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(This page is still under construction)

Hi! I'm Callisto, the creator of this page. I love to watch television, play videogames, and read about my favorite actors. The shows that I find good enough to be on my page are: The X-Files, Star Trek: Voyager, Buffy: The Vampire Slayer, Charmed, and Xena: Warrior Princess. My favorite actors are David Duchovny, Karl Urban, Nic Lea, Ryan Gosling, and Tom Cruise. The videogames that I can't stop playing are: Pokemon, Tombraider 1, Xena: Warrior Princess, Metal Gear: Solid, the mario games, and the tetris games. So if you like any of these, you'll enjoy my page. I'll have bios, episode guides, links, codes, hints, etc. So...have a ball and don't forget to sign my guestbook or e-mail any comments to me.

Enjoy my world!!!!!!


I've adored this wonderful man since sixth grade, when I saw my first X-File episode, "Squeeze". (So I missed the Pilot episode and "Deep Throat", but lucky for me, my parents taped those episodes!) Ever since that day, I've kept an eye and an ear waiting for anything David.

Name: David William Duchovny (Duchovny is Russian for "spiritual".)

Birthdate/place: August 7, 1960. New York City, New York.

Educational backround: He attended Grace Church School in NYC, Collegiate Prep in Manhattan, Princeton University where he recieved a Bachelors of Arts, and Yale University in New Haven where he earned a Master of Arts in English Literature.

Dependents: His wife, Tea Leoni, whom he married on May 6, 1997. They have a daughter, Madeline West, born April 24, 1999. David also has a dog named Blue.

Family: His Father, Amram, is Jewish. His mother, Margaret, is Scottish. His younger sister, Lauren, lives in New York, and his older brother Daniel lives in Los Angeles.

Hobbies/Interests/etc.: Obviously acting, but also sports like basketball, baseball, jogging, racketball, swimming, and yoga. Besides sports, he enjoys writing, poetry, playwrights, and music. His favorite musician is Keith Richards.

Filmography/T.V. roles:
1. New Year's Day (I don't know his part)
2. Working Girl (Friend at a party)
3. Twin Peaks (cross-dressing agent Dennis/Denise Bryson)
4. Bad Influence (Role?)
5. Julia has two Lovers (Daniel)
6. Denial (John)
7. Don't tell Mom the Babysitter's Dead (Bruce)
8. The Rapture (Randy)
9. Beethoven (Brad)
10. Baby Snatcher (David)
11. Ruby (Officer Tippit)
12. Chaplin (Rollie Totheroh)
13. Red Shoe Diaries (Jake)
14. Venice/Venice (Dylan)(Not out on video)
15. Kalifornia (Brian)
16. Playing God (the doctor)
17. X-Files movie, Fight the Future (Agent Mulder)
18. X-Files, the show (Agent Mulder)
19. Return To Me

Miscellaneous info.: Wears reading glasses, doesn't believe in UFOs, was married in Grace Church (with the school he attended as a child). He's been friends with actor Jason Beghe since 9th grade. He has a sarcastic sense of humor, and is mostly vegetarian.
On June 30, there will be another episode written and directed by my number one guy! It stars his wife, Tea Leoni.....

Happy Birthday to Madeline West Duchovny! Her 1st birthday was on Monday, April 24, 2000.

Happy Anniversary to David and Tea on Saturday, May 6, 2000. Congrats on your 3rd year!

I spotted this cutie on Xena, when he was playing Caesar. He may not be my David, but this guy has conquered my heart.

Name: Karl Urban (If you know his middle name, sent it to me!)

Birthplace/date: June 7, 1972. Wellington, New Zealand.

Education: Attended Victoria University for a year.

Childhood: Did odd jobs on his aunt and uncle's farm. His duties included shearing sheep to pig wrestling. When he was eight, he had a single line in an episode of a show called, "Ette Rout-Pioneer Women."

Dependents: NONE!!! He's single and has no children. But rumor has it that someone has caught his eye....(I don't know who!)

Filmography/t.v. roles/plays, etc.
1.Ette Rout-Pioneer Women. (he played a child)
2.Shortland Street. (I don't his part, but this was a soap opera)
3.Shock in the Park. (Heroin Addict)
4.Once on Chunuk Bar. (Wellington soldier)
5.White Fang. (Guest)
6.Riding High. (Role?)(Kids' show about horses)
7.Give us a Clue. (He was a contestant on this game show)
8.The Sweeper. (Doorman at a stripclub)
9.Via Satellite. (Role?)
10.Amazon High. (a cannibal)
11.The Herbal Bed. (Role?)
12.Shakespeare's Julius Caesar. (Mark Antony)
13.Xena:Warrior Princess. (episodes include: Altared States as Mael; Destiny, The Deliverer, Bitter Suite, When in Rome, A Good Day, Endgame, and The Ides of March as Caesar; and For Him the Bell Tolls, and A Comedy of Eros as Cupid. One newer episode showed clips of Karl as Kor. I guess no one bought Amazon High. )
14.Hercules:The Lengendary Journeys (episodes include: Green-eyed Monster as Cupid and Render Unto Caesar as Caesar.)

If you know of any other things he's done, send them to me.

1.Acting (well, duh!)
3.Indoor Rock climbing (with Renee O'Conner)
4.Horseback Riding
5.Elvis inpersonations

Miscellaneous: He wears contacts, currently lives in Auckland, New Zealand, prefers playing Caesar than Cupid, and is single. He once worked in a bottle shop in Sidney, wondering if acting was his call. His favorite type of music is Alternative, and a couple of his fav. bands are Nirvana and Blur.

Now this guy...I actually met him! I'll never forget that day...Saturday, May 2, 1998, my birthday. I was at an X-File Expo in South Weymouth. He has the most gorgeous green eyes....

Name: Nicholas Christopher Herbert Lea

Birthdate/place: June 22, 1962. New Westminster, British Colombia, Canada.

Education: Prince of Wales Secondary School, Charles Conrad Studios, and the Gastown Actors' Studio.

Dependents: None. He's single. He and Melinda McGraw are "just friends" now.

Hobbies/Interests/etc.: He likes music. He was once in a band called "Beau Monde". He likes to write songs and play the guitar. He plays sports like golf, tennis, soccer, rugby, and basketball.

Filmography/t.v. roles/etc.:
1. Bad Company (Jake)
2. Once a Thief (Victor Mansfield)
3. The Burning Zone (ep. "Hall of the Serpent" as Philip Pagit)
4. The Commish (Enrico Caruso (Ricky))
5. Highlander (ep. "The Fighter" as Rodney Lange)
6. Moloney (ep. "Damage Control" as Anson Greene)
7. The Outer Limits (ep. "In our own Image" as Mac-27)
8. Sliders (eps. "Luck of the Draw" and "Into the Mystic" as Ryan Simms)
9. X-Files (ep. "Gender Bender" as Michael. He played Krychek in "Sleepless", "Duane Barry", "Ascension", "Anasazi", "The Blessing Way", "Paper Clip", "Piper Maru", "Apocrypha", "Tunguska", "Terma", "Patient X", "The Red and the Black", "The End", "S.R. 819", "Two Fathers", "One Son", "Biogenesis", "The Sixth Extinction 2: Amor Fati".

Miscellaneous info.: His left ear is pierced. He served in the Canadian Navy. He once wanted to be an artist. He had a ton of pets as a child. (Yes, Ratboy did have a pet rat at some time.) And his flaw? He smokes. I wonder what he was watching Sunday, April 16, at 9pm, on Fox....

He's in all the good magazines. The media is always after him. he's considered one of America's most beautiful people. So...what's not to love?

Name: Thomas Cruise Mapother 4th

Birthdate/place: July 3, 1962. Syracuse, New York.

Education: Due to family problems and dylexia, Tom went from school to school as a child. He also spent a year in a monastery.

Dependents: His wife, Nicole Kidman, since 12/24/90. They also have two children. (Adopted)

Family: His biological parents were Mary Lee and Thomas Mapother 3rd. His stepfather is Jack South. He has three sisters: Marian, Lee Anne, and Cass.

Filmography/t.v. roles/etc.:
1. Godspell
2. Endless Love
3. Taps
4. Top Gun
5. Jerry Maguire (Jerry Maguire)
6. Magnolia
7. Eyes Wide Shut
8. All the Right Moves
9. The Outsiders (Soda Pop)
10. The Legend
11. Color of Money
12. Rain Man
13. Born on the 4th of July
14. Mission: Impossible
15. A Few Good Men
16. The Firm
17. Interview with a Vampire
18. Days of Thunder
19. Far and Away
20. Mission: Impossible 2

Miscellaneous info.: He was once married to Mimi Rogers. (Ugh!) His father died of cancer. He has earned a Golden Globe Award. He grew up poor. He was once active in sports in high school, but he injured his knee, so it didn't work out.

I was flipping through the channels one day when I came across the show, "Young Hercules" on Fox.Boom! I was hooked. What girl can resist a gorgeous, smart, strong, and very sweet hero?

Name: Ryan Thomas Gosling

Birthdate/place: November 12, 1980. Cornwall, Ontario, Canada.

Education: During elementary school, he was home-schooled by his mother due to problems with his classmates.

Dependents: None! He's single. And he says that is not that great with girls....

Hobbies/interests/etc.: This cutie is musically gited. He sings and plays the piano and the guitar. He likes to watch "Ally McBeal" and "The Simpsons". He also likes calamari.

Filmography/t.v. roles/etc.:
1. The Mickey Mouse Club
2. Frankenstein and Me
3. Breaker High
4. Young Hercules
5. Hercules: The Legendary Journeys (ep. "The Academy")

Miscellaneous info.: His favorite color is blue. When he was younger, other kids would beat him up. He would date a fan....


The X-Files:
You have to have seen this show at least once in your lifetime. If you haven't, here are the show times:
Sundays on Fox @ 9pm (new episodes)
Mon-Fri on FX @ 9pm
Saturdays on UPN @ 6pm & 7pm
(These times change once in a while.)

If you're wondering what this show is about, here's a very quick summary. A wicked hot, but paranoid man, Agent Fox Mulder, is paired with a skeptical scientist(med), Agent Dana Scully. She is supposed to "debunk" all of his findings of the paranormal. But she soon learns how evil the FBI and government is, and the two agents learn to trust each other. They try to expose everything that the government is bent on keeping secret. They encounter many things in their line of work: aliens, vampires, nerds, hackers, black magic, and a ton of other "stuff". And then there's the love thing going on. These two agents are soulmates yet have failed to realize how much they love each other. This show has everything from science to religion, from fantasy to horror, from truth to lies, from love to hate, etc.

I'm sad to say that David's contract ends this year, though he'll be in half of the eps. next year. Gillian's is for all of the 8th year. Here's a list of all the episodes. If you missed any, you can still catch them on FX.


1x00. Pilot
1x01. Deep Throat
1x02. Squeeze
1x03. Conduit
1x04. The jersey Devil
1x05. Shadows
1x06. Ghost in the Machine
1x07. Ice
1x08. Space
1x09. Fallen Angel
1x10. Eve
1x11. Fire
1x12. Beyond the Sea
1x13. Genderbender
1x14. Lazarus
1x15. Young at Heart
1x16. E.B.E.
1x17. Miracle Man
1x18. Shapes
1x19. Darkness Falls
1x20. Tooms
1x21. Born Again
1x22. Roland
1x23. The Erlenmeyer Flask


2x01. Little Green Men
2x02. The Host
2x03. Blood
2x04. Sleepless
2x05. Duane Barry
2x06. Ascension
2x07. 3
2x08. One Breath
2x09. Firewalker
2x10. Red Museum
2x11. Excelsius Dei
2x12. Aubrey
2x13. Irresistable
2x14. Die Hand Die Verletzt
2x15. Fresh Bones
2x16. Colony
2x17. End Game
2x18. Fearful Symmetry
2x19. Dod Kalm
2x20. Humbug
2x21. The Calusari
2x22. F. Emasculata
2x23. Soft Light
2x24. Our Town
2x25. Anasazi


3x01. The Blessing Way
3x02. Paper Clip
3x03. D.P.O.
3x04. Clyde Bruckman's Final Repose
3x05. The List
3x06. 2Shy
3x07. The Walk
3x08. Oubliette
3x09. Nisei
3x10. 731
3x11. Revelations
3x12. War of the Coprophages
3x13. Syzygy
3x14. Grotesque
3x15. Piper Maru
3x16. Aprocrypha
3x17. Pusher
3x18. Teso Dos Bichos
3x19. Hell Money
3x20. Jose Chung's "From Outer Space"
3x21. Avatar
3x22. Quagmire
3x23. Wetwired
3x24. Talitha Cumi


4x01. Herrenvolk
4x02. Unruhe
4x03. Home
4x04. Teliko
4x05. The Field Where I Died
4x06. Sanguinarium
4x07. Musing of a Cigarette Smoking Man
4x08. Paper Hearts
4x09. Tunguska
4x10. Terma
4x11. El Mundo Gira
4x12. Kaddish
4x13. Never Again
4x14. Leonard Betts
4x15. Memento Mori
4x16. Unrequited
4x17. Tempus Fugit
4x18. Max
4x19. Synchrony
4x20. Small Potatoes
4x21. Zero Sum
4x22. Elegy
4x23. Demons
4x24. Gethsemane


5x01. Unusual Suspects
5x02. Redux
5x03. Redux 2
5x04. Detour
5x05. Christmas Carol
5x06. Post-Modern Prometheus
5x07. Emily
5x08. Kitsunegari
5x09. Schizogeny
5x10. Chinga
5x11. Kill Switch
5x12. Bad Blood
5x13. Patient X
5x14. The Red and the Black
5x15. Travelers
5x16. Mind's Eye
5x17. All Souls
5x18. The Pine Bluff Variant
5x19. Folie a Deux
5x20. The End


6x01. The Beginning
6x02. Drive
6x03. Triangle
6x04. Dreamland
6x05. Dreamland 2
6x06. Terms of Endearment
6x07. The Rain King
6x08. How the Ghosts Stole Christmas
6x09. Tithonus
6x10. S.R. 819
6x11. Two Fathers
6x12. One Son
6x13. Arcadia
6x14. Agua Mala
6x15. Monday
6x15. Monday
6x15. Monday
6x16. Alpha
6x17. Trevor
6x18. Milagro
6x19. Three of a Kind
6x20. The Unnatural
6x21. Field Trip
6x22. Biogenesis


7x01. The Sixth Extinction
7x02. The Sixth Extinction: Amor Fati
7x03. Hungery
7x04. Millennium
7x05. Rush
7x06. The Goldberg Variation
7x07. Orison
7x08. The Amazing Maleeni
7x09. Signs & Wonders
7x10. Sein Und Zeit
7x11. Closure
7x12. X-Cops
7x13. First Person Shooter
7x14. Theef
7x15. En Ami
7x16. Chimera
7x17. All Things
7x18. Brand X
7x19. Hollywood A.D.
7x20. Fight Club
7x21. Je Souhaite
7x22. Requiem

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