date: 1/10/00
time: 4:22PM EST
-A poll has been added check it out! Vote as ofen as you want.
-Ok, I agree... my origonal "RPG" is a peice of crap. So I have totally started over. I am now Going to do an actual RPG because the other one had nothing to do with an RPG. This one will have some elements of non-RPG's (the first level) but will focus on all the RPG elements more commonly known, such as Hp, Mp, Weapons and armor. So go to the PUD page to check it out so far!
date: 1/08/00
time: 8:27PM EST
-I finally got my Ti-92 fixed and now am in the process of adding games.
-BTW if anyone has figured out how to give an emulator a backup file please post it or e-mail me. Thanks
date: 12/24/99
time: 3:54PM EST
-Added one file to my section (Zamboni) check it out! It's simple yet funny.
date: 12/23/99
time: 1:05PM EST
-I am trying to put files on both of the 92 and 83 pages but I can't figure out how to put Fargo onto my emulator. If you can figure it out e-mail me.
-By the end of the day I will also have up a link to my message board page, leave me messages or discuss calculator stuff I dont care.
date: 12/19/99
time: 9:09PM EST
-I have decided to ZIP all the files on my page because I an already 1/3 of my alloted account size.
-I am in the process of adding new files, so far today I have added:
-Turbo Breakout
date: 12/18/99
time: 11:16AM EST
-I will be working on my page pretty much all day so if something isn't working on the page just come back in a few miniutes and I'll probably have fixed it by then.
date: 12/17/99
time: 7:53PM EST -I am in the process of adding files and images for them. Should I make two separate pages, one with file images, and one without? Or just one or the other?
-As always, feedback to:
date: 12/17/99
time: 5:32PM EST
-Made my RPG/Adventure game use the text( function instead of the output one so it's a little better looking.
-I think I am going to go with dice damage for the battles because I like it and since NO-ONE E-mailed me with ideas...
date: 12/15/99
time: 3:11PM EST
-Work on my RPG is going faster than I thought it would. I already have a demo ready for download.
just click here
(the code is a mess and the graphics suck but it is only a demo.) If you can help optimise the code or add to it (like a battle screen to get the sword or kill the Dragon) I would appreciate it greatly.
-I dropped my Ti-92 so until it gets fixed there won't be much in the way of the Ti-92 on this page.
-BTW if you have any suggestions for "x fun things to do with your calc..." or anything having to do with my site, feel free to e-mail me here.
date: 12/14/99
time: 4:57PM EST
-I made up "x fun things to do with your (or a friend's) Ti-83
-As soon as I can I will add actual files for download but until then I'm sorry.
-I finally found a a site with all rom images for all calc emulators.
Here they are!
date: 12/14/99
time: 4:05PM EST
-I've started production on an rpg in ti-83 basic but I can't decide how to do the battles! If you have any suggestions either:
1) Mail me your battle program (Preferred)
2) Mail me the code to your program (not preferred but still will be accepted)
Click here to mail me your file
thank all of you that send a file
once I've finished the program I will have a big "thanks to" part of this page.
date: 12/14/99
time: 3:59PM EST
-I Started this page Today

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