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"Awesome Baby!"

Here's where we take an analysis of Ben Curtis's Dell commercials..... Anyhoo, All the commercial versions change from time to time, always offering a free upgrade or shipping, or whatnot.

Commercial no. 1: Steve, is a son asking his parents for a new Dell computer for Christmas. He's sitting at his desk in an extremely messy room. It was put out for the 2000 Christmas holidays. Steve says his parents should get him a Dell ".....Because Dad, I know how much you love free stuff." There were (i think) 3 versions of this. 1 long one, and 2 short spots. "Anyhoo, happy holidays!"

Commercial no. 2:But, Steve tries to convince his mom to buy a computer for his dad. Ah, fair is fair, eh?

Commercial no.3: Maybe the funniest one, also very creative. It featured Steve, filming a video tape for his friends, Jeff Feffercorn and Charles Bennett, to give to their parents to talk them into buying them a Dell. They hold up signs and stuff of that nature, making sure to point out the cheap and free stuff. It sure did a good job of catching folks's attention.

Commercial no. 4: This one featured Steve lurking at an electronics Store, where he just happens to run into "Mrs. Lindsay", and her son, who just HAPPEN to be computer shopping. Steve puts his computer charm to work, and uses his normal "Dude your gettin a Dell" scenario. Mrs. Lindsay becomes intrigued, and her computerhopeful son, William, may be as well the new owner of a new Dell computer.

Commercial no. 5: Steve. a couch. a white background. and of course, the Dell. Steve talks all about Dell computers and all that spiffy stuff on a couch that is "Past its prime." It's awesome. Steve looks older in this one, and he makes the absolute BEST facial expressions. LUV IT!

Commercial no. 6:There are 3 versions of this commercial- all with Ben curtis in an elf suit working as "Santa's little helper" at the mall. It rocks, and is just as well one of the best! One is longer than the others.First, little Timmy doesn't KNOW what he wants for Christmas, so Steve has to help, and quickly whips out a Dell ad. The little Dude is gettin a Dell!

Commercial no. 7: Unwary little girls ask repititiously for a "Pink Posey Princess". Steve "tells the folks about Dell", and this little girl with curly hair asks for one. FINALLY. Steve grins a grin wider than that of the Grinch.

Commercial no. 8:A bunch of shoppless men are worn down by all their wives' shopping. Steve helps out once again, and suggests they order Dells, because its so easy!

Commercial no. 9: This one was short, but sweet. Steven is wearing a dark green shirt, with a yellow one underneath, and navy blue jeans. He's trying to return his elf uniform, but the lady tells Steve "That's nice... This is the Gift return line". Steve fakely smiles at the long line of people trying to return the Christmas gifts they don't want. Steve looks at the dudes, and says "Dude, you should have asked for a Dell."

Commercial no. 10: Mr. Foster has just finished computer shopping, unsuccessfully, when Steve pulls up (with his girlfriend) in a dark green Galaxy. He suggests that Mr. Foster orders a Dell. At the end, Mr. Foster goes "Steven, isn't that your father's car?" Steve gives us a really funny look and goes "No..." (He wanted to impress his "girlfriend".) At the end, he drives off with a bumper sticker that says, "Dude, your gettin a Dell!"

Commercial no. 11: Steve is graduating from High School, and when he gets up to the podium to give a speech he sneaks in a production about Dells with a slide show and all. The audience cheers and when Steve is walking off the stage, he shows the audience his graduation hat which says "Dude you're gettin a Dell!"

Commercial no. 12: Here we see Steve working at the Lost and Found department at a store. A girl and her mom have lost the dad while he was hopelessly computer shopping. Steve pages the father on the loudspeaker, but can't help going into a speech about how the folks at Dell can help you "find your way". He does his typical "Buy a Dell" scenario and the father eventually finds his way to his family. At the end Steve says "Dude your gettin a --- Dell.." into the microphone when his boss comes over and does not look pleased.

Commercial no. 13: Steve is in college. He has a backpack and everything. He explains how to get your parents to send money and financial aide, and that if you order a Dell you could win $52K! He tells a guy at the end to get a Dell.

Commercial no. 14: (CURRENT)Steve is in the classroom at college, wearing his classic red shirt and black pants. He goes up to the board and makes up an equation featuring the benefits of Dells. The Class is amused and laughs, but the professor is not pleased. At the end Steve is shown writing "Dude your getting a Dell" over and over on the chalk board.

Commercial no. 15: In this Commercial Steve explains the challege of deciding where to go for spring break. Some place warm? Some place cold? Some place you can afford? The bottom line is that when you buy a Dell, you could win a Trip worth $50,000!. (Dell's Trip-a-Day Give a way!) His roommate, Skip, finds out he won a trip to Paris, and will be taking Steve with him. Unfortunatley, Skips's Mom is coming too. Steve says, "Dude, at least she got him the Dell!" At the end, Steve is in Paris trying to speak to some women: "Bonjour!"

Commercial no. 16: (CURRENT) In this one, Steve is yet again at college. He ponders the idea of how one should get to class. Should you skateboard? He goes through many ideas, but concludes that if you buy a Dell, you could win a new BMW in Dell's BMW-a-day give-a-way! He shows off a BMW to some girls walking by, and explains how you can get to class, in class. It turns out that the car he was sitting on was his professor's car! Steve is in trouble. At the end, you see him on a motor bike thing ready to go to class.

Commercial no. 17: (CURRENT) Steve is only at the end of the commercial. He and his little brother (I would assume) are at their front door as another dell is delivered. Steve says, "Dude, We're gettin another Dell!" The little boy says, "Sweet!" We also learn that Steve's last name is Jackson in the commercial.