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The reason I formed this page is that when I went out looking for femslash for All My Children it was really hard to find and the stories were all over the place. So hopefully this site will have many fics in the future. Before, this page was mostly dedicated to Bianca (daughter of Erica Kane) but I have decded to open up this site to all femslash of All My Children. This site will still be heavy on the Bianca slash and she will be first get her fics up. Enjoy the stories and remember to feed the bards!

Do you want your fic to be posted here? Well, take a look at the Submissions Page for the details! (Don't worry, it's not very hard)

Are you new to the show? Don't know who Sarah and Rain are? Do you know who they are but no idea what they look like? Not sure what Laura's story was? Well then take a look at the new Characters page to find out about the ladies of Pine Valley. This is a new and an exprimental page so if theres something on the one of the characters bios that's missing, wrong, or confusing just email me and I'll tweak it. If people like this enough I'll add a page for Bianca's family. Hope you enjoy it!
Now it's come to my attention that for some reason the character page can't be accessed by some people, so I've set up an alternate page for people to view. There you go, hope that fixes things.

The Links Page is up and running again and this time with many more new links. Check it out!!

Updates 4/22/04

Updated Two Stories!!
Completed One Story!!

After you click on the link for the updated story there is a rainbow "UPDATE!" at the begining of the story, click that and it will take you to the begining of the new part posted.

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