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Outer Limits


Last month's episodes, scheduled for early mornings @ around 5am unless noted:

July 23, Specimen: Unknown #22
Deadly white blossoms grown from alien spores overrun a spaceship, then take root in planet Earth. Different ending than later Star Trek episode

July 22, The Borderland #13
A scientist encounters a magnetic field that reverses the form of living matter. But a psychic sets out to destroy the experiment, with someone inside it.

July 21, The Zanti Misfits #14
The planet Zanti coerces permission for its misfits (giant ant/bees with human heads) to emigrate to Earth. Then a small-time crook (Bruce Dern) invades their space...

July 17, Corpus Earthling #9
Invaders enter a geologist (Barry Atwater)'s body and force him to seek the man who knows their secret (Robert Culp) because a plate in his head lets him overhear their plans. Salome Jens.

July 14, The Man With the Power #3
A college professor (Donald Pleasence) implants a device in his head that lets him fire an electromagnetic beam, but his brain starts using it to destroy sources of annoyance, starting with 2 road workers who delayed him.

July 12, Keeper of the Purple Twilight
A scientist (Warren Stevens) exchanges emotions for an alien's technical knowledge.

July 7, "O.B.I.T."
A murder supports an insane scientist's assertion he saw a monster in a visible projection of human wavelengths when the most precise surveillance machine ever created eliminates all privacy and reveals all secrets in a secret government project.

July 5, "The Human Factor"
An accident causes the brain of a dangerous paranoid and an Army psychiatrist to be switched

July 3, "It Crawled Out of the Woodwork"
A creature sucked into a vacuum cleaner grows on energy from the machine's electric motor. Barbara Luna, Ed Asner

June 28, "The Mice"
A scientist (William Shatner) needs a human for a teleporter experiment with another planet, and a convict (Henry Silva) volunteers. After all, it worked with mice...

June 17, "The Unknown"
A blind inventor uses a time machine to go into the past and bring back a slain, ruthless man.

June 3, "The Duplicate Man"
A 21st-century scientist duplicates himself so the double can search for an escaped alien.
Story by Clifford D.Simak.

June 3, "Second Chance"
Aliens choose amusement park ride passengers to travel into space and battle enemy forces. Simon Oakland agreed to star in this episode provided that he "got to be the monster."

May 13 Corpus Earthling #9 (See July 17)

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