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Justin Guarini

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Justin's pic in the upcoming Pop Star magazine.

Justin's pic in the upcoming cover of Pop Star magazine.

Justin's pic in the upcoming people magazine.

Justin's pic backstage at the winter ball concert

Justin's pic singing at a 76'rs basketball game.

Justin's pic from the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade

Justin's promo pics

Justin's promo pics

Justin on season premire of Oprah

Justin sings the Vegas show

Age: 23

Birthplace: Doylestown,PA

Favorite Song: "Wanna be startin something" By: Michael Jackson

First Concert - The Jacksons' "Victory Tour"

Last Concert - N*SYNC

Most Embarrassing Moment - Singing on the steps of the Capitol Building in D.C. during a high school performance, I blurted out the next verse (while everyone else was silent) during a piano solo…It felt like my ears were on fire!

Why Do You Want To Be An AMERICAN IDOL - I want to be a beacon of…fun! Glitz and glamour are rampant in America, but I want to bring on the fun and share it with an America that now, more than ever, needs joy to get us through our current trials.

If you couldn't sing, what talent would you want? - Film director / cinematographer.

Favorite Judge? Why? - Paula. She is so supportive and that helped boost my confidence every time I got up on stage…and she is really easy on the eyes.

Least Favorite Judge? Why? - They were all so supportive and kind to me. So I don't have a least favorite.

Anything You Would Not Change To Become The American Idol - My personality and outlook on life. I just want to have fun doing what I love.

What's In Your CD Player Right Now - Tenacious D

What are you going to call your first CD? - Just the Beginning…

Album Your Friends Would Be Surprised You Own - "Merry Christmas" by Cyndi Lauper

Juston on FOX: "The fox fall line up looks really cool. I've seen all the promos. Fastlane looks awesome ."