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The Flexis

Darren Roebuck / Timothy Deenihan

Victoria Seagram / Particia Potter

Jimmy Corkhill’s Family

Jimmy Corkhill - Dean Sullivan

Jackie Corkhill - Sue Jenkins

Lyndsey Phelan (Corkhill ) - Claire


Kylie Stanlow - Hannah Dowd

The Grant Family

Bobby Grant - Ricky Tomlinson

Sheila Grant - Sue Johnston

Barry Grant - Paul Usher

Damon Grant - Simon O’Brien

Karen Grant - Shelagh O’Hara

The Musgrove Family

Joey Musgrove - Dan Mullane

Niamh Musgrove - Barbara Dreman

Matt Musgrove - Christian Ealey

Luke Musgrove - Jason Kavanagh

Ryan Musgrove - Sam Hudson

Kelly Musgrove - Natalie Earl

Alec O’Brien - Al T Kossy

The Shadwick Family

Greg Shadwick - Mark Moraghan

Margi Shadwick - Bernadette Foley

Jessie Shadwick - Marji Campi

Nikki Shadwick - Suzanne Collins

Jason Shadwick - Vincent Price

The Farnham Family

Max Farnham - Steven Pinder

Susannah Farnham - Karen Drury

Patricia Farnham - Gabrielle Glaister

Thomas Farnham - ???

Alice Farnham - ???

Matthew Farnham - ???

Emily Farnham - ???

Harry Farnham - ???

The Rogers Family

Frank Rogers - Peter Christian

Chrissy Rogers - Eithne Browne

Sammy Rogers - Rachel Lindsay

Katie Rogers - Diane Burke

Lyn Rogers - Sharon Power

The Johnson Family

Mick Johnson / Louis Emerick

Leo Johnson / Steven Cole

Gemma Johnson

Jerome Johnson / Leon Lopez


Brookie Outakes Site

Other Favourites

Sinbad / Michael Starke

Shelley Bower / Alex Wescourt

Dave Burns / Simon Chadwick

Katrina Evans / Ann Marie Davies

Fran Pearson / Julie Peasgood

Debbie McGrath / Gillian Kearney

Robbie Moffat / Neil Davies

Callum Finnegan / Gerard Kelly


The Murray Family

Marty Murray - Neil Caple

Diane Murray - Bernie Nolan

Steven Murray - Steven Flecher

Adele Murray - Katy Lamont

Anthony Murray - Raymond Quinn


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The Dixon Family

Ron Dixon - Vince Earl

DD Dixon - Irene Marot

Bev Mclaughin - Sarah White

Jacqui Dixon - Alexandra Fletcher

Mike Dixon - Paul Byatt

Rachel Dixon - Tiffany Chapman

Tony Dixon - Mark Lennock

Anthea Brindley - Barbara Hatwell










































The O'Leary's

Timothy O’Leary / Philip Oliver  

Emily O'Leary /Jennifer Ellison




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The Gordon Family