Interview with Skye McCole Bartusiak
By Harmony on August 19th 2001

Harmony: Your newest films are Don't Say a Word and Riding in Cars with Boys, did you enjoy filmings these movies?

Skye: Yes! I love working with Brittany Murphy. And Conrad Goode, who plays the bad guy in Don't Say A Word, taught me to play blackjack and poker.

Harmony: What was it like getting to work with actors like Drew Barrymore, James Woods and Brittany Murphy?

Skye: Drew is really cool. She signed a Charlie's Angels doll for me. James Woods has a cute dog. Brittany is one of my best older friends.

Harmony: When did you first decide you wanted to act?

Skye: It just happened. I started modeling as a baby and I just gradually moved into acting.

Harmony: Do you have any influences?

Skye: My mom is my acting coach. She helps me the most.

Harmony: If you could work with any actor or film director, who would it be?

Skye: Gosh, there are lots of people I'd like to work with. It would be fun to be in a movie with Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen.

Harmony: When did you adopt that cute little Maltese 'Pippa'?

Skye: In April around Easter.

Harmony: Is she named after your character in Storm of the Century?

Skye: Yes. That was my first film job!

Harmony: Are you looking forward to the new school year?

Skye: Yes. I got the third-grade teacher that I wanted.

Harmony: My last question is, do you have advice for young aspiring actors?

Skye: Believe in yourself. Work hard. Never give up. Have fun.

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