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Bippy's PREY Transcripts

Yes, I do have too much time on my hands.

Here are my transcripts for that fantastic show, PREY. Click on the links below to read the complete dialogue and action from each of the episodes! Fair warning, each transcript comes with its share of 'Editorial Comments'.

Small Disclaimer: Check out the Writing Credits for the original authors to each episode. I don't own the text, and I don't want to step on anyone's toes!

Thanks so much to Sabine, Diane S, DFoA, and all the other PREY screen capturers for sending me their pics to liven up the Transcripts. You Rock!

Okay, ready? On to the Transcripts!

Episode One 'Existence'

Episode Two 'Discovery'

Episode Three 'Pursuit'

Episode Four 'Origins'

Episode Five 'Revelations'

Episode Six 'Infiltration'

Episode Seven 'Transformations'

Episode Eight 'Veil'

Episode Nine 'Collaboration'

Episode Ten 'Sleeper'

Episode Eleven 'Vengeance'

Episode Twelve 'Progeny'

Episode Thirteen 'Deliverance'

Writing Credits

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