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Charmed- A Site For You!!

Welcome to the revised Charmed- A Site For YOU!! This site will hopefully be much better and more interractive than my old one. As you can tell, this is a site all about the TV show Charmed, just for you! Hopefully, you will send in some of your ideas, stories, etc. about Charmed and I will put it up on my site!!

Charmed is about three magikal sisters, Prue, Piper, and Pheobe Halliwell (and soon to be Paige) and how they manage to life a normal life around their magikal powers: Prue- the power to move things with her mind and astrial project; Piper- the power to freeze time; and Pheobe- the power to have premonitions and levitate. Together, they make up the Power of Three, the most powerful force in the paranormal world.

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