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The Attic

How many times do you go up to your attic and find random stuff that's really cool. Ok, maybe not that often, but here at A&F, The Attic is a monthly edition of something cool I find on the net or in a mag. It could be funny, cool, or exclusive picture, an interesting article, an email from one of the actors featured on the site, etc.

This Week: Lindze Letherman answers my questions!

Question: Has the the sudden GQ fanbase affected you? Does it inspire you to work harder, etc... Also, what's it like behind the scenes at GH?

Answer:Good questions. Yes it has affected me. It makes me want to be better. I have to be more responsible for myself and my actions. As far as behind the scenes, when I'm not in school it's pretty fast. Wardrobe,hair, make-up, rehearse and tape. A soap opera will tape 25 to 30 scenes in a 10 hr. period. Using maybe 20 to 40 actos in a day. In comparison a feature film may shoot 1 to maybe 5 scenes using a handful of actors. Hope that kind of answers your question. Thanks for asking, Lindze

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