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Guest Speakers


Culture Shock - The Summers family is hosting a foreign exchange student for Cultural Month and Buffy is none too enthused. But maybe her opinion will change when she finally meets her new guest...


Guilt - This story is written about a challenge that Jennie sent out to the list a long time ago. Dawn is dealing with Buffy's gift.

Dreaming By Day - What if Buffy hadn't moved to Sunnydale, how would Angel and her ever meet?


Phoenix Burning - AU After "The Gift," Buffy returns to a world greatly changed.

Baby Blues

Wolf Pack - An alternative universe in which Buffy belongs to an ancient werewolf pack and where her family suddenly gets threatened when their leader dies. (Inspired by the novel, 'Blood and Chocolate' by Annette Curtis Klause)

Juliette Marchewka

Carissimo Padre - After Victoria’s ‘Daddy dearest’ Challenge. AU, On her 17th birthday Buffy has sex with Angel who she doesn’t even know and gets pregnant. After 10 years they meet again.

Always - Buffy never returned to Sunnydale when she ran away and stayed in L.A. with Anne. After four years she meets the Scooby Gang, again.


Devastating Past - AU Angel is new at Sunnydale High. He meets Buffy and the gang. They think he's just a regular kid. Not likely.


Back in Time - A spell transports Buffy back to 18th century Ireland to reverse the existence of the only man she has ever loved.


To The Night - Rated *R* to *NC-17* AU. Buffy's a famous prostitute. Angel meets her. Stuff happens. Just read it!!!!

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