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Darkhomr's VCD/Video Trading Site


Please take the time to read below.  It contains important information that could influence your entering this site


My site is a personal use site.   I do not sell any items, including episodes, movies, copyrighted music or any product that would violate US Copyright laws.   If you are looking to violate federal, state or local laws, you are in the wrong place.

My site is personal use.  That means you must abide by my rules to enter and remain here.   If you are with any federal, state, local or international agency, or if you are with the RIAA, MPAA, CIAA or any agency that is seeking to stop illegal or legal trading of media for non-profit, you must choose voluntarily leave this site.   If you enter this site under false pretenses, you will be violating federal law and can and will be the subject of a personal injury lawsuit. 

This is a personal site and I maintain it.  No profit will be made off of any episodes or movie listed.  The goal of these lists is to build my collection of television shows for my own personal gain.  If you have see any item on this site which directly violates copyright law, please email me at the contact point inside this site.  

Remember, do not enter this site if you have motives other than trading CDs, VCDs, video tapes, or want conversion services.   I can and will claim a judgment against you.

-Mike Johnson


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