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Jetta: The Best Misfit

Hey, Misfits Fans! I just want to let every Jem and the Holograms fan there is that they bloody well suck! The Misfits have ruled for far longer than those twits ever will! The best one of them all is ev'ry one's fave brit, Sheila Burns, aka Jetta! She is ruthless, and can dream up scemes that you and I could never imagine. Jetta plays a kick ass sax, and is the best Misfit. They couldn't get get along with out her! This is a page for the lover of all things Misfits, even though Jetta IS the best. Stingers and J & the H fans should get out! The Misfits: Pizzazz: aka Phyllis Gabor...the lead singer...the spoiled brat of the group...pushes everyone around, like a good Misfit should Roxy: aka Roxy Pelligrini...the 'toughy'...street smart...can't read...not in the forground as much as Pizzazz Jetta: aka Sheila Burns...the sax player...the 2nd biggest bitch in the group (Pizzazz is #1) scroll up for the rest Stormer: aka Mary Phillips...the wuss...quiet, shy...very Holograms-like...the conscience of the band Clash: (honorary)...the wannabee...tries to sabatage the Misfits' rivals, like a good roadie should... *I don't own these characters, I don't know who does, but it's not me. If it was me, this show would be on 24/7*

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Those Mischievious Misfits!

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