4 fun things to do with your (or your friend's) Ti-83

1) Self-test:
I'm not all that sure what it does but if you press [MODE] then [ALPHA] then [s] it asks if you want to do the self-test.

2) Program mem reset and possible lock up:
(take out ALL including memory batteries to fix)
create a new program called anything then make this your program:
and you are done!

3) a "virus" that when you press [Y=] the calc locks up and something wierd goes all over screen (its different each time!)
(take out ALL including memory batterys to fix)
ok, this one is a little complicated but if you do it exactly you will be able to do it real quick (before your friend's math test for example :->)
all you have to do is on the home screen type:
(*note* "->" is really the sto key
[[2,2][2,2]"->"[MATRIX] [ENTER]
this should give you an error, dont worry this is supposed to happen just hit [ENTER] or quit. Only 1 more step to go!
now all you have to do is hit [Y=] and it locks up!

4) self test picture show!
run a self test (fun thing to do #1)
press [ON]
press [ENTER] SLOWLY! and repeatedly until you see "11"
press [ON] to quit and clear the memory

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