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Buford Files Episodes   The Swamp Hermit This is the premeire episode. Buford and the Boggs twins are visting their friend Jeb Crowley in the swamp, when they discover he's kidnapped. The culprits are billy and Luke Scroggins,  a pair of escaped convicts who have buried loot out in the swamp. They capture the crooks and rescue their friend. Multrain and Goofer, don't really have a large part on this episode, except to warn the kids and apprehend the bad guys.   The Vanishing Stallion A stallion mysteriously vanishes during the Fenokee annual Steeple chase race, and Buford and the kids find out who's the culprit.   The Swamp Saucer A mysterious craft that appears to be a flying saucer crashes in Fenokee Swamp. The locals are paniced. Both the two incompetent law enforcers, and the Bogs twins and Buford, set out to solve the mystery. I guess I'll give away the ending here, so stop reeading this description if you don't want to know. The "saucer" turns out to be a Cape Kennedy Space Shuttle gone off course, and the space alien is an experimental chimp who makes friends with Buford.   The Man With the Orange Hair At an ice-skating show at fenokee Sports palace, a pair of prize silver skates are mysteriously stolen, apparently by a mysterious performer with orange hair. After Muletrain and Goofer try to find out who in the show had orange hair, Cindy Mae discovers that the crooks used "black light" to make his hair look orange.   The Demon of Ur  A grotesque, Near-Eastern statue vanishes without a trace while on baord a train bound from Tecusah to Fenokee Community Center. Buford and the kids find out what 's going on.   The Missing Bank  While the Boggs kids and Buford go on a Saturday picnic, Goofer delivers 10 million dollars to from Fenokee bank to a bank in Culpepper. But afterward, the bank president claims he never recieved the money. A mysterious road detour sign lead Buford and the Boggs twins to the money and the crooks.   Scare in the Air At an air show, Buford has a near-fatal accident when he chooses to sleep aboard a remote-control plane. Then one of the plnes is stolen by a crook, and the characters track him into the swamp.   Buford and the Beauty Buford' s dream-girl, Duchess, is introduced. Duchess is a show-dog, who is starring in a movie being filmed in fenokee county. Goofer is left to guard her when she is kidnapped. Buford is able to rescue Duchess, and Cindy Mae fingers the kidnapper.   Peril in the Park  When the Boggs kids visit the local amusement park to look for summer jobs, it seems that the rides have gone mysteriously awry. It turns out they have been sabetoged in an attempt to drive the owern out of business. Clues lead them to who the crook is.   The Magic Whammy The banks in Fenokee are being robbed with no sign of any break-in at about the time that the Great Zambini, a renowned stage magician is in town. It turns out that Zambini has a mysterious amulet which he uses to hynotize his audience after every show so that they will have no memory of what took place during the crucial time when the bank was robbed. (There seems to be a hint of actual paranormal activity here. Is Zambini just a good hypotist, or does the amulet hold some kind of occult power?)  The Haunting of Swamp Manor This episode bears the closest resemblence to classic Scooby-Doo. The ghost of a Confederate general is reputed to be haunting a local antebellum mansion. When Buford and the kids caputre the ghost, the ending is predictable.   The Missing Gator Jeb Crowley's pet gator, Gertrude, has gone missing. Poachers are believed to be involved. Muletrin, dismisses the two suspects, only to learn that they are really diamond smugglers. it turns out Gertrude has only gone off to lay her eggs.   Don't Monkey with Buford When a circus comes to town, Duchess returns. This time her diamond-studded collar vanishes. A chimp trainer is suspected. But the real clues anable Buford and the kids to find the real crook. Buford riskes his life to recover Duchess collar. The series ends with Bufrd giving a sad farewell to Duchess.            

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