Series Profile


 - Richard Long as Jarrod Barkley
 - Peter Breck as Nick Barkley
 - Lee Majors as Heath Barkley
 - Linda Evans as Audra Barkley
 - Barbara Stanwyck as Victoria Barkley

 Recurring characters:

 - Charles Briles as Eugene Barkley
 - Napoleon Whiting as Silas
 - Miguel deAnda as Ciego

 Number of episodes: 112

 Network: ABC

 Length: 60 minutes

 Series Run: Sept. 1965 to May 1969

 Genre: Western

 Creators: A.I. Bezzerides
                     Louis F. Edelman

 Producers: Arthur Gardner
                         Arnold Raven
                         Jules Levy 

 Production: Four Star-Margate

Notable Guest Stars:

 - Julie Adams
 - Richard Anderson
 - Claude Atkins
 - Anne Baxter
 - Milton Berle
 - Charles Bronson
 - Jeanne Cooper
 - Yvonne Craig
 - Bruce Dern
 - Colleen Dewhurst
 - Richard Dreyfuss
 - Robert Goulet
 - Kevin Hagen
 - Buddy Hacket
 - Dennis Hopper
 - Ronny Howard
 - George Kennedy
 - Diane Ladd
 - Martin Landau
 - Robert Loggia
 - Gavin MacLeod
 - Leslie Nielsen
 - Regis Philbin
 - Lou Rawls
 - Wayne Rogers
 - William Shatner
 - Jill St-John
 - Adam West
 - James Whitmore

The Big Valley

The Big Valley is a television western set in the 1870s recession era. Victoria Barkley is the widowed matriarch of an adult family of four sons and one daughter living on a 30,000 acre ranch in San Joaquin Valley, California. Her third son, Heath, is the illegitimate child of her late husband, Tom, and a waitress named Leah Thomson.

In the premiere episode, Heath, an angry young man, shows up at the ranch to claim his inheritance. His temper mellows out as he's quickly accepted as a full member of the family, and Victoria comes to love him as her own flesh and blood.

Trials and tribulations plague the Barkleys as they face off with tenacious adversaries eager to steal a piece of their properties.

  SEASON ONE  (1965-1966)
    SEASON TWO  (1966-1967)

  SEASON THREE  (1967-1968)

    SEASON FOUR  (1968-1969)

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