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The B&B Drinking game

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Take a shot when...

someone curses Brooke & Thorne.

Stephanie badmouths Brooke or Morgan.

Brooke wears a spaghetti stripe dress or lingerie.

you think Taylor or Ridge is totally brainless.

Stephanie has to cover up for Ridge´s mistakes that he keeps making over and over again.

C.J. acts goofy or is sad or hot headed.

Brad Bell rewrites the past to fit the present.

Eric shows off his serious face.

Amber freakes out.

Brooke lets a tear run down her face.

you wonder where the heck Bridget was when she was gone for over a year.

Brooke is called a tramp or a slut.

Stephanie meddles in her grown son´s lives.

someone slaps Brooke.

Ridge whines about someone.

Take 2 shots when...

Stephanie pushes someone (or gets pushed) into her pool or any water.

Thorne goes around shirtless.

you wonder if any of the men have a spine.

Brooke is fully dressed for more than 5 episodes.

when someone in the Forrester family mentions Kristen, Felicia or Angela.

Taylor acctually seems to be a psychologist.

Ridge proclaims his undying love for anyone.

A character seem to have disappeared of the face of the earth without an explanation.

Clarke mention his oldest son Mark.

Stephanie plans to abort a child Morgan is carrying.

Morgan seems to have ulterior motives.

you wonder if Morgan really is sane.

when C.J. blames the whole Forrester clan for Macy´s death although it was an accident.

Amber cries.

Finnish the bottle when...

C.J, Rick or Bridget are aged.

we acctually see that Thomas and the twins exists.

Amber tells ”the whole” truth.

Stephanie disowns Thorne and Ridge and Eric follows like 2 stoodges.

Kimberly looks like she´s gone totally psycho.

Brooke is in love with a Forrester and chases him around like a puppy in underwear.

Sally looks away for a second (to look at the cuecards)

Stephanie does something crimiminal