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Welcome to Canon? What Canon? - Red Rayne’s Whedonverse Fanfic Recs site.
This is a collection of my favorite fics, written by my favorite authors.

As the name implies, these all have non-canon main pairings. Buffy & Angel? Way too angst ridden. Buffy and Riley? Two words-Initiative Bad. Buffy & Spike? *shivers in disgust*

No, in my world, Spike is dangerously in love with the White Knight. Or the Witch, depending on my mood. Willow brings laughter and love to a certain brooding Vampire. And anything can happen when a group of interplanetary thieves meet up with a damaged genius and her brother. Sometimes, our beloved characters find love with more than one person—sometimes with people from other worlds entirely.

So, sit back, get comfy, and take some time to enjoy the wonderful and creative offerings of these talented authors. Please be sure to email them and let them know what you think—feedback is like oxygen for a writer.

Let’s keep the spirit of the Whedonverse alive!

The stories archived here range from G to NC17, and may contain one or more of the following:
violence, language, character death, hetero- or homosexual erotica, bloodplay.

Ratings are clearly marked on each fic. Please pay attention to the ratings.

By continuing into this site, you are stating you are of legal age in your area. If not, please enjoy fics elsewhere.

Site launched 1 September 2005; last updated 16 March 2006.

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