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Updated October 2nd, 2003

Season One is complete

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Character Cards

Card # Name Level Type Seme/Uke Effect
Card--Shuuichi copy.jpg (151093 bytes)


Shindou Shuuichi Gravitation


Energetic 2000/1000  
Card--Kamui copy.jpg (155600 bytes) 2 Shirou Kamui  X/1999


Angsty 900/1100 When equiped with Wings, gains extra 200 seme
Card--Billy Lee copy.jpg (126490 bytes) 3 Billy Lee Black Xenogears


Resistant/Angsty 1100/900
Card--Kakyou copy.jpg (211266 bytes) 4 Kazuki Kakyou X/1999 2 Easy 900/1100 FLIP: Weaves illusions for an extra 600 UKE points.
Card--Quatre copy.jpg (206125 bytes) 5 Quatre Reberba* Winner   Gundam Wing 2 Romantic 1100/900
Card--Trowa copy.jpg (118467 bytes) 6 Trowa Barton Gundam Wing 2 Resistant 900/1100
Card--Kazuki copy.jpg (124191 bytes) 7 Fuchoin Kazuki Getbackers 2 Flamer 900/1100
Card--Raiden copy.jpg (174612 bytes) 8 Raiden          Metal Gear Solid 2 2 Easy 1100/900
Card--Daisuke copy.jpg (110114 bytes) 9 Niwa Daisuke D.N.Angel 2 Romantic 900/1100
Card--Hiwatari copy.jpg (138550 bytes) 10 Hiwatari Satoshi D.N.Angel 2 Resistant 1100/1000
Card--Hal copy.jpg (172415 bytes) 11 Hal Emmerich Metal Gear Solid 1 and 2 2 Romantic 1200/900
Card--Miki copy.jpg (125981 bytes) 12 Kaoru Miki Revolutionary Girl Utena 2 Romantic 1200/900 FLIP: Time freezes an attacking character while this card remains in play.
Card--Makubex copy.jpg (112444 bytes) 13 Makubex Getbackers 2 Angsty 1000/1100
Card--Wufei copy.jpg (121483 bytes) 14 Chang Wufei Gundam Wing 2 Bitchin' 1200/1000
Card--Heero copy.jpg (119325 bytes) 15 Heero Yui Gundam Wing 2 Strong Silent 1100/1100 FLIP: Select and destroy an opponent's trap card.
Card--Shinji copy.jpg (147469 bytes) 16 Ikari Shinji     Neon Genesis Evangelion 2 Angsty 1100/1100
Card--Sid copy.jpg (131705 bytes) 17 Fuyuki Sid Getbackers 2 Resistant 1000/1200
Card--Kaworu copy.jpg (152707 bytes) 18 Kaworu         Neon Genesis Evangelion 2 Hardcore 1200/1000
Card--Majik copy.jpg (117544 bytes) 19 Majik*     Sorcerous Stabber Orphen 2 Energetic 1000/1200
Card--Duo copy.jpg (135045 bytes) 20 Duo Maxwell Gundam Wing 2 Energetic 1400/900
Card--Orphen copy.jpg (140023 bytes) 21 Orphen Sorcerous Stabber Orphen 2 Bitchin' 1200/1100
Card--Tachibana copy.jpg (120840 bytes) 22 Tachibana Asuka s.CRY.ed 2 Romantic/Resistant 1200/1100
Card--Ban copy.jpg (109803 bytes) 23 Mido Ban Getbackers 3 Bitchin' 1300/1100
Card--Ginji copy.jpg (135045 bytes) 24 Amano Ginji* Getbackers 3 Energetic 1200/1200
Card--Akabane copy.jpg (113626 bytes) 25 Kurodo Akabane Getbackers 3 Strong Silent 1400/1000
Card--Yoji copy.jpg (298733 bytes) 26 Kudou Yoji   Weiss Kruez 3 Playboy 1500/900
Card--Fuuma copy.jpg (120798 bytes) 27 Monou Fuuma X/1999 3 Hardcore 1500/900 When equipped with "Wings," gains an extra 200 SEME points
Card--Subaru copy.jpg (138087 bytes) 28 Sumeragi Subaru X/1999 3 Resistant 1100/1300
Card--Gojyo copy.jpg (215924 bytes) 29 Sha Gojyo Gensomaden Saiyuki 3 Playboy 1500/900
Card--Hakkai copy.jpg (210758 bytes) 30 Cho Hakkai Gensomaden Saiyuki 3 Resistant 1000/1400 FLIP: Destroys one magic card on the field.
Card--Ashley copy.jpg (177023 bytes) 31 Ashley Riot Vagrant Story 3 Strong Silent 1200/1200
Card--Sydney copy.jpg (177380 bytes) 32 Sydney Losstarot* Vagrant Story 3 Sultry 1300/1000 Once summoned to the field, he can be Tributed and equipped to another character, adding 300 SEME points
Card--Leon copy.jpg (185222 bytes) 33 Leon Orcot* Petshop of Horrors 3 Resistant 1300/1100
Card--Kazuma copy.jpg (197525 bytes) 34 Kazuma   s.CRY.ed 3 Bitchin' 1300/1100
Card--Ryuhou copy.jpg (297205 bytes) 35 Ryuhou   s.CRY.ed 3 Bitchin/Reistant 1200/1200
Card--Omi copy.jpg (316242 bytes) 36 Tsukiyono Omi Weiss Kruez 3 Angsty 1100/1300
Card--Ken copy.jpg (286845 bytes) 37 Hidaka Ken  Weiss Kruez 3 Bitchin' 1300/1100
Card--Aya copy.jpg (112882 bytes) 38 Fujimiya Aya Weiss Kruez 4 Strong Silent 1200/1300
Card--Hiei copy.jpg (129257 bytes) 39 Hiei                 YuYu Hakusho 4 Hardcore 1500/1000 All face down cards are revealed, then returned to their positions
Card--Seishirou copy.jpg (105354 bytes) 40 Sakurazuka Seishirou   X/1999 4 Hardcore 1200/1300
Card--Saionji copy.jpg (121238 bytes) 41 Kyouichi Saionji Revolutionary Girl Utena 4 Bitchin' 1300/1200
Card--Sesshomaru copy.jpg (129603 bytes) 42 Sesshomaru Inuyasha 4 Strong Silent 1600/900
Card--Dante copy.jpg (170827 bytes) 43 Dante             Devil May Cry Series 4 Playboy 1400/1100
Card--Sanzo copy.jpg (207009 bytes) 44 Genjo Sanzo* Gensomaden Saiyuki 4 Bitchin' 1300/1200
Card--Kougaiji copy.jpg (195087 bytes) 45 Kougaiji Gensomaden Saiyuki 4 Bitchin' 1400/1000
Card--Goku copy.jpg (295725 bytes) 46 Son Goku Gensomaden Saiyuki 4 Energetic 1500/1100 FLIP: Destroys one trap.
Card--Kurama copy.jpg (196529 bytes) 47 Kurama               Yu Yu Hakusho 4 Romantic 1500/1200
Card--Watari copy.jpg (181224 bytes) 48 Yutaka Watari* Yami no Matsuei 4 Energetic 1200/1400
Card--Messiah copy.jpg (166840 bytes) 49 Messiah Earthian 4 Romantic 1700/1000 When equiped with Wings, gains extra 200 uke
Card--Tatsumi copy.jpg (183585 bytes) 50 Tatsumi Seiichirou      Yami no Matsuei 4 Resistant 1200/1500
Card--Oriya copy.jpg (173048 bytes) 51 Mibu Oriya    Yami no Matsuei 4 Easy 1000/1700
Card--Hisoka copy.jpg (125721 bytes) 52 Kurosaki Hisoka Yami no Matsuei 4 Resistant 1200/1500
Card-Tsuzuki copy.jpg (138481 bytes) 53 Tsuzuki Asato Yami no Matsuei 4 Energetic/Angsty 1400/1300
Card--Muraki copy.jpg (116106 bytes) 54 Muraki Kazutaka Yami no Matsuei 4 Hardcore 1600/1200 Every turn this card is on the field, player gets to see a random card from the opponent's hand.
Card--Touga copy.jpg (230108 bytes) 55 Kiryuu Touga Revolutionary Girl Utena 4 Sultry 1600/1200
Card--Count D copy.jpg (204697 bytes) 56 Count D   Petshop of Horrors 4 Flamer 1600/1300 FLIP: Fools seducer with feminine looks and escapes one turn of come ons
Card--Yuki copy.jpg (208254 bytes) 57 Yuki Eiri* Gravitation 4 Bitchin' 1200/1800
Card--Mizuki copy.jpg (217348 bytes) 58 Mizuki*           Level C 5 Easy 1200/1800
Card--Dee copy.jpg (256411 bytes) 59 Dee Laytner FAKE 5 Energetic 1800/1200
Card--Randy copy.jpg (278339 bytes) 60 Randy "Ryou" McLane       FAKE 5 Resistant 1400/1700 When a card is summoned and comes on to this card in the same turn, add to this card 300 UKE points for that turn
Card--Kouji copy.jpg (151545 bytes) 61 Nanjo Kouji* Zetsuai and Zetsuai Bronze 5 Romantic 1900/1300
Card--Kall-su copy.jpg (136187 bytes) 62 Kall-Su*    Bastard! 5 Angsty 1700/1500
Card--Chihaya copy.jpg (153221 bytes) 63 Chihaya Earthian 5 Romantic 1700/1500 When equipped with "Wings," gains an extra 300 UKE points
Card--Kagetsuya copy.jpg (198484 bytes) 64 Kagetsuya* Earthian 5 Bitchin' 1900/1400
Card--Izumi copy.jpg (146955 bytes) 65 Izumi Takuto Zetsuai and Zetsuai Bronze 5 Resistant 1600/1800
Card--Dark copy.jpg (263690 bytes) 66 Phantom Thief Dark     D.N.Angel 6 Playboy [Transformation] 1900/1600 Requires "Niwa Daisuke" and "Wings" event card.
Card--Krad copy.jpg (214426 bytes) 67 Krad*     D.N.Angel 6 Resistant [Transformation] 1800/1700 Requires "Hiwatari Satoshi and "Wings" event card.
Card--Kazuomi copy.jpg (193021 bytes) 68 Kazuomi       Level C 6 Sultry 2000/1500
Card--Dark Schneider copy.jpg (349971 bytes) 69 Dark Schneider Bastard! 6 Hardcore 1900/1600
Card--Kazuya copy.jpg (276750 bytes) 70 Kazuya BeBoy Kidnappin' Idol 6 Energetic 1900/1600
Card--Akihito copy.jpg (277915 bytes) 71 Akihito BeBoy Kidnappin' Idol  6 Bitchin' 1900/1600
Card--Mochizuki copy.jpg (170930 bytes) 72 Mochizuki    Boku no Sexual Harassment  7 Easy 2000/1700 All Hardcore and Bitchin' characters' attacks from the opponent are instantly directed to him
Card--Honma copy.jpg (164046 bytes) 73 Honma          Boku no Sexual Harassment 7 Hardcore 2200/1800
Card--Riki copy.jpg (164803 bytes) 74 Riki The Dark    Ai no Kusabi 7 Easy 2000/2500
Card--Iason copy.jpg (187501 bytes) 75 Iason Mink*        Ai no Kusabi 7 Hardcore 2500/2300
Card--Serge copy.jpg (179758 bytes) 76 Serge Battouille Kaze to Ki no Uta 8 Resistant 2300/2700
Card--Gilbert copy.jpg (212879 bytes) 77 Gilbert Cocteau* Kaze to Ki no Uta 8 Sultry 2700/2300
Card--Takaya.jpg (132074 bytes) 78 Ohgi Takaya Mirage of Blaze 4 Bitchin' 1800/1100
Card--Yuzuru.jpg (127377 bytes) 79 Narita Yuzuru Mirage of Blaze 4 Easy 1100/1700
Card--Naoe.jpg (131113 bytes) 80 Nobutsuna Naoe Mirage of Blaze 4 Romantic 1900/1000
Card--Snake copy.jpg (171320 bytes) 120 Solid Snake Metal Gear Series 3 Bitchin' 1300/1100


Event Cards

Card # Name Type Effect
Event--Self Grat.jpg (143381 bytes)


Self Gratification Equip Equip this card to one character to increase its SEME and UKE by 600 points
Event--Wings.jpg (155620 bytes)


Wings Equip Equip this card to one character to increase its SEME and UKE by 500 points
Event--Furotica.jpg (166918 bytes)


Furotica Equip Equip this card to one character to increase its SEME and UKE by 500 points
Event--First Time.jpg (147053 bytes)


First Time Equip A Resistant-type character equipped with this card increases its SEME and UKE by 600 points
Event--Romantic Setting.jpg (167718 bytes)


Romantic Setting Equip A Romantic-Type character equipped with this card increases its SEME and UKE by 300 points.
Event--Club Membership.jpg (98626 bytes)


Club Membership Equip A Playboy Type Character equipped with this card increases its SEME and UKE by 400 points.
Event--Bitch Slap.jpg (100294 bytes)


Bitch Slap Inflicts 500 points of direct damage to your opponent's Bitch Points
Event--Sex Change.jpg (342509 bytes)


Spontaneous Sex Change Destroys one Event Card on the field.
Event--Change of Heart.jpg (144594 bytes)


Change of Heart Select and control one opposing character (regardless of position) on the field until the end of your turn
Event--Narrow Escape.jpg (96093 bytes)


Narrow Escape Destroys one face-up Trap Card on the field
Event--Mary Sue.jpg (107069 bytes)


Mary Sue Attacks!! Seduces all characters on the field
Event--Dangerous Situation.jpg (148222 bytes)


Dangerous Situation Field Increases the SEME and UKE of all Bitchin-Type characters by 400 points.  Also decreases the SEME and UKE of all Angsty-Type characters by 200 points.
Event--Trapped Together.jpg (100997 bytes)


Trapped Together Field Increase the SEME and UKE of all Sultry and Strong Silent-Type characters by 300 points.  Also decreases the SEME and UKE of all Energetic-Type characters by 300 points.
Event--Crowded Park.jpg (120531 bytes)


Crowded Park Field Increases the SEME and UKE of all Energetic and Easy-Type characters by 400 points.  Also decreases the SME and UKE of all Hardcore and Sultry-Type characters by 300 points.
Event--Tenticle Monster.jpg (128573 bytes)


Tentacle Monster Seduces one opponent's face-up character with the lowest SEME
Event--Close Quarters.jpg (158074 bytes)


Close Quarters Continuous Select two Character Card Zones on the field (you cannot select a zone occupied by a character).  The selected zones cannot be used as long as this card remains face-up on the field.
Event--Bosom Buddy.jpg (169757 bytes)


Bosom Buddy If a character of yours is sent from the Field to the Bedroom during the turn that you've played this card, you can select a character with SEME points of 1500 or less and play it as a Special Summon.
Event--Second Wind.jpg (171519 bytes)


Second Wind Select one Character card either from your or your opponent's bedroom and place it on the field under your control in SEME or UKE position face-up.
Event--Rejection.jpg (116917 bytes)


Rejection Both players must discard their entire hands and draw the same number of cards that they discarded from their respective decks.
Event--Doujinshi.jpg (164536 bytes)


Doujinshi Increase your Bitch Points by 1000 points
Event--Peeping Tom.jpg (143523 bytes)


Peeping Tom See the top five cards of your opponent's deck.  Return the cards in the same order.
Event--Fresh Start.jpg (154287 bytes)


Fresh Start Draw three cards from your deck, then discard any two cards from your hand.
Event--Glomp.jpg (167500 bytes)


Glomp Increase one character's SEME points by 700 during the turn this card is activated
Event--Transform.jpg (266185 bytes)


Transform This card can be used to combine specified cards to Special Summon Transformation characters.
Event--Alt Fanfic 1.jpg (219505 bytes)


Alternative Fanfiction #1 Select one of your opponent's characters and switch it to SEME position.  If the card is face down, flip it face up.  If the card has a flip effect, it is activated immediately.
Event--Alt Fanfic 2.jpg (221363 bytes)


Alternative Fanfiction #2 Select one of your opponent's characters and switch it to UKE position.  If the card is face down, flip it face up.  If the card has a flip effect, it is activated immediately.
Event--Tanagura.jpg (186313 bytes)


Tanagura Field As long as this card remains on the field, all blond Characters raise their SEME and UKE by 300 points (Blond characters have a * next to their name.  Official list can be found here)


Trap Cards

Card # Name Effect
Trap--Buddy Intervention.jpg (145827 bytes)


Buddy Intervention Increase a selected character's UKE by 500 points during the turn this card is activated
Trap--Flattery.jpg (99794 bytes)


Flattery When your opponent's character attacks, increase your Bitch Points by the attacking character's SEME points.
Trap--Perfect Mood.jpg (139516 bytes)


Perfect Mood Increase one selected character's SEME by 500 points during the turn this card is activated
Trap--Resistance.jpg (112666 bytes)


Resistance All increases and decreases to SEME and UKE are reversed for the turn in which this card is activated.
Trap--Chases.jpg (254145 bytes)


Chases Until Caught Continuous - All Hardcore and Sultry-Type characters on the field are switched to UKE Position and remain in this position as long as this card is active.
Trap--Threesome.jpg (93603 bytes)


Threesome Select and seduce two of your characters and one of your opponent's characters
Trap--Intercepted.jpg (98794 bytes)


Intercepted Affections If the SEME of a character summed by your opponent (excluding Special Summon) is 1000 points or more, the character is seduced.
Trap--Ignore.jpg (101952 bytes)


Ignore Any damage inflicted by an opponent's character is decreased to 0 during the turn this card is activated.
Trap--Bitch Master.jpg (162251 bytes)


Bitch Master Continuous - Each time one of your characters inflicts damage to your opponent's Bitch Points, one card is randomly selected from your opponent's hand and discarded to the Bedroom.
Trap--Event Neutralizer.jpg (141578 bytes)


Event Neutralizer Discard one card from your hand to the Bedroom to negate the activation of an Event Card and destroy it.
Trap--Corn Porn.jpg (183587 bytes)


Corn Porn Offer one Hardcore Type character on your side of the field as a tribute to seduce all face-up characters on the field whose UKE is equal to or lower than the SEME of the tribute character.
Trap--Bondage.jpg (139093 bytes)


Bondage Inflict 500 points of direct damage to your opponent's Bitch Points for each character your opponent has on the field
Trap--Weapon.jpg (142856 bytes)


Suggestive Weapon After activation, this card is treated as an Equip Event Card.  Select one character you control and equip it with this card to increase the SEME of the selected character by 500 points.


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