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Doc Tari's Eek the Cat page

Hi, this is my personal site dedicated to one of the coolest cartoons ever made : Eek the Cat.

Eek awaking from a beautiful dream Eek the Cat was a TV show that was originally broadcasted on the Fox Kids network from 1992 to 1997, in the U.S.A. of course. In the Netherlands, where I am from, the show is still being broadcast, also on Fox Kids/ V8. Actual times vary somewhat, and therefore I will not list them here, but in general there is an episode every day. The Eek the Cat show consists of several cartoon series: the original Eek the Cat, the Terrible Thunderlizards and the short-running and rather poor Klutter

A prime example of a Bad Thing®

For a reason that is only known to the twisted person(s) responsible for it, Eek is now also broadcasted with DUTCH voice-acting on Fox Kids. Anybody who has ever seen a movie or cartoon with Dutch voice-acting knows that it's simply terrible! The great and professional voices from the original have been replaced by utterly amateurish and disastrous substitutes. And the quotes are all terribly translated as well ! Really, the people at Fox Kids who responsible for this insult to Eek fans should all be fired, arrested, and executed in various unpleasant ways!

Who created Eek the Cat?

Eek the cat was created by Savage Steve Holland and Bill Kopp, who also worked on several other shows, including
Mad Jack the Pirate and something called 'Schnookums and Meat'.

What is so great about Eek?

At first glance, Eek the Cat is just another cartoon show: bright colors, cute-looking characters etc.
However, if you look closer, Eek offers a lot of outstanding qualities, not found in many other cartoons.
Like Cow and Chicken and Dexter's Laboratory, Eek is probably even funnier for students then it
is for kids, as the latter usually don't understand all the inside jokes and pop-culture references. Here is a
short list of what makes Eek so great:

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