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CREATED: Wednesday, December 29th, 1999	
LAST UPDATE: Tuesday, March 14th, 2000
Welcome to Wiretwitch's own little corner of the web! Yes, this is a Beetlejuice site, courtesy of yours truly, Wiretwitch! Well, ok, Twitch's my character, but - shh! Don't tell! :)

It must be pointed out that without Blair Bernard and Sparky's Neitherworld, this site wouldn't be up. Thanks guys! ^.^

Also, check out  Wakklejuice!  Animaniacs meet the Ghost With The Most! It's the coolest storyboard EVER! :) 

Here'll soon be fanfic, more fanart... yes, that sort of stuff. And a bio of 'Twitch of course, and the all around updates. 

WOW!! Finally updated! ;) Check out the Fan Art section! :D COMING: Beseen Beetlejuice Chat More links! A banner Scanned images! E-mail me! I don't bite! :) Not unless you want me to. *lol*
Here goes your menu! 
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The Webpage for the Recently Deceased! Sparky's Neitherworld!
Disclaimer: Betelgeuse / Beetlejuice and all unoriginal characters belong to their respective owners. No copyright damage intended, naturally I'll take this site off if this gets me into trouble or just simply is the wrong thing to do! :)