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GH Quotes

GQ Quotes

Dillon: I'm not. I got bored listening to my family fight, so I escaped.
Georgie: To find me?
Dillon: Obviously.

Dillon: Well, excuse me. Sorry, I was trying to do you a favor, but, hey, you know what? Go back to flunking your test or you could say thanks right now and spend the day with me.

Dillon: Georgie, what do you see in him? I mean, is Lucas smart? Does he read? Do you have one single thing in common with him, because I sure can't see it.

Georgie(about the way Dillon handled Kyle): That was amazing.
Dillon: Yeah, actually, it was "Heartbreak Kid," 1978.
Georgie: You are so weird, but in a good way.