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Story so far...

After getting expelled from her old school in LA for burning down the school hail (io kill a lot of
Vampires) Her mother moves to the small town of sunnydale. Buffy is determined to forget her
duty as a slayer. But that would be extremely hard when your living on the Hellmouth (the mouth
t.o hell)
It turns out that the school Liberian has been waiting for Buffys arrival, he has been sent to be her
According to Giles there is a very old vampire who is trapped in a mystical prison underground is
trying to find his way out. And also open the hell mouth and release all demons back to earth the
first series is spent preventing this. And as the season finale Giles finds a prophecy that the master
will kill the slayer and use her blood to give him the power to rise. No mater how hard she tries
she can not stop the prophesy he dose drink her blood and she dose die, but only briefly Xzander
uses CPR to bring her back to life. The master has risen and buffy goes to kill him. The Master
even open the hell mouth which turns out to be underneath the school library. But buffy kills him
and the hellmouth closes. But there is something that happened that we don’t find out until series
2 and that is that when buffy died that produced a new slayer, Buffy is still a slayer but now
is another one. And there will now always be two.

Series two saw the introduction of spike as a series badie, we saw the new slayer. and the most
important thing of all Angel turned bad. This happened because he had a true moment of
happiness while making love to buffy. He then whent on to try and kill buffy but at the end of
series two buffy kills him and sends him packing to the demon world. Spike vacates with Dru

In series three we saw the new badie as the mayor who was actually a big bad demon, and a new
slayer Faith. fait.h started good with just a few different ways to buffy but after killing a human it
was down hill from there. She joined the mayors side and fort against buffy. Also (unknown how)
and was sent back from the demon world. Time works different there so to him he had been down
there a few hundred years. But he had his sole back. Buffy, Angel and the gang defeated the
mayor with the help of the sunnydale students and angel walked off into the distance and to LA.
Unforchently during the fighting sunnydale high school had been burnt to a crisp.

During series four we found Out about the imitative who are commando guys who hunt demon.
Spike has returned but while captured by the initiative was implanted with a chip that stops him
biting people. Poor spike. Unforchntly for them things go wrong for the inisitive when they create
their own demon that gose renegade and kills evreything it can.
its up to buffy to save the day and with the help of her friends and a special spell she kills adam.
due to their resent faileiur the goverment shut down the inisative project. and unforchently for
buffy that spell she used has some nastey side affects for her and her friends, in their dreams, but
like always they manged to evade compleate doom!

In sense 5 Buffy starts off by fighting the famous Dracular, well she kills him rturrts home and
suddenly she has a teenage sister! Evrybody including Buffy thinks this siter is real but really she
was created by monks as a key to a power. which the season baddie Glory wants! so she can go home to god land.

There was some tears in this season as buffys mom died from a brain tumor and Buffy is left to bring up dawn. Also Spike fallls in love with Buffy and while trying to win her affection practually becomes a good guy, And then the big shocker Buffy sacrifisiecs her own life to defeat glory and save her sisters life in the 100th episode season final special.

What wil happen next season no one knows.