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"Demon With A Glass Hand"
by Harlan Ellison

Alien soldiers from the distant future invade Earth via a time-mirror. Their mission is to capture the last Homo sapiens to survive a war that's to occur between Earth and the invaders. The single Earth survivor appears to be normal in all respects save one: His right hand is glass and contains a computer that holds the secret of where future generations of Earthmen are hiding after the holocaust. But when finally assembled, it reveals the true identity of the last man on Earth.

NOTE: Harlan Ellison who won the Writers Guild of America WGA award for best TV-anthology script for this episode wrote the character of Trent especially for Robert Culp. Over the years, both men have expressed interest in crafting a feature-film version of this episode. Ellison recently published a graphic novel version of the story. This was one of five episodes chosen by Penn & Teller as the five best of the series when they guest-hosted an Outer Limits marathon on TNT's MonsterVision in 1995.
Original Airdate: October 17, 1964

Guest Cast: Robert Culp (Mr. Trent/Voice of the Hand), Arline Martel (Consuelo Biros), Abraham Sofaer (Arch), Steve Harris (Breech), Rex Holman (Battle), Robert Fortier (Budge), Wally Rose (Kyben/Stunt Arch), Bill Hart (Durn/Stunt Budge), Fred Krone (Kyben/Stunt Battle), Dean Smith (Stuart Trent)

Directed by Byron Haskin

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