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Started in 2000 by Lucy Glover & Sian Woolaway.

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Latest News

Simon is busy filming his latest part in a mini series called "Band of Brothers", produced by Steven Spielberg and starring David Schwimmer. Simon is playing Sgt Evans.

Filming commences later this year for a new series of "Hippies"

Filming of Spaced 2 starts in June.

Re-runs of "Spaced" are currently being shown every Sunday from Sunday 2nd April at 11pm on Paramount Comedy Channel (Channel 127)


Hello and welcome to the Simon Pegg Web Site!, a member of the "Ultimate comedy" web site. Simon is best known for starring and co- writing hit Channel 4 BAFTA nominated show "Spaced". He has also starred in BBC2's "Hippies", "Big Train", "Guest House Paradiso" and "I'm Alan Partridge".


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