Darth Willow vs. Capt.Kirk - EPILOGUE

I'm not too sure what that weird "computer bug" was that altered my video file or where it came from, but the results of that were pretty "Twilight Zone-ish" -- not to mention pretty cool:-) Maybe it was a bug created by some super-knowlegable "cyber Wiccan", or maybe an alien hacker from Alpha Centauri. Whichever the case, if it happens again, I'm gonna be sure to keep what transpires from these "mystery video bugs". Who knows?...This weird phenomena maybe happening to you right this very moment.


Hello, everyone!:-)...Well, I hope you enjoyed this short-story of crossover-fanfic that I concocted. The idea for this fanfic came to me while I was watching the "Buffy" season finale episodes -- "Two to Go" and "Grave". The character of Darth Willow, played with stunning talent by the lovely and "Uber"-multi-talented Alyson Hannigan, was I believe one of the most, if not THE most, fascinating and devilishly-delicious characters I have ever seen on "Buffy". This is really a toss-up between Darth Willow and Vampire Willow (the character from "The Wish" and "Dopplegangland"). At any rate, watching that battle between Darth Willow and Buffy brought to mind the battle between two friends in an episode of another famous TV series -- "Star Trek" -- Capt. Kirk and Lt.Cmdr. Gary Mitchell in the episode,"Where No Man Has Gone Before".(Actually, the idea popped in my head when I saw the William Shatner-book on the floor of the "Magic Box":-)) After I got through watching "Buffy", I thought to myself,"What would happen if Darth Willow locked horns with Capt. James T. Kirk?"...Well, hopefully I spelled it out for everyone who visits this site. As I mentioned eariler on this site, and to add a little clarification, this site is for all "Buffy, the Vampire Slayer" and original "Star Trek" fans alike, as well as non-fans, of course. And I hope Alyson Hannigan and William Shatner themselves will visit this site as well...I think they would get a kick out of this:-) If you have any comments, compliments, or suggestions regarding my site, my NEW E-mail address is MKFletch59@msn.com. Thank you for visiting my site!:-)

Post Script: I still have some work to do on this, but at least I have the story down for everyone to read. There's more to come and more to add. And by the way -- there is no such thing as a "video altering virus" as I described in the story, so you all can breathe a sigh of relief -- Thank you!:-)


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