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*phew* it was close for a moment wasn't it? but i surpose we all knew in our hearts that Angel would be renewed for a 5th season. And that means that i can (well attempt to) keep you updated with all the latest Pics and spoilers...stay tuned

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12/1/03 - Have Just added a new Connor pics page! and also updated the Spoilers page
- Have added the season 4 episode guide which goes up to the newest episode shown in the US. Will be updated as more episodes are shown in the US.
15/12/02 - about 15 new pictures of angel have been added to the Gallrey. check them out here

3/12/02- not a site update but worthy of a place on the front page. Glenn Quinn (Doyal) Died today. cause of death is currently unkown

1/12/02 - Sorry for the lack of updates read into section to you left for reasons. i have been doing a lot of behind the scenes work though. moving files around in an attempt to create more space
5/5/02 - have finaly posted something on the downloads section, you can now get episode trailers and desktop wallpapers
7/4/02 - Have added loads of pics including some Doyal ones!
28/1/02 - Uploaded Episode 2 of The Sims Story Today
4/1/02 -Added a new section today. a magazine articles section.
24/12/01 - I have added 3 NEW pics of Fred onto her gallary
3/12/01 - I have added a NEW feature, I call it the Sims Story. Its my own personal Angel spin off soap set in the sims world. Episode 1 is up now
2/12/01 -I have finally turned the old site into a link to the new one so people who go looking on the other one will find its new home here
28/11/01 -After initial problems with the pics pages they are now all working

11/11/01 -I have re-launched site with a completely new design