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Eagle Force Knock-Off

Since I'm not exactly sure where to put these guys, I've given them their own page.  Apparently, an unnamed company used the Eagle Force molds to create a line of figures called simply "Action Figure".  The packaging was totally different than the Eagle Force packaging and, although most of the figures in this line were painted the same as the Eagle Force line, there were some that were painted very differently.  Also, it seems that only a tan skin color was used for the heads, so the Sgt. Brown figure is a white guy and Redwing has a tan head with brown arms (very strange).  Here are some examples:

Here is an example of one of the packages.  Since all of the packages were the same, I'm just showing one of them and then focusing on figures themselves in the other pictures.  None of the figures had names on the packages, so I'm just listing them under their Eagle Force names.


Sgt. Brown?


General Mamba


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