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This is the part where I thank everybody who helped with this site. So here it goes:

-Thanks to You Munky at the Dillon & Georgie Messageboard for the beautiful new banner!

-Thanks to Kasey Kay for all the support and for listening to me gripe about all the things that seemed to go wrong.

-Thanks to Jess...your wonderful site is what gave me the inspiration to start my own. You're so wonderful and so is your site!

-Thanks to Tammy Faye over at for her generosity and letting me have at it with her great screencaps.

-To everyone else: You are amazing and without you there would be no Always&Forever.

This is also where I throw in the Disclaimer: Please take notice that I am not affliated with ABC, CBS, or any of the actors or characters featured on this site. This site is for people who love these couples and any infringement is not purposeful. Contact the WebMistress if you have any questions about this.