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Prepare Your Family for Emergencies.

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(Note: This petition was meant for FOX, but is now for FX and yes I'm aware of the typos.)

(Updated October 5th, 2001 CAMPAIGN REBORN!)

StayFreaky, Discussion group!

Welcome fellow freakers! It's been nearly one month since the attacks and I hope everyone's doing well and coping in this tragic time. The day before the attacks a member of StayFreaky, Kristi Balber came up with a great idea. Get FreakyLinks to FX. I did research on FX and FreakyLinks would be a great show to add to their lineup. Sci-Fi is a dead end, I've learned that now. On October 6th which is tomorrow is the 1 year anniversary of the series premiere of FreakyLinks. To celebrate, The Save FreakyLinks Campaign will be reborn. On October 12th (It won't be the 6th, cause there's not enough time.) will be "Operation FX Alert!" The FX Alert will be a massive mailing of e-mails sent to FX catching them off guard, cause no one really e-mails them about FL. The petition will also be sent to them as well. Send as many as you want telling them how much of a great show this is. This will be posted in various newgroups on the web today and tomorrow. We must get to them to see what a huge fan following this show has, so they'll say to themselves "Hmm, we might actually make money off of this!" Here is the address to send these to If you need to contact me for any reason, please e-mail me at and please chekc out the site menu for more options on how to save FreakyLinks.

(The Skunk-Ape is watching you and wants you to sign the petition!)


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