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Welcome to the *unofficial* site for Ben Curtis, aka "Steven", the dude on the DELL computer Commercials. Whether you've seen the commercials or not-- this guy is hysterical.... This site is just about the 3rd Ben Curtis site, ever! Here you can find anything and everything BEN! So enjoy my site! I'll be sure keep this thing updated all the time, as we watch Ben rise to fame!

Don't be a couch potato!!!.....


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Dude You're Gettin' a Dell!

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LAST UPDATED: Oct. 16th, 2002:

This is a Steve blinky thing icon dude! I made it, so don't steal it! For more of these dudes, go to the 'stuff' section.

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There is alot of news going around about Ben Curtis. First, I'm sure many people have seen a series of Dell commercials without him lately, and one with him only at the very end. There were some rumors going around that he quit, was fired or whatever, but sources say that HE WILL BE BACK. According to Dell he is, "Taking a rest." Check the links section for a bucnh of article links to some news on this issue. **Quick Link!!: Buy your "DUDE" Merchanise at Now!

SITE STARTED: Nov.24, 2001

Disclaimer: I'm in no way affiliated with Dell or any official companies, or Ben Curtis himself. This is only a fan site. End of story.

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