The Six Million Dollar Man

Trivia questions

The answers are given on one page. I recommend you write down all of your answers first, then check them all at once. Good luck!

1- What is Steve's biological father's name?
A- Harry
B- Carl
C- William
D- Orin
2- What is Steve's birth date?
A- July 2nd 1940
B- May 26th 1941
C- February 5th 1942
D- September 17th 1943
3- On which sublevel and in which vault are kept the top secret documents on the "Cyborg" project?
A- Sub-1 V-6
B- Sub-2 V-2
C- Sub-2 V-7
D- Sub-3 V-1
4- Steve had many flames in the past but actually proposed marriage to only two, Jaime Sommers and...?
A- Kelly Wood
B- Victoria Webster
C- Carla Peterson
D- Barbara Thatcher
5- How many appearances Lee Majors's real-life wife, Farrah Fawcett, did?
A- 3
B- 4
C- 5
D- 6
6- Martin E. Brooks makes his first appearance as Dr. Rudy Wells in which episode?
A- The Return of Big Foot
B- The Bionic Criminal
C- The Bionic Woman
D- The Return of The Bionic Woman
7- In episode " Straight On 'Til Morning", the aliens are harmful to earth people through....?
A- Sight
B- Sound
C- Touch
D- Smell
8- Actress Jennifer Darling appears as Peggy Callahan in how many episodes?
A- 2
B- 3
C- 4
D- 5
9- Steve is diagnosed with radiation poisoning in which episode?
A- The Deadly Replay
B- The Most Dangerous Enemy
C- The Return of Big Foot
D- Kill Oscar
10- Which famous western star makes a cameo appearance in episode "Little Orphan Airplane"?
A- Dale Robertson
B- Roy Rogers
C- Lorne Greene
D- James Arness
11- In episode "The Blue Flash", Steve detects a micro-chip inside cans of...?
A- Castor oil
B- Motor oil
C- Turtle wax
D- Cocoanut oil
12- Shalon is...?
A- Oscar's trusted secretary
B- Steve's old flame
C- A member of an alien colony
D- Rudy Wells's assistant
13- Which well-known singer joins forces with Steve in episode "Song and Dance Spy"?
A- Tom Jones
B- Sonny Bono
C- Robert Goulet
D- Wayne Newton
14- In episode "Pilot Error" Steve's... are injured.
A- hands
B- legs
C- eyes
D- arms
15- Lee Majors and former "Big Valley" co-star, Peter Breck, are reunited in which episode?
A- Survival of the Fittest
B- The Bionic Badge
C- Nuclear Alert
D- To Catch the Eagle
16- In which year does Steve arrive after he supposedly went through a time warp, in episode "A Matter of Time"?
A- 1981
B- 1984
C- 1985
D- 1987
17- Lee Majors dons a disguise to play a hardware store clerk in episode...?
A- Steve Austin, Fugitive
B- Outrage in Balinderry
C- The White Lightning War
D- The Winning Smile
18- Character John Hopper appears in two episodes. What are they?
A- Eyewitness to Murder & Steve Austin, Fugitive
B- Steve Austin, Fugitive & The Winning Smile
C- Straight On 'Til Morning & The Wolf Boy
D- The Last Kamikaze and The Wolf Boy
E- Roll Back & Target: Steve Austin
19- Margaret Winslow is:
A- A novelist
B- An actress
C- A pilot
D- Steve's former flame
E- A parapsychologist
20- Who composed the SMDM theme song?
A- Glen A. Larson
B- Martin Caidin
C- Harve Bennett
D- Oliver Nelson
E- Peter Alan Fields
21- SMDM creator Martin Caidin appears in two-part episode:
A- Date With Danger
B- Return of Big Foot
C- Deadly Countdown
D- Sharks
E- The Bionic Boy
22- Steve is teamed up with a fellow agent to pose as a honeymoon couple in episode:
A- The Cheshire Project
B- Target: Steve Austin
C- The Winning Smile
D- Walk a Deadly Wing
E- Dead Ringer
23- In episode "Stranger in Broken Fork" Steve:
A- Becomes amnesiac
B- Breaks loose from the OSI
C- Is drugged
D- Is taken prisoner
E- Rekindles a old romance
24- In which two episodes does Lee Majors sing two songs?
A- Song and Dance Spy & The Winning Smile
B- Return of Big Foot, part 1 and 2
C- The Bionic Woman, part 1 and 2
D- E.S.P. Spy & Song and Dance Spy
E- The Seven Million Dollar Man & The Bionic Criminal
25- Lee Majors directed episode?
A- Song and Dance Spy
B- Dead Ringer
C- Killer Wind
D- One of Our Running Backs is Missing
E- Return of the Robot Maker
26- Steve is mistaken for a psychopath in episode:
A- Dead Ringer
B- Taneha
C- The Golden Pharaoh
D- Athena One
E- Date with Danger
27- In "Bionic Badge" Steve goes undercover as:
A- A marshal
B- A policeman
C- A war veteran
D- A senator
E- A computer wizard
28- In "Date with Danger" a ....wants to do away with Steve.
A- A madman
B- An old foe
C- A computer
D- A jealous girlfriend
E- A OSI double agent
29- Steve teams up with young telepath Audrey Moss in two episodes. Which are they?
A- E.S.P. Spy & The Winning Smile
B- E.S.P. Spy & The Bionic Criminal
C- E.S.P. Spy & Song and Dance Spy
D- E.S.P. Spy & Hocus-Pocus
E- E.S.P. Spy & Target: Steve Austin
30- In episode "The Last Kamikaze" Steve is sent on mission to retrieve:
A- A priceless necklace
B- A nuclear warhead
C- A top secret document
D- A spy plane
E- A missing agent
31- Actor Dale Robertson makes a cameo appearance in episode:
A- Little Orphan Airplane
B- The Midas Touch
C- Run Steve, Run
D- Population: Zero
E- Operation: Firefly
32- Lee's wife, Farrah Fawcett, portrayed Major Kelly Wood in two episodes, which are:
A- The Peeping Blonde & The Last Cross-Country Kidnap
B- Athena One & The Golden Pharaoh
C- Athena One & Nightmare in the Sky
D- Athena One & The Cheshire Project
E- Nightmare in the Sky & The Peeping Blonde
33- Steve takes over as base commander at Edwards Flight School in episode:
A- Nightmare in the Sky
B- Pilot Error
C- Deadly Replay
D- The Deadly Test
E- Double Trouble
34- Erik Estrada played student pilot Prince Sakari in which episode?
A- The Deadly Test
B- Nightmare in the Sky
C- Pilot Error
D- Straight On 'Til the Morning
E- The Blue Flash
35- Actor John Fukioka who played a WWII kamikaze pilot in episode "The Last Kamikaze" reprised his role in:
A- Big Brother
B- Walk a Deadly Wing
C- Hocus-Pocus
D- The Wolf Boy
E- The Bionic Criminal
36- In which episode does Steve help a group of aliens return to their home planet?
A- The White Lightning War
B- The Blue Flash
C- Operation: Firefly
D- The Last of the Fourth of Julys
E- Straight On 'Til the Morning
37- In which episode do Oscar and Steve get stranded on a deserted island?
A- Doomsday and Counting
B- Survival of the Fittest
C- Straight On 'Til Morning
D- Dead Ringer
E- Act of Piracy
38- In episode...Steve pulverizes pins in a bowling alley.
A- The Bionic Criminal
B- The Bionic Badge
C- A Bionic Christmas Carol
D- One of Our Running Backs is Missing
E- Stranger in Broken Fork
39- Comedian Flip Wilson features in episode:
A- Song and Dance Spy
B- U-509
C- Double Trouble
D- The Madonna Caper
E- The Golden Pharaoh
40- What is the name of Steve's football player friend in "One of Our Running Backs is Missing"?
A- Larry Bronco
B- Buck Sharkey
C- Rick Hanley
D- Larry Tucker
E- Ritchie Taylor
41- Steve is made to look like Clark Gable in episode:
A- E.S.P. Spy
B- Hocus-Pocus
C- Big Brother
D- The Cheshire Project
E- The Midas Touch
42- In which episode is Steve asked to pilot the reconstructed HL-10, the aircraft that nearly ended his life?
A- The Price of Liberty
B- The Blue Flash
C- The Deadly Replay
D- Pilot Error
E- Nightmare in the Sky
43- In "Taneha" Steve has to capture:
A- A tiger
B- A leopard
C- A lion
D- A cougar
E- A wolf
44- Steve chases after twin brothers in episode:
A- Double Trouble
B- Date with Danger
C- Sharks
D- The White Lightning War
E- Eyewitness to Murder
45- What was the reason for Steve and Barbara Tatcher's "Lost Love" first breakup?
A- Her parents disapproved of their romance
B- His demanding schedule and studies
C- She fell in love with another man
D- The age difference
E- They grew tired of a long distance relationship
46- In "The Peeping Blonde" Farrah Fawcett's character blackmailed Steve with?
A- A sound tape
B- A picture
C- A video
D- A witness
E- A newspaper article
47- In which episode does Oscar tease Steve about a picture of Farrah in a magazine?
A- The Most Dangerous Enemy
B- The Peeping Blonde
C- Golden Pharaoh
D- The Madonna Caper
E- The Pionners
48- In "The Winning Smile" Callahan has a microtransmitter concealed in?
A- An earring
B- A bracelet
C- A cameo
D- A necklace
E- A tooth
49- What was the original title of the episode "Bionic Woman"?
A- A Past Love
B- Mrs. Steve Austin
C- Going Home
D- Fate
E- To Jaime, With Love
50- What was the original title of the episode "The Seven Million Dollar Man"?
A- Betrayal
B- The Second Hero
C- Counterpart
D- Line of Duty
E- Bionic Foe
51- What was the name of Steve's original hometown?
A- Ventura
B- Van Nys
C- Anandale
D- Fontana
E- Lompoc
52- How many different clothes does the Steve Austin doll have?
A- 3
B- 4
C- 5
D- 6
E- 7
53- In how many episodes, including pilot and reunion movies, features Steve Austin?
A- 105
B- 106
C- 107
D- 108
E- 109
54- Steve is in love with?
A- Jennie Sommer
B- Jaime Sommers
C- Jemmy Sommer
D- Jenny Sommers
E- Jenna Sommers
55- In which year was the ‘Six Million Dollar Man’ aka ‘Cyborg’ introduced to television?
A- 1971
B- 1972
C- 1973
D- 1974
E- 1975
56- How many seasons did the ‘Six Million Dollar Man’ series last?
A- 3
B- 4
C- 5
D- 6
E- 7
57- Which of the two eyebrows does Steve raise more often?
A- The left one
B- The right one
C- Both
D- Neither
58- SMDM is based on the novel entitled?
A- Super Steve
B- The Man of Steel
C- Maskatron
D- Cyborg
E- The Bionic Man
59- In the second season Steve faced off with another cyborg that cost?
A- Five million
B- Six million
C- Seven million
D- Eight million
E- Nine million
60- O.S.I stands for
A- Office of Strategic Intelligence
B- Office of Scientific Investigation
C- Office of Scientific Intelligence
D- Office of Strategic Investigation
E- Office of Scientific Inventions
61- How fast can Steve run?
A- 40 miles per hour
B- 50 miles per hour
C- 55 miles per hour
D- 60 miles per hour
E- 65 miles per hour
62- Steve and Jaime will eventually marry in?
A- 1978
B- 1984
C- 1987
D- 1989
E- 1994
63- In which episode is Steve seen wearing a striking red/white/black wool sweater?
A- Eyewitness to Murder
B- Athena One
C- Dr. Wells is Missing
D- Stranger in Broken Fork
E- Date with Danger
64- Steve is assigned to escort an ailing Prime Minister to a hospital in episode:
A- Operation: Firefly
B- Survival of the Fittest
C- Deadly Replay
D- The Price of Liberty
E- The Pal-Mir Escort
65- What made Barney Hiller the seven million dollar man?
A- 2 bionic eyes
B- 1 bionic ear
C- 2 bionic legs
D- 2 bionic arms
66- In which episode is Steve seen walking on the surface of the moon?
A- Dead Ringer
B- The Dark Side of The Moon
C- Pilot Error
D- The Deadly Replay
67- In which episode does Steve carry a gun?
A- Run Steve, Run
B- The Deadly Replay
C- Target: Steve Austin
D- The Bionic Badge


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