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Aliris Facts:
Alison and Chris met at Oakdale Memorial.When Alison was in Jail she feared for her life, and managed to get a visit from Chris, whom she convinced that she was in danger.When being transferred, Alison noticed that the girls, whom she feared were about to kill Regina, and Alison rushed back, saving the prison guard’s life. The girls were taken away, as Chris came and treated Alison’s wound she’d gotten in a struggle for the knife. Then,the two shared there first kiss. When Alison got out of Jail Chris told Alison that she could come work at the hospital with him, as a nurse’s aid. Alison was excited, but Susan had problems with the idea.Rick Decker calmed Susan down, and soon Alison was working as a nurse’s aid, alongside best friend Katie and new crush Chris. Everything was fine and Dandy, until Alison, Katie, and every other person in the hospital started to come across dead bodies. Alison was going to quit in fear, but Chris convinced her to stay. At the hospital, on a dark and stormy night, Alison got Chris alone by the nurse’s station, got him to close his eyes, and she kissed him… and Chris kissed back. Later though, Chris was in denial.As Alison sat at home freaking out, Chris came over, and to prove to Alison that they he hadn't felt a thing during their kisses, he kissed her again. Afterwards, he left the house… but then ran back in to kiss Alison goodnight! The next day, he asked Alison out on a date, which he cancelled when Gordo told him he planned to ruin the date. So instead, Alison and Chris sat at Alison’s house, eating pizza and playing video games.Alison couldn't believe Chris could ever be a suspect in the serial killer case, and made her feelings known to John, stating that Gordo was the killer, not Chris. Gordo overheard, and as soon as John was gone, Gordo cornered Alison. When she began screaming, Chris came to Alison's rescue. Gordo was in big trouble, and was fired. Despite all this, Chris still refused that him and Alison were even a possibility until... Alison's 18th birthday.He surprised her with a necklace, and a kiss.
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This facts are fully credited to Kasey Kay from Chris and Alison:Love at Last.