Pal Joey.  ( Photo pictorial with accompanying text. )

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[5] Pictures of Joey Heatherton!

Pic.  - 290x350, very early MGM studio portrait, circa 1963.   [ 27 KB ]

Pic.  - 240x300, early studio portrait, circa 1964.   [ 19 KB ]

Pic.  - 505x600, publicity photo for TV show, circa mid 1960's.   [ 85 KB ]

Pic.  - 207x299, from article in TV Guide on ultra small TV sets, circa 1966.   [ 18 KB ]

Pic.  - 444x400, Joey dancing in Vietnam during Bob Hope USO tour, circa 1965.   [ 58 KB ]

Pic.  - 354x600, full-length dance pose, circa 1970.   [ 27 KB ]

Pic.  - 365x480, Joey's record album cover photo, 1972.   [ 62 KB ]

Pic.  - 490x600, "Happy Hooker..." Press Kit Picture, 1977.   [ 50 KB ]

Pic.  - 232x480, full-length publicity pose, circa 1985(?).   [ 20 KB ]

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[6] Other Sites of Joey Heatherton.

A few other good web sites relating to the irrepressibly dynamic Joey Heatherton!

The Joey Heatherton Homepage -   Randi's great Joey site with an excellent bibliography (magazine list), and Lots of photos.

A Joey Heatherton Page - joey-z.htm   Local copy of former site by Steve Zeoli.

Cobra's Unofficial Joey Heatherton Site -   A newer site for Joey.

The Official Joey Heatherton Site -   Official, but still in work as of January 2000.

The Joey Heatherton FAQ -   Text page of Frequently Asked Questions, assembled by David Carter.

The Internet Movie Database, Joey Heatherton -,+Joey   Filmography of Joey Heatherton with informational Links to each title.  Note - If this does not take you to Joey's Page go to the Main Page and use their SEARCH function to look her up.

Shokus Video Catalog page -   Listing of Johnny Carson videotape, which includes appearance of Joey Heatherton.

Video Dimensions page -   Listing of videotape of Dean Martin's first TV show with Joey as a guest.

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Where Love Has Gone  1964


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[8] Why a Page for Joey Heatherton?!       Joey young

Because like many young men in the late 1960's I was uncontrollably impressed by Joey's dancing, her singing, and her attitude.  What really hooked me were her appearances on The Goldiggers and the Dean Martin shows, during which she showed off her talents and ingratiated herself with every male who saw her!  (My poor little teenaged brain was overwhelmed!)  If anyone has, or knows where I can get, a video of her HULLABALOO appearance, her Mike Douglas Shows, or her Joey & Dad shows please contact me.

This small but exciting part of the WWWeb is brought to you by Robert Haycock.  E-Mail me with any questions, comments, suggestions, or information about Joey Heatherton.  Sorry, but because of Massive SPAM problems my E-Mail link has been "hidden". See the info box at the bottom of this page for more info, thanks! No, I do not have a mailing address for sending fan mail to Joey.

P.S.  Thanks, Joey!  You made a vivid and lasting impression!!!

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