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Chris: "Am I wrong, or is the prettiest nurse's aide at Memorial turning 18 today? Happy birthday, Alison."
Alison (Jumping into Chris' Arms): "You did remember it's my birthday!"
Chris: "Yeah. How could I forget? Let's see... (imitating Alison) 'Chris, did you know that there are two Independence Days in July? Could you guess what the second one is?'"
Alison: "Oh, shut it. I was subtle."
Chris: "Yeah, right. So, are you just gonna stare at that, or are you gonna open it?"
Alison: "You wrapped this?"
Chris: "I'm a man of many talents. But it's not supposed to stay all wrapped up, you know. Dig in."
Alison: (pulling out a necklace) "It's so beautiful!"
Chris: "Just like the girl who's gonna wear it."
Chris pulls Alison into a kiss.
Alison: (talking about Susan's wedding) "Guess who they put in charge of the music?"
Chris: "You? Really?"
Alison: "Mm-hmm."
Chris: "Susan doesn't mind walking down the aisle to Avril Lavigne?"
Alison: "Well... I've got strict, strict orders to keep it as boring as possible. But here's the deal... I'll give my mom her orchestra playing all the greatest movie love themes of all time if you'll go skinny-dipping with me after the wedding."
Chris: "I was kinda hoping for Avril Lavigne."
Chris: (introducing himself) "Hi, Chris Hughes, best man."
Alison: (introducing herself) "Alison Stewart, bridesmaid."
Chris: "Well, you look beautiful, Alison Stewart."
Alison: "So do you."
Alison: "Emily, Mom has her guy. I still have to get mine."
Chris: "Okay, let me get this straight. You call me a skunk, I send you flowers, and if I ever do anything this low again, you'll never forgive me."
Alison: "I was right to call you a skunk. Okay, maybe not right, but... you were being so..."
Chris: "Cold? Harsh? Distant?"
Alison: "Yeah."
Chris: "That's why I sent you those flowers. Okay? I haven't been called a skunk in a really long time, and it got me thinking about you and me and what all that means."
Alison: "So did you come up with an answer?"
Chris: "Yeah. That we're an unpredictable mess. And that I like it."
Alison: "You do?"
Chris: "Yeah. But relationships take time, and I don't have that right now, not with my Dad being so sick. I just got too much to think about."
Alison: "It would help if you would talk."
Chris: "That's not how I work."
Alison: "Well, that's how I work. You want to be with me, you've got to talk to me."
Chris: (laughs) "Why?"
Alison: "Because that's what mature people do. I'm not the only one here who needs to grow up."
Chris: "Well, I hadn't really looked at it that way."
Alison: "So how about it? Are you gonna talk to me?"
Chris: "I'll try."
Alison: "Okay."
Chris: "Am I forgiven?"
Alison: "Yeah. But I do need to ask one question. And... warning, warning, (laughs) it is about your feelings."
Chris: "Aw."
Alison: "Oh, come on. You said that you would try."
Chris: "Yeah, but I meant, like, down the line. Okay, fine. How do I feel about what?"
Alison: "Me. Are we a couple?"
Chris: "Alison... I don't know. Okay? But at least we survived our first fight."
Chris: "You make me feel a lot of things, but fear isn't one of them."
Alison: "Then kiss me."
Chris: "Not at work. What are you doing later?"
Alison: "I'm going to my mother's wedding. Just another sunny, dysfunctional day in the Stewart family."
Chris: "You know... I was invited to that wedding."
Alison: "You were?"
Chris: "Mm-hmm. Rick asked me to be his best man, but I said no. Maybe I should rethink my decision."
Alison: "You do, and I'll rethink what to wear."
Chris: "You're on."
Alison: "You don't think I'm crazy for being scared. Do you?"
Chris: "No, I think you're just being human."
Alison: "Well, you know, when we humans get scared, we usually could use a hug."
Chris: (Hugs) "Is that better?"
Alison: "Much."
Chris: "Decker won't hurt you."
Alison: "You promise?"
Chris: "I promise. You know, Dr. Dixon could walk in here any minute."
Alison: "Ooh, I'm scared!"
Chris Laughs
Alison: "And when I'm scared, you know what's even better than a hug?"
Chris: (Laughs) "Alison, look. Could you just get out of here before they have me mopping floors, please?"
Alison:And I can't thank you enough for standing up when(sigh) Rick was freaking out on me, but that's not gonna change what I told you before. I don't want to do this anymore.
Alison: This--This you/me, we like each other maybe kind of thing,This--(sighs) don't get too close, but then don't get too far away. You're a girl, but you're a woman.It just seems to me like every time we take one step forward, something always sends us two steps back, and I just don't really feel like I'm very important to you. And I don't want to feel that way anymore. What?
Chris:Look, I know I've let you down. Okay? And I'm sorry.You are special to me, Alison, I just have a hard time showing it.
Alison:Yeah,Chris,but isn't that the point? To be with someone who will show that?
(Chris' pager beeps)
Chris: Damn. I gotta go to the hospital.
Alison: I understand. Go.Go.
Chris:All right. But before I do, I want you to know something. Okay? When you--when you walked away from me earlier, I--It hurt. And even though you may be giving up on me, I'm not giving up on you.
Chris kisses Alison and then walks away. Alison glares after him.
Alison:Unbelievable. The ball is actually in my court for once.
Chris:This is a mistake,I can feel it.
Alison:Well,then, do you have a better idea?You heard Hal--They don't have enough evidence against Rick to get a search warrent.Well, this is my permission to search.
Chris:What do you think you're going to find? Huh? Nurse Krebs' diary? A couple of bottles of Potassium Chloride? If Rick is the killer, he's not going to leave evidence lying around.
Alison:Chris,criminals make mistakes.
Chris:Yeah, well, so do cute young blondes.
Alison:You think I'm cute?
Chris:I think you're reckless.
Alison:So then what are you doing here?
Chris:I'm here to protect you in case Dr.Decker decides to come home early.
Alison:You'd beat up a serial killer just for me?
Chris:No, I'd grab you and run.
Alison:And I'd grab you right back. Come on, let's go find some evidence.
Alison:Mom?!Rick?!Mom?! See, I told you they're at the Hospital.
Chris:I'll check upstairs, you check downstairs.
Alison:But the Bedroom's upstairs. I thought we could check it together.
Chris:You and me in a bedroom?
Alison:Well, If Rick's gonna hide something, he's gonna wanna hide it someplace private, you know?Like his sock drawer maybe?What? Oh, you think I just want an excuse to be alone with you and a bed?
Chris:As enticing as that sounds, we don't have time.
Alison:We have about an hour.
Chris:Alison,I thought we came here to catch a serial killer.
Alison:Fine.Then you go upstairs.Probably be safer for me anyway.
Alison:Well, they're newlyweds. I wouldn't want to stumble on something that could scar me for life.
Alison:Okay, Alison, think like a serial killer. Poor mom. Her Husband's such a nut job she doesn't even have any photos.I'm gonna have a lot of photos when I get married.
{Alison's Fantasy}
Alison:Thank's Guys! Make sure this makes the front page! Was that wedding amazing or what?
Chris:You're Amazing.
Alison:I'm so glad I could take time off from my career.
Chris:Make' em wait. They'll just want you more. After all you're the sexiest, richest, most beautiful woman in the world.
Alison:And you're just a doctor, but that's okay. Because opposites attract,right?
Chris:I'm glad I finally wised up and figured out how much I love you.
Alison:Oh, say it again.
Chris:I love you,Alison,I love you more than life itself.
Chris kisses Alison and they fall to the floor.
{End of Alison's Fantasy}
Chris:Stop daydreaming.If Rick comes back and catches us--
Alison:Okay,Okay.But you're gonna be glad that you know me someday.
Chris:Yeah,I'll just be glad to get out of here.
Chris:What the hell have you been doing?
Chris:Yeah,well, you ever hear of cleaning as you go?
Alison:I'm a snoop,not a maid.
Chris:Yeah,well,if we don't want Decker coming after us, we better make sure he never figures out we were here.
Alison:Did you find anything upstairs?
Chris:Only the trapeze over the newlyweds' bed.
Alison:Get out.
Chris:Gotcha.Hey,come on. No, I didn't find anything.
Alison:Well,I didn't find anything down here either.
Chris:What's this?
Alison:I don't know.It's not my mom's.
Chris:It looks like a puzzle box. My roomate in medical school had one.There's a trick to opening them.
Alison:Which makes it a perfect place to hide something.There's something in there.
Chris:Yeah, and I think it's gonna stay in there.
Alison:Allow me, puzzle boxes are my specialty.
Chris:Key. Now the question is to what?
Alison:Well,it's too small to be a door key. Maybe it's a key to a medical box?
Chris:Yeah, not any boxes at memorial. Looks more like a key to a safety deposit box.
Alison:Like at a bank?
Chris:Most likely. But they have them at hotels sometimes.
Alison:But we're talking about something small,right?Like papers or jewels?
Chris:Yeah, no dead bodies.
Alison:Maybe the Diary?
Chris:It's possible.
Alison:Okay,great.So then, we'll clean up, go to the bank, find his box, and get the evidence.Here.
Chris:Uh,Alison?I hate to break the news, but no bank in the world is gonna let you waltz right in with a key and let you rifle through somebody's box. I mean, you need photo I.D.'s...signatures--
Alison:Chris, this is a small town,not switzerland.
Alison:We'll get in.Don't worry,okay?
Chris:Okay,but if Rick finds out we took his key--All right,he had you up against a wall for blowing his alibi with your mom.
Alison:He won't find out.Okay,we have sometime.So,let's clean up,and they'll never even know.
Alison:Well,at least we found something that makes all this heavy lifting worthwile.
Chris:Shh.Did you hear that?
Alison:They're back.We are so busted.
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I got most of the quotes on this page from Chris and Alison: Love at Last. I give full credit to them for collecting those quotes.