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Part One

Part Two

Chapter 1:  Toronto Canada Present Day, Nick's Loft

"Nat you just can't go chasing after this guy."  Nick yelled. 

"Oh yeah and why not?  He deserves to pay for what he has done to Cynthia and god 
 knows how many other little girls." 

" Let the cops deal with it Nat." 

" Well, your police department seems to be a little too busy to be bothered and if they 
 wont do anything, I sure as hell will." 

" Nat, You are not going after him and that is final." 

"That's final huh?  What the hell gives you the right to boss me around as if you wouldn't do the exact same thing Nick?" 

"That's different Nat and you know it." 

"What's so different Nick?" she yelled as angry as Nick had ever seen her. 

"Well, well you're a woman," he stammered, instantly regretting his choice of words. 

"Because I'm a woman?!  For crying out loud Nick. I know you are eight centuries old but I think its high time that you start realizing that this is the end of the twentieth century!"  Nat hollered and headed for the door. 

Nick squired after her.  "Nat would you just listen to me for a minute?" 

"I've listened to you long enough Nick, I took care of myself just fine before you showed up," she screamed just before yanking the metal door shut with a loud bang. 

Nick smashed his hand on the metal door in frustration as he remembered that the sun had already risen and he was trapped for the day.  "Stubborn, thick headed woman of the nineties," he sighed and smiled in spite of himself as he realized just how much he loved and admired the exasperating woman who had just stormed out of his home.  She reminded him of another woman he had met over a century ago.  How the Kid had maintained his sanity while loving Louise McCloud amazed him because Nick certainly felt he was losing his while loving Natalie Lambert. 

Chapter 2  St Joe Missouri Hotel 1860

"Nicholas did you really think that you could just leave and I wouldn't hunt you down?" a whispered voice hissed into Nick's ear. 

Nick stiffened and turned into the piercing glare of his master Lucian Lacoix.  "Why can you not leave me be for once?"  Nick asked upset that Lacoix had found him so quickly. 

"Why Nicolas? So you can continue this absurd quest for a non-existent cure?" Lacoix finished irritated at his defiant child. 

Nick sighed.  Here we go again, he thought. 

"Excuse me gentlemen, may I get through to the desk please?" 

Both Nick and Lacoix turned to see a young boy of about sixteen looking toward the desk clerk that they were effectively blocking.  "By all means," Lacoix replied as he stepped back to giving the youth room to pass for there were far to many witnesses for him to simply drain the bothersome child. 

"I would like a room please." 

"Sure son, Just tell me your name and how long you plan on staying with us," the desk clerk replied with a smile.

"It's Lou, Lou McCloud and I will be staying as long as it takes for me to finish my 
 business here," he replied quietly but sternly. 

Grateful for the distraction created by Lou, Nick sizes him up.  Something is not right with this fellow, Nick thought but decided to let it go until he caught Lacoix glare at the youth menacingly.  Nick knew that he would have to keep this Lou safe from his master's evil intentions. 

When the reservation was completed, Lou turned back around unexpectedly bumping into Lacoix and was momentarily locked into his gaze.  Regaining his senses, Lou stammered, "Excuse me," and pushed between Nick and Lacoix. 

After being sure that both Lou and the hotel clerk were out of earshot, Nick pounced.  "Do not even think about it Lacoix, he is just a child and not capable of your evil." 

"Ah my dear Nicolas, is he a child in youth or experience?"  Lacoix answered before leaving Nicolas to ponder his last statement.

 Chapter 3 Lou's Hotel room 

"Well, I made it back to this nightmare of a town,"  Lou stated out loud to the air around her.  If today was any indication of what lay ahead of her, she was in for a hard time she thought as she rubbed her sore shoulder (which she had received when lightning had thrown her).  And that man she had encountered downstairs was just plain creepy as he had glared at her with those piercing eyes of his.  She would much rather be on the other end of one of Jimmy Hickock's  colt forty-fours.  The eyes of his companion however, were very gentle just like Kid's eyes. 

Oh Kid, she thought.  Will you ever be able to forgive me for what has already happened and what I must do?  I just can't let Wicks ruin another life especially Theresa's.

Luckily, for her, Wick's threatening letter would be his downfall.  Ok Wicks, you wanted me in payment for leaving Theresa alone, its me your gonna get, but I swear you will pay for what you did to me, Charlotte, Travis and especially for daring to threaten Theresa

  Chapter 4 Rock Creek Nebraska Territory

Kid was pushing Katy really hard he knew.  "Sorry girl, I know you're tired, but I 'm worried about Lou.  She just ain't acting right ever since this Charlotte came to town and now that she's dead, Lou just won't talk to me about anything.  She is being so stubborn.  Why can't she just be a normal woman for once and let me comfort her?" 

At Katy's whinny, Kid thought, Why the heck would she let him know that she needed comforting when she feared showing him any weakness whatsoever?

"Hard ride Kid?  Yo Kid!"  Buck Cross raised his voice as Kid absently passed the mail pouch to James Hickock. 

"What Buck?"  Kid finally noticed him.  "Yeah hard ride.  Hey is Lou around?"

"No," Buck replied with an amused smile as he took Katy's reins.  Leave it to Lou to make Kid's mind wonder he thought as he concluded while walking Katy to the barn.  "She told Teaspoon she needed a couple of days off and road out early yesterday morning." 

Kid wearily entered the bunkhouse and fell onto his bunk trying to think about how he would get Lou to open up to him when she returned.  Suddenly his eye caught part of a letter sticking out from under Lou's bunk above him.  He knew from previous experience that he shouldn't pry. However, his curiosity got the better of him and he snatched it up and began to read, his expression changing from curiosity to horror as he did so. 

 Well, well after all this time, I have found you.  You thought that you could 
 hide from me by dressing like a man. You fool.  I'll get right to the point. 
 I know for a fact that Charlotte gave you that money that she stole from me.  You will turn both yourself and the money over to me by the end of next week a sweet little girl by the name of Theresa will take the place that I have 
 chose for you in my brothel.  You know I never bluff.  Show up alone or you 
 and your sister will surely regret it for the rest of your lives. 


 Kid stood in disbelief at the letter in his trembling hands.  So that was why 
 she chose to be Lou and not the beautiful woman he knew she really was.  In 
 less then five minutes he was in Teaspoon's office getting permission to ride 
 out after the woman who never ceased to make him crazy with worry.

 Chapter 5 Same day St. Joe Sunset 

Nick's eyes popped open as his inner clock told him that the murderous sun had finally set.  He also felt a familiar tingling running up his spine.  Janette had returned.  At first a wave of happiness flooded though him, but then the bitterness of their last parting crept in.  He still could not believe that she had left him after a hundred years, saying that she needed a change.  With Lacoix here already he was in no mood to deal with her disapproval of the way he chose to spend his life.  He sighed; he might as well get the first encouter with her over with quickly. 

A knock at his door snapped him back to attention as he braced himself for the sight of her as he pulled the door open slowly. But all his preparation did nothing to prepare him for the sight of her. 

"Nichola', mon cher, how nice to see you again," Janette stated with her usual enticing smile. 

"Cut the pleasantries Janette," Nick snapped back angrily.  "It was you who led Lacoix to me wasn't it?"

"Yes it was Nichola'," she replied simply.  "I am sorry, but he would have found you sooner or later.  You can not hide from him for long.  You know this.  It would just be so much easier if you would just accept what you are and give up this frivolous quest of yours."

 Chapter Six Orphanage out side St. Joe same night.

Kid pulled a tired Katy up to the front of the St. Joe orphanage he had visited once before and was quietly ushered into Sister Kathren's office. 

"What can I do for you young man?" the tired sister asked impatiently, for she had to get back to a distraught and angry Jeremiah McCloud. 

"I am looking for the McCloud children.  Are they here sister?"

"Well Jeremiah is here yes, but a man with a gun came and took Theresa.  We had no choice.  He threatened the other children and shot Jeremiah in the leg when he tried to interfere. I am 
 sorry Mr.?"

"Kid.  I 'm a friend of Louise's.  Do you remember me sister?"

"Ah yes, Now I remember you."

" How is the boy?" Kid asked worriedly. 

"Physically Jeremiah is fine, but he is a very angry and guilt ridden young man.  The sisters and I do not know what to do.  Perhaps you could help?" Sister Kathryn asked pleadingly. 

Kid was taken aback some by the request as he remembered his last encounter with Jeremiah when the boy was forced to watch as Kid shot his father to death.  Kid had not been able to speak with the boy after that for fear of upsetting Theresa or Lou at the time.  Perhaps the time was now to try and reach the strong willed boy who he hoped would soon be his brother-in-law.  "I don't know if it will do much good because, I don't think he cares too much for me, but I will give it a try sister."

"That is all I can ask," the sister replied gratefully.  "I will send for him immediately."

Ten minutes later a sullen Jeremiah was led into the office by another sister.  When he looked up and recognized the man before him anger began to smolder within him. 

"Hello Jeremiah," Kid stated hesitantly.  Do you remember who I am?"

"Yeah sure, You're the scum who murdered my father,"  Jeremiah spat.

"You were there Jeremiah.  You know that he gave me no choice.  He would have killed Lou and I could not let that happen."

" I wish he had killed her!" Jeremiah shouted back.  "Theresa wouldn't be in trouble now if he had.  It's all her fault. I hate her more than anything!"

"You don't mean that," Kid stated trying to hold his temper.  He had never thought that he would meet a child more exasperating than Jesse James. 

"Yeah I do," Jeremiah continued.  "If she had just become Wick's whore like my father had arranged, me, Theresa, and our father would be together.  We never hated him, only Lou and ma did." 

Kid didn't hear the last sentence as Jeremiah's statement about Wicks caught him off guard. 
In less then five seconds Kid had Jeremiah up against the office wall. "What do you mean about your father's arrangement with Wicks about Lou? Tell me!" Kid fumed shaking the boy. 

"Father said he followed her to St Joe when she left here and sold her to Wicks."

My god what kind of monster was Boggs?  Kid thought as her refocused on the boy in front of him.  "You can't have wanted that to happen to Lou, Jeremiah.  She's your sister.  She loves you and I know you love her just as much."

"No. Yes I do love her and I didn't want anything to happen to her.  I still don't but now my father is dead and Theresa's in trouble because of her," he stuttered as tears rolled down his 

"This isn't Lou's fault Jeremiah, the only person to blame is Wicks and I promise you I will make sure he pays for what he has done."

Not long after, Kid was back on Katy and headed for St. Joe like he was chasing the devil.  Little did he know he was chasing not one, but two devils.  One called Simon Wicks and the other named Lucien Lacoix. 

Chapter Seven Hotel Lobby St. Joe

"Sir is there any message for me?"  Lou asked the man behind the desk.  At the shake of his head, Lou signed and turned once again into those eyes of pure ice. 

"May I help you sir?"  The desk clerk piped up. 

"No, not at this time," Lacoix answered with a menacing glare that was in no way missed by 

What is it about this guy that unnerves me so much she wondered as she observed both the brief exchange between the men and the obvious in the desk clerk's eyes as he backed up into the kitchen. 

"Well, we meet again.  Mr. McCloud is it not?"

"Well yes it is," Lou stated with false confidence that she did not feel around this man.  "And you are....?" Lou asked politely not really wanting to know anything more about the well dressed man before her.

"Lacoix, Lucien Lacoix," Lacoix responded with a non-to-charming smile. 

"Well, pleased to meet you Mr. Lacoix, but I really must be going now."

"By all means. Until we meet again and we will meet again," Lacoix repeated to himself as he watched the retreating figure.  There was something about this youth that intrigued him.  Perhaps, he smiled to himself; it was time to give Nicholas and Janette a new baby brother.

"Do not even think about it Lacoix!"  Growled Nick from behind him. 

Lacoix turned to look at his two children who had failed miserably in sneaking up on him.  "Why Nicholas, whatever do you mean?"

"I know what you are up Lacoix.  Leave the boy alone,"  Nick finished irritated. 

"Do you dare to tell me what to do Nicholas?"  Lacoix  snarled menacingly at his rebellious son.  "What I choose to do and what I choose not to do, is no concern of yours.  If I want that child to be part of our little family, he will be.  And if you object again or dare to defy me, the outcome could be quite unpleasant for you."  With that and a final glare, Lacoix turned and exited the hotel lobby.

"Damn, Nichola'!  "Why must you continue to antagonize him like that?" Janette asked with a sigh. 

Nick, who released a breath that he did not know he had been holding in the presence of his master, turned to face Janette and pleaded, "You have to help me stop him Janette."

"Why Nichola' wouldn't you like to have a little brother or should I say sister?  Hum?"

Nick's jaw dropped in total shock as he looked towards the door that both Lou and Lacoix 
 had exited.  "You're not serious," he recovered his eyes peering into those of Janette's.  He had known that there was something about the youth, but he had never suspected this result. 

"Yes," Janette responded as her eyes danced and a huge knowing smile formed on her beautiful face.  To this day she loved shocking Nichola' and it was an added bonus that she knew something Lacoix did not. 

Chapter 8 Toronto Present Day Noon

 Nick's eyes popped open suddenly and for a moment he did not know where he was.  Then he realized that he must have drifted off on the couch.  Then the horrible events of early morning came flooding back.  He could not believe that he had been so stupid, but the fear for the safety of the woman he loved had out weighed all common sense.  Nat, he thought as he reached for 
 the phone for the twentieth time that morning. 

"Hi there, I 'm not home right now but, if you leave your name and a short message, I will get back to you."


"Nat, Nat come on pick up the phone!"  Stubborn woman, he thought as he slammed the phone down and dialed his partner's number and waited impatiently as it rung several times.  Finally, a familiar male voice answered. 


"Vashon," Nick stated irritably. 

"Knight, this had better be good."

"Just put Tracy on Vashon."

"Fine, here.  Trace."  Vashon stated and resigningly handed the phone to Tracy. 

"Nick what's wrong?"

"Trace have you heard from Nat?"

"No.  Why?" Tracy answered worriedly. 

"She kind of found out that the case was being dropped."

"Oh, no.  How did she take it?"

"Not good.  We had a fight.  She plans on going after him herself."

"What did you say Nick?"

"I told her to stay out of it because she's a woman," Nick responded waiting for the rebuff that he knew awaited him. 

"No tell me you didn't," Tracy replied while smacking the grinning Vashon on the chest. 

"I did," Nick admitted. 

"Oh, Nick how could you?"

"It just slipped out, honest, Trace.  Look, if she calls you, let me know and tell Vashon I am sorry for interrupting. Bye. 

As Tracy hung up the phone Vashon, could not resist asking.  "So, what did Knight do to the doc now?" he asked his eyes twinkling. 

"Well you know, I told you what happened to Nat's godchild right?"

"Yeah, I remember,"  Vashon stated his eyes darkening.  He hated child killers with an extreme passion. 

"Well," Tracy continued, "the department decided that it did not have enough to get anything to stick, so they cut him loose early earlier last night."

"Why am I not surprised?"  Vashon responded rolling his eyes.  "How did the doc take the news?"  he asked concerned for he liked and respected Natalie since she had fearlessly saved 
Screed's life.  And any mortal who stood toe to toe with Lacoix and lived to tell the tale deserved the respect of the entire community as far as he was concerned. 

"Not to well especially after Nick told her not to go after Gault because she is a woman," Tracy responded shaking her head. 

"And she didn't stake him for that?  Damn he got off easy,"  Vashon answered with a chuckle. 

"I know but he's right for another reason.  She just can't take the law into her own hands."

"You're sure about that Trace?  She's got every right.  People like Gault are monsters even among my kind.  I've even seen the General rip a man's heart out for attacking a little girl." 

"I know what your saying Vashon, but I have to believe in the law.  It's not perfect by any means but it's all we mortals have to live by."

"But he shouldn't just get off scott-free!" Vashon responded his eyes darting away from Tracy's.

"I agree Vashon, but what is taking the law into her own hands gonna do to Nat?  You, Nick and I have had to kill people and even if we were right it still stays with us and I don't think Nick could handle that if it happened to Nat."

"Relax Trace, Dr. Lambert's a smart and rational lady.  Although I wouldn't blame her if she 
 did, I don't think she'll kill him.  She'll just make him wish she had.  Hell even I might," Vashon finished rising from the bed after giving Tracey quick kiss on the lips.

Chapter 9  St. Joe Later that same night, 1860

 "Well we made it, girl -- St. Joe Missouri.  I just hope that we are in time to help Lou," Kid stated as he road into the livery.  I don't even know where or how I should start looking, he thought.  Should he look for a Lou or a Louise?  He sighed shaking his head when something familiar caught the corner of his eye and he did a double take.  Lightning.  He smiled with relief. 

"Hey boy, are you a sight for sore eyes,"  Kid stated with a smile as he moved to pat the horse's dark coat.  "Where's your lady, huh?  Where's Lou boy?"

At Lightning's whinny, Kid patted him one last time before turning to set Katy up in the stall next to him.  With that all taken care of, he set off to look for Lou. 


When Nick regained his composure, he turned back to Janette.  "Why?" he asked her, still not believing he had been so completely fooled. 

"I do not know Nichola'. I do not know.  Perhaps you could ask her herself when she joins our little entourage.  Unless you are still intent on defying Lacoix," she replied with a twinkle in her eye. 

"You bet I plan to stop him and I need your help."

"Oh, no you don't.  You're not going to drag me into your crazy scheme.  I have no intention of bringing father's wrath down on myself and you would be wise to follow my lead and not interfere, my brother," she sneered and walked away from him. 

"Janette," he sighed as she exited the hotel.  In her wake, Nick watched a tired young man enter the lobby and approach the front desk. 

"Excuse me sir.  I am looking for a friend of mine," Nick over heard as he began to ascend the staircase, "and I was wondering if they are staying in your hotel."

"What's the name of your friend son?" the newly returned clerk asked. 

At the young man's reply, Nick stopped and turned on the staircase.  "A Lou McCoud you say?"  Nick asked from his position on the stairs. 

"Yes, Kid responded a bit startled by the interruption of the well-dressed gentleman above him. 

"You just missed your friend."

"Yes, sir," the desk clerk piped in.  "Lou McCloud room twenty-seven."

Nick debated what to do for a second.  He then stepped back up to the desk and caught the clerk in his gaze.  "Why don't you give my friend here your extra key so he may wait in the room?"

"Yes, of course," the desk clerk responded absently handing Kid the room key. 

Puzzled, Kid looked at Nick.  "How?" he asked. 

"It does not matter, come with me we need to talk,"  Nick ordered.  With that he turned and started back up the staircase. 

Kid sighed and followed Nick up the stairs and into Lou's room.  Once inside, Kid decided that it was high time he got some answers from this guy.  "All right, who are you and what do you want with Lou?"

"My name is Nicolas Chevalier, and your friend is in a lot of trouble,"  Nick stated calmly.



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