2001 News

Updated July 7th

-As of today, I will no longer be updating this site. I know their are many wonderful fans out there and I'd like to thank all who came to and enjoyed my site. Unfortunately, I no longer have the will to continue this site. Instead, it will become an archive for a the little while we had with this great show. Again, I'd like to thank you all and the cast and crew of "The Lone Gunmen," one fine, little show.

Updated July 6th

-Dean Haglund is scheduled to appear at the Acme Comedy Theatre this Friday and next Friday (July 7th and 13th) at the 10pm show with several other improv actors.

Updated July 2nd

-There's an interview over at this site with the makers of the Lone Gunmen comic.

Updated June 23rd

-According to Zap2it.com, "The Lone Gunmen" started off the night for FOX at 8 p.m. with a 3.2/7 (2.1/5) for the repeat, while a new "FreakyLinks" dropped to a 2.7/5 (2.2/4). A repeat of "The Lone Gunmen" actually beat the final episode of "Freakylinks!" Hopefully, FOX will take notice! Too bad it is likely the last repeat to air on FOX, if not the last ever...

Updated June 22nd

-Thanks to the TV Tome site, we have some news items again. According to them, the following episodes have been submitted to the Emmys for "outstanding writing in comedy": "Like Water for Octane" by Colin Friesen, "Three Men and a Smoking Diaper" by Chris Carter, "Eine Kleine Frohike" by John Shiban, "Tango De Los Pistoleros" by Thomas Schnauz, and "All About Yves" by Vince Gilligan, John Shiban, and Frank Spotnitz. They also suggested that we fans ask for Lone Gunmen action figures from "Moore Action Figure Collectibles" which is producing new "The X-Files" figures and is taking suggestions on what to make. You can find that site here. They also suggested that at this site, which you can find here, write in that you want to see "The Lone Gunmen" renewed in the space for what you'd like to see in the fall line-up. The survey is centered around your TV viewing habits. Finally, we have three articles, the middle one containing some interesting info on "Like Water For Octane." You can find that here.

Updated June 16th

-According to Zap2it.com, "The Lone Gunmen" started off the night for FOX at 8 p.m. with a 2.1/5 (2.5/5) for the repeat, while a new "FreakyLinks" rose slightly to a 2.2/4 (2.5/5).

Updated June 9th

-According to Zap2it.com, "The Lone Gunmen" started off the night for FOX at 8 p.m. with a 2.5/5 (2.7/6) for the repeat, while a new "FreakyLinks" maintained a 2.5.5 (2.9/5). Looks like "The Lone Gunmen" has proved a good lead-in for "Freakylinks." Given TLG's average ratings for first-run episodes, I'd also say they are doing pretty well with their repeats.

-Thanks to those over at the TV Tome site, we got a TLG mention in a techtv.com article. The article is about tech accuracy in movies (citing "Swordfish" as a prime example of there not being any) and gives the following praise to our show: "It's sad that something of great tech caliber, The Lone Gunmen, had only minimal success while all of that other inaccurate, mindless, big-money stuff festers and stinks on for so long. It's oh-so frustrating." Yes, it is. You can read the full article here.

Updated June 8th

-The official site for "The Lone Gunmen" updated with a song list for every episode. I've updated my episode guide to match. The site has nothing on further repeats, so I'm assuming the worst.

-A different virtual season for "The Lone Gunmen" than the one I mentiond before is up with their first episode. This time it is over at the Phoenix Virtual Television site. I out it on my "Links" page.

Updated June 4th

-FOX's new summer schedule doesn't bode well for those hopeful for "The Lone Gunmen" repeats. "Home Alone 2: Lost in New York" will air on Friday, June 29th. Original movies are set to be shown on Fridays, July 6th and 13th. Then, "Police Vidoes" returns to the schedule at 8/7c on Friday, July 20th, along with "Dark Angel" in the 9/8c slot. It looks like those reports at the TV Tome site about TLG repeats are false. :(

Updated June 2nd

-Hope everyone enjoyed the show! Too bad it is the last episode we get. Acording to Zap2it, "The Lone Gunmen" episode last night recieved a 2.7/6 in the ratings. That's a little bit better than "Tango de los Pistoleros"! Not bad for a show that wasn't promoted in the slightest, reported as "Police Videos" in some places, and given the fact that some fans who knew "The Lone Gunmen" was on did not know it was airing an hour earlier than usual. Not bad at all. Don't forget that repeats will be airing too, but again they are in a new timeslot, 8e/7c. Ok?

Updated June 1st

-Don't forget that a new, never-before-seen episode of "The Lone Gunmen" will be airing tonight. It is airing at 8e/7c this time, not 9e/8c like usual. It and subsequent repeats will be airing an hour earlier, because of the return of "Freakylinks." Enjoy the episode, since it will be the last new episode we ever see. I hope its a good one.

Updated May 27th

-More from TV Tome:

AxelJeff, a faithful GunFan on atxf and the LGM list, reports the following on atxf: "Stephen Snedden confirmed my theory last night... that the Lone Gunmen cliffhanger will be resolved on an episode of 'The X-Files' next season."

I suggest no one take this as confirmation for the time being, but it does sound like a likely thing for the producers to do.

Updated May 26th

-The TV Tome TLG site had this to say, "Our own Sally of the LGM list was at Dean's LA performance last night, where she had a chance to talk briefly to Dean and Stephen. They give a lot of credit to the online fans for Fox doing re-runs this summer, and really appreciate our efforts." Cool, eh? Also, according to that site, more repeats of "The Lone Gunmen" will be shown on July 13th, 20th, 27th and August 3rd and 10th (movies on June 29th and July 6th). No word on what episodes will be shown just yet, but if it is true, we should be shown most (if not eventually all) of the series.

Updated May 23rd

-The Dean Haglund chat transcript is up here. Dean says that while he doesn't know about all of the UK, the show will be airing on Channel 2 in Paris in about a month or two, which he will be out promoting for.

Updated May 22nd

-It looks like there were thirteen episodes after all! "The Lone Gunmen" official site reports that an unaired (and untitled) episode of "The Lone Gunmen" will air June 1st! It looks like the info about a "Captain Toby Show" episode over at the TV Tome TLG site was true. The episode airs at 8/7 c, an hour earlier than the show's original timeslot, right before the return on "Freakylinks." Repeats on "Pilot," "Bond, Jimmy Bond," and "Madam I'm Adam" will also air in the new timeslot on the 8th, 15th, and 22nd of June respectively. Woo hoo!

-The people over at the TV Tome site for "The Lone Gunmen" are probably the best source for info on what you can do to help try and bring back the show right now and promises to bring us more detailed information on the actors too.

-"Zuleikha Robinson Online" says that Zuleikha will be on the cover of the inaugural issue of "Rev" coming in June.

-Anthony J. Fuchs from my Yahoo! Groups list for "The Lone Gunmen" will executive produce a virtual season for "The Lone Gunmen." You can find the prelimary site for it here (I will be adding the site to my "Links" page as well). The first episode, "Where There's Smoke" (a conclusion to "All About Yves"), will "air" on September 22 in the fall. You can reach him at loki101980@aol.com if you want to be involved.

Updated May 21st

-Enjoy "The X-Files" last night? So what do you think the three wise men brought Scully's baby? Gold, frankincense, myrrh? Too bad for Frohike though. He isn't the father after all... He he. Hopefully next year they can tell us what happened after "All About Yves." It was great to see the guys.

Updated May 20th

-The Lone Gunmen will be appearing in tonight's episode of "The X-Files," the season finale entitled "Existence." I'm really looking forward to seeing them (but who isn't?). Also, there are some fans trying to get together campaigns to bring the series back. I'll be sure to update with information of those campaigns as it comes.

Updated May 17th

-Although early reports yesterday indicated this was so, it is now official from all sources that "The Lone Gunmen" has not been renewed for a second season. It's a sad day for all, but I think we did know that this was coming. I hope everyone was prepared. The Lone Gunmen can still be seen on "The X-Files" however, since it has been renewed for a 9th season. In fact, they will be appearing in this coming Sunday's episode, "Existence." Perhaps next year Jimmy and Yves will appear on "The X-Files" to tie up those loose ends. Maybe FX will play repeats of the show too. You never know. Finally, for now at least, I will be continuing to update this site with information on the Lone Gunmen's "The X-Files" appearances as well as what the actors are up to. Expect more news as it comes.

Updated May 16th

-The official site for "The Lone Gunmen" has updated with standup dates for Dean Haglund. He can be seen at the Improv in Irvine, CA from May 30th to June 3rd. The site also states there is a rumor that Dean will be a surprise guest comedian at the Acme in Hollywood, CA on May 25th.

Updated May 13th

-According to the TVTome TLG site, Robert McLachlan was awarded the 2001 CSC Award for TV Drama for his work on "The Lone Gunmen" pilot episode from the Canadian Society of Cinematographers. Also, Enid-Raye Adams (who portrayed "Brenda," one of the campagin managers in "Three Men and a Smoking Diaper") has been cast in "Babylon 5: The Legend of the Rangers" that is being made for the SciFi Channel.

Updated May 12th

-According to Zap2it.com, "The Lone Gunmen" season finale "All Aout Yves" (with guest stars Michael MccKean and David Duchovny) held steady at 3.2/6 (3.2/6) during the 9 p.m. eastern block. FOX announces their fall schedule on Thursday, May 17th, so their should be some "The X-Files" news and perhaps some "The Lone Gunmen" news this week. Pray, my friends, pray...

Updated May 11th

-First off, the season finale airs tonight! Can't wait to see David Duchovny and Michael McKean. In the words of "B.A." from "Knights of the Dinner Table" (you role-playing gamers know what I'm talking about), hoody hoo! Nothing much was said in the Dean chat last night, but the moderator said the transcript would be up early next week. Also, some fans have been speculating that a "lost episode" (there was said to be 13 episodes produced, but including tonight's, only 12 were aired) will be aired on Friday, May 25th. This is not true (I think just 12 were made guys. Sometimes the number of episodes that are made for a show differ from what was originally said to be. It just happens.). "Barbara Streisand: Timeless" is being repeated that night, and the return of "Freakylinks" is the week after, so I'm afraid there will be no more TLG unless they are renewed for a second season (cross your fingers). Finally, TVGuide Online has an interview with Chris Carter about the finale where the interviewer asks about the lack of promotion for Duchovny's appearance tonight, and it harbors some rather odd responses from Carter... Anyway, you can read the article below:

"Gunmen's Last Shot?"

If you have yet to sample Fox's quirky X-Files spinoff, The Lone Gunmen, tonight's finale may be your last shot. After a strong start in March, Gunmen's three conspiracy-obsessed computer geeks have watched their viewership disappear faster than data on an "I Love You" virus-infected hard drive. But it's not all doom and gloom. Last week's episode retained a best-yet 86 percent of its adults 18-49 lead-in from Police Videos (granted, a small victory, but a victory nonetheless), and in a recent USA Today poll, Gunmen ranked second only to the WB's Roswell as the struggling series viewers most want to see return next fall. Still, it doesn't take a genius to figure out that the show needs to flex some ratings muscle tonight. But short of hacking into Nielsen's mainframe, what is series creator Chris Carter to do? Well, a little stunt casting couldn't hurt, that's for sure. — Michael Ausiello

TVGO: The USA Today survey caught some people by surprise. No one knew Gunmen had such a loyal following. The ratings are certainly pretty stinky.

Carter: Actually, the ratings are respectable. For Friday night at 9, they are good ratings for Fox. Everything is relative in the ratings game because Friday night is a very small night. So, we're actually heartened by what we have done in the ratings, but a show like this takes some time to find an audience. But I know that there is a vocal audience out there because they weigh in every day and every week on the Internet.

TVGO: Would you say the show has met your expectations ratings-wise?

Carter: Well, of course you want to always perform better than expectations. Right now I think we're performing to expectations. So I think if we can start to build on what we've done — certainly through the sweeps period — then the chances for the show coming back will be great.

TVGO: If the show continues to perform at the level it has been, and Fox cancels it, will you be angry? Is this going to be another Harsh Realm? [Carter was miffed when Fox pulled the plug on his last TV venture after only a handful of episodes.]

Carter: Well, it already isn't. That Harsh Realm situation was so peculiar and such an anomaly; it really was driven by someone's gross inexperience. Luckily, now there are experienced people [at Fox] and we are getting our full run of Lone Gunmen episodes, so there really is no comparison. [But] it's not my nature to be content, or contented, and so my feeling is that there are always other ways and other things you can do to promote a show.

TVGO: Speaking of which, I understand David Duchovny will appear in [tonight's] season finale. Why is it such a big secret? This is just the ratings-grabbing stunt the show needs right now.

Carter: Where did you get that information?

TVGO: Um... reliable sources.

Carter: Well, I can't comment on it, of course. On either the question or the pure fact.

TVGO: Well, let's throw out a hypothetical: If David Duchovny were to drop in, wouldn't you want to promote the heck out of it?

Carter: I will promote the show in any way I possibly can. I do what I can under the limitations that I am given, and that's the way I always proceed.

TVGO: Hmmm... so David agreed to do it under the condition that it not be promoted. I get it now.

Carter: I think that is a rather complex hypothetical. Anything is possible, as I always say about The X-Files. I would say the same thing with The Lone Gunmen.

TVGO: Well, let me ask you this: Will there be any big surprises [tonight]?

Chris: Definitely.

Updated May 10th

-The Dead Haglund chat is tonight at 8PM Eastern/5PM Pacific time. You can find it here. Remember you'll need to register first at Lycos if you haven't already, so you may want to go to the site now. You may also want to submit your questions early too. Anyway, enjoy the chat.

Updated May 9th

-"The Lone Gunmen" official site has posted a link to the Dean Haglund chat. You'll need to register with Lycos if you want to participate in the chat tomorrow.

Updated May 8th

-In a recent TVGuide.com article, Chris Carter talks about the upcoming two-part finale of "The X-Files" which begins next Sunday. We know the Lone Gunmen will be in the finale, but Carter refers to them as "three wise men." And since the finale deals primarily around the mystery and birth of Scully's child... Oh, and he said you can count on any of the Lone Gunmen not being the father. Sorry Frohike fans. :)

-Also, "The Lone Gunmen" official site updated with info and seven pictures for the season (hopefully not series) finale.

-"Starlog" issue May 2001 #286 is currently out and contains articles on Stephen Snedden and Chris Carter.

Updated May 5th

-Hope you enjoyed the episode last night! Plus, we have some good (well, better...) news in the ratings, although not really too unexpected. According to Zap2it.com, "The Lone Gunmen" climbed to a 3.2/6 (2.7/5) during the 9 p.m. eastern block. Also, "The Warehouse" has some cool second season campaign stuff going on, which you can find here. There is also a short review of the Lone Gunmen one-shot comic at Captain Comics, here.

Updated May 4th

-Don't forget "The Lone Gunmen" tonight! Skinner's in it, woo hoo! Also, the Langly, Frohike, and Byers desktops have been updated (finally!) on the official site on "The Lone Gunmen."

Updated May 3rd

-According to Scifi.com, FOX will air the four remaining episodes of "Freakylinks" starting June 1st in its original timeslot, currently held by "The Lone Gunmen." Looks like we won't be getting repeats, and that doesn't bode well for the series in general if it is being replaced (movies are being shown after the finale airs before June hits). Also, they had a small article about Mitch Pileggi's role in tomorrow's episode, which you can find below:

'Skinner Guests On Gunmen'

Cast members of Fox's The Lone Gunmen told SCI FI Wire that viewers can expect to see a different aspect of a familiar face when The X-Files' Mitch Pileggi makes a guest appearance this week. Pileggi guest stars as FBI Assistant Director Walter Skinner in the May 4 episode "The Lying Game."

Dean Haglund (Langly) said in an interview that the Gunmen have reason to believe that Skinner is on the wrong side of law. "We're shocked," he said with a laugh. Having Pileggi on set felt like a bit of déjà vu, Haglund added. "It was really fun to have him back [in Vancouver]. And a lot of the crew that's working on our show worked on The X-Files for the first five years, so it sort of felt like nothing changed, sort of like old home week. And he's funny--you wouldn't know it from The X-Files, but he's got quite the sense of humor, so he fit right in."

"The episode featuring Mitch is going to be pretty fun," Bruce Harwood (Byers) said. He added, "We have a quite a few more scenes with him directly, so you definitely see an interrelationship developing between us and him, as opposed to what you see on The X-Files."

As the Gunmen winds up its initial 12-episode run on Fox, Harwood said he's seen the series find its footing. "If a real evolution has occurred, it's been between the pilot and the rest of the series, just because the producers were trying to make the series lighter than the pilot was," he said. "They were trying to put a little more comedy in it. And I think there was some wavering in the first few episodes between just how much seriousness and how much comedy we were going to put in. By episode five or six, though, I think we settled into a fairly consistent mix.""

Updated May 1st

-The Lone Gunmen have been confirmed to appear in "The X-Files" season finale "Existence," which airs on May 20th. I guess that lends credence to the producers' claim that Frohike is indeed the father of Scully's baby...

-The results of USA Today's "Save Our Shows" poll have been announced and their is positive news for "The Lone Gunmen"!(for once...) The show was the second most voted for show that people wanted to see renewed, right behind "Roswell." I'd mention this in any letters to FOX you write, and let's hope they take notice! Anyway, you can read the whole article here.

Updated April 30th

-According to the official site for "The Lone Gunmen," Dean Haglund will be chatting there on May 10th at 8pm eastern time.

Updated April 29th

-Guys, this is definitely a good time to start writing to FOX about how you want "The Lone Gunmen" to continue. It being cancelled is looking like the most likely thing to happen at this point. Do not make a petition! It only counts as one letter. Also, please write snail mail. Emails do not carry nearly as much weight. Snail mail shows you really care. I have the address posted on the front page. Save our show!

-Also, Bruce Harwood celebrated his 38th birthday today. Happy birthday, Bruce!

Updated April 28th

-I hope everyone else out there enjoyed last night's episode, if anyone else saw it but me that is. According to Zap2it.com, "The Lone Gunmen" took a 2.7/5 (3.7/7) in the ratings.

Updated April 27th

-Don't forget to watch "The Lone Gunmen" tonight. Not that you would... :)

Updated April 24th

-According to the tvtome guys, Bruce Harwood will appear in the second episode of "Andromeda" next season.

Updated April 23rd

-Two new websties today. One is about saving "The Lone Gunmen" from cancellation among other things, and the other has Lone Gunmen t-shirts you can buy.

Updated April 21st

-Hope everyone enjoyed the episode last night. According to Zap2it.com, "The Lone Gunmen" recieved a 3.7/7 (4.1/8) in the ratings.

Updated April 18th

-Help save "The Lone Gunmen" from cancellation! "The Futon Critic" has an open call to its readers for submissions. The articles are about your favorite show and why it should be kept on the air. However, only five talented writers will have their work appear on the site. The deadline is April 20th. Go here to check it out.

Updated April 17th

-The official "The Lone Gunmen" site has updated "Jimmy's Shelf" and interviews.

Updated April 16th

-Singer Joey Ramone, the punk rock pioneer who fronted the Ramones, died Sunday at age 49. He was sick with lymphatic cancer and he did not respond to treatment. We all know that Langly treasured the Ramones, shown by his famous t-shirt. "The Lone Gunmen" official site recently gave a short tribute to him telling him to get better. Just place your arrow on the picture of the Ramones on the site. My sympathies to all his fans as well as friends and family.

Updated April 14th

-Hope everyone enjoyed the episode last night as much as I did. In the news today, "The Lone Gunmen" continues to rise in the ratings! According to Zap2it.com, "The Lone Gunmen" climbed to a 4.1/8 (3.6/6) beginning at 9 p.m.

Updated April 13th

-Don't forget "Maximum Byers" airs tonight. Also, Starlog #286 for May 2001 is on the stands, with articles and interviews with Stephen Snedden and Chris Carter about the Gunmen. Starburst #273 has 8 pages of Gunmen interviews and photos, including a 4-page interview with Bruce Harwood. Dean Haglund (and a little bit of Bruce Harwood) are being interviewed for the syndicated "Fox Family Countdown" this coming Sunday, April 15th. To see where it broadcasts in your area, click the link below, then select "listen" from the column on the upper left! (Thanks to the tvtome site for the info!)

Updated April 11th

-Zap2it.com broke the big news today. You can read it below. Although, I have to say that this information seems to be for the finale, which should air on May 18th, not on the 11th as said in the article. You can find an episode page for the finale in my "Episode Guide" page. Anyway, here's the article...

FOX's 'Gunmen' Shoots for a Big Finish

LOS ANGELES (Zap2it.com) - While a second season of FOX's Friday-night comedy-drama "The Lone Gunmen" remains an open question - although co-creator and executive producer Frank Spotnitz says improving April ratings are a good sign - the "X-Files" spin-off plans to finish its freshman run with a flourish.

"It's big, big," says Spotnitz. "We've got our 'X-Files' crossover. We've got Michael McKean, reprising the role he played on the 'X-Files.' We've got some other nice surprises in that show. It's the third Friday of sweeps, May 11. It's called 'All About Yves.'"

For those who don't keep track of "X" trivia, McKean first appeared on that show in 1998, in a two-part episode called "Dreamland." His character, government agent Morris Fletcher, temporarily switched faces and lives with FBI Agent Fox Mulder (David Duchovny).

The title of the finale refers to Yves Adele Harlow, the beautiful, enigmatic computer hacker on "The Lone Gunmen," played by British actress Zuleikha Robinson. Revelations about her background are planned as part of the arc of "Gunmen's" second season.

"That's exactly right," says Spotnitz. "It's the beginnings of the mythology of that show."

Duchovny also makes a guest appearance in that episode, as Mulder has an inadvertent rendezvous with the Gunmen's partner, Jimmy Bond (Stephen Snedden).

Sharp-eared fans of both series may have been puzzled when, in an episode airing April 6, the Gunmen referred to calling their old friend Fox Mulder. At that time, over on "The X-Files," Mulder was still believed dead, his apparently lifeless body having been returned (in an April 1 episode) by the aliens that abducted him last season. He was not discovered to actually be alive until the "X" episode that aired April 8.

In other words ... oops.

"Yes, yes, yes," says Spotnitz. "You have to forgive the timeline inconsistency, because we had no idea, when we wrote that script and shot that episode, when it would land on the air."

"So you just have to assume that it took place not on the Friday before 'The X-Files' in which he came back to life."

Wasn't it dangerous, considering the uncertainty about Mulder's fate for many episodes, to even mention him in a "Lone Gunmen" script? "We didn't care," says Spotnitz. "Caution be damned!"

Updated April 10th

-Given the ratings, fans are worried that "The Lone Gunmen" will likely not be picked up for a second season. Fans are currently e-mailing askus@thexfiles.com to voice how much they like the show and want to see season 2. You should also send snail-mail to FOX (it looks better, but no petitions, because they only count as one person!) here: Fox Broadcasting Company, PO Box 900, Beverly Hills, CA, 90213. Do your best, and start now, it won't be too long before FOX announces that fall schedule...

Updated April 9th

-It's the return of the funky poaching! How about those Gunmen on "The X-Files"? That's the first time they've been well utilized on the show for a while. It's nice to see they can still rock on the show of their origin, even when they are doing their own.

Updated April 8th

-Don't forget the Lone Gunmen are back in tonight's "The X-Files" episode "Three Words." It seems there's a not so unexpected reunion between Mulder and the boys.

Updated April 7th

-Hope everyone enjoyed the show yesterday. According to Zap2it, "The Lone Gunmen" climbed to a 3.6/6 (3.8/7) beginning at 9 p.m.

Updated April 6th

-Don't forget "Planet of the Frohikes" tonight. While you wait, you can check out this neat site for TLG art, here.

Updated April 3rd

-Bruce Harwood will be chatting tonight here. I don't know what's with such late word!

Updated April 2nd

-Cute cameo by the guys on TXF, but what I liked the most was the cool new promo we saw with clips from upcoming episodes, including the ones with Skinner and Morris Fletcher!

-Also, here's some more interesting site thanks to the tvtome guys and the TXF official site. There's a Zuliekha Robinson site here, an interesting site about TLG ads, and USATODAY has a poll where you can vote on whether or not the various new shows should be renewed or not, which of course, includes "The Lone Gunmen."

Updated April 1st

-Don't forget the Lone Gunmen will be making an appearance on "The X-Files" tonight. Not that any of you would. :)

Updated March 31st

-Hope everyone like "Madam I'm Adam." I thought it was one of the best to date. According to Zap2it.com, "The Lone Gunmen" climbed to a 3.8/7 (3.4/6). With the ratings higher this week, prospects look good that the show will finish out this season. Woo-hoo!

Updated March 30th

-Enjoy "Madam I'm Adam" tonight! Also, thanks to TVTOME, we a site with the original opening sequence(which I prefer), the original trailer, and the "Temptation Island" trailer (which is hilarious!) for the "The Lone Gunmen." You can find that here. Thanks guys!

Updated March 28th

-According to the official TLG site, Thomas Schnauz is also writing for the show(this week's episode "Madam I'm Adam"). Also, the cast and crew wrapped filming for this season on March 22nd, and celebrated with a wrap party in Vancouver. The site also has transcripts for the TLG and John Gilnitz chats. Finally, TLG co-creator Chris Carter will be on the cover of the March/April issue of Emmy magazine.

Updated March 24th

-Hoped everyone enjoyed the ep last night. According to Zap2it.com, "The Lone Gunmen" continued to struggle at 9 p.m. with a 3.4/6 (3.7/7). Also, the TLG site at TVTOME.com linked a site for Eric Pospisil, the young actor who played a young version of Langly, here.

-The Lone Gunmen will be appearing in "The X-Files" episode "Three Words." This is the third part to the story-arc in which Mulder returned in the first part. It airs April 8th.

-Finally, I got an email today from someone who wanted me to promote their message forums, so check them out. They have a TLG forum here, and two "The X-Files" forums here and here.

Updated March 23rd

-Don't forget "Three Men and a Smoking Diaper" tonight. Enjoy it and hope we make it to the end of the year. Can you believe we are already a third of the way through?

Updated March 21st

-From TV Tome: The Lone Gunmen

-Dark Horse Lone Gunmen Comic Confirmed Pre-orders are being accepted for a one-shot 32 page Lone Gunmen series comic (regular or photo cover) at the Dark Horse page. Both cover options are currently priced at US $2.99. The comic is due out sometime in May, if all goes well. Click on the link for ordering information.

-If you're dying to ask the Lone Gunmen a question, here's your chance. The E! Online site is collecting questions for the Gunmen to be answered in an upcoming edition of their online zine. It's a subscription site, but it's free, so go on over and ask away. On the front page, look down in the lower right column for the Celebs section, click on that link, and up in the upper left column, you'll find a tiny little Gunmen link. Click on that. After you've signed up for membership and gotten your confirmation. Also, they have a nice little interview with Zuliekha Robinson there.

-Here's another "secret" Fox LGM site, not unlike their Call to Arms LGM video. If you have flash and a web browser that they happen to approve of, the link will take you to a click-on multiple choice conspiracy test. Clicking the right answer will bring you to a page with a really nice Lone Gunmen poster that you can download in one of three different formats.

Updated March 19th

-I hoped everyone enjoyed last night's episode. It's the last one to air on Sunday, for the show moves permanently to Fridays on the 23rd. According to Zap2it.com, "The Lone Gunmen" managed a 6.3/9 (6.2/9), but still lost viewers from the first half-hour to the second.

Updated March 18th

-Enjoy "Like Water For Octane" tonight. Also, according to Zap2it.com, ratings for "Eine Kleine Frohike" on the show's first Friday showing were 3.7/7.

Updated March 17th

-I hoped everyone enjoyed the episode. Pray the ratings are good.

Updated March 16th

-Don't forget "Eine Kleine Frohike" airs tonight in the old TXF timeslot. Enjoy!

Updated March 12th

-Hope everyone enjoyed the episode last night. According to Zap2it.com, "Bond, Jimmy Bond" slipped 25% from last week's premiere, taking a 6.2/9 (8.3/12). An even worse sign for the show was the fact that the show lost 13% of its viewers from the first half-hour to the second. Despite this news, I'm still hopeful.

-Also, "The Lone Gunmen Timeline" now has all Lone Gunmen-related events predating the pilot.

Updated March 11th

-Web Talk Guys (www.webtalkguys.com) has their interview with Dean Haglund and Bruce Harwood up and archived now. Wired News (www.wired.com/news/) has their interview with Chris Carter up as well. So, is anyone else ready for a new Gunmen episode tonight? I can't wait to see Jimmy Bond... Here's hoping for continued good ratings!

Updated March 8th

-You can read an interesting article about the ratings at Zap2it.

Updated March 7th

-Chris Carter's MSN chat has apparently been moved to Friday at 7pm central. Bruce Harwood and Dean Haglund will also be chatting at www.webtalkguys.com on Saturday at 11:30am pacific. Also, at a recent chat I asked Dean Haglund what was up with his website and conspiracy video TV show. He said that his website is between webmasters at the moment (which explains for the lack of updates in what seems like forever) and that the conspiracy show losts its financing, but they are looking in now to find other financing. Hopefully, they will and we'll eventually get to see that.

Updated March 6th

-To no one's surprise, according to Zapt2it.com, "The Lone Gunmen" debut's ratings were 8.3/12 (10.6/15), or about 13 million viewers (almost twice the ratings the pilot for "Harsh Realm" had. Let it never be said again that FOX's promotion wasn't the problem), close to the average viewership of "The X-Files" this year. While this is pretty good, it was the pilot, and we have to see how much it retains next week. Then, when it permanetly moves to Fridays, ratings will probably drop, it just depends on how much. Anyway, I say we're good until the end of the month, although I'm betting it will last until the end of the season. It's coming back for another year that's the question...

-Dean Haglund will be Joe Keithley's special guest on the Joe Show on MyCityRadio on Tuesday, March 6. Log on to MyCityRadio.com at 10 p.m. (Pacific). Haglund will be live, in-studio during the first hour of the Joe Show and will answer audience questions. Keithley (a.k.a. Joey Sh*thead) is the leader of Vancouver's pioneering punk rock band D.O.A. Haglund is a D.O.A. fan who often wears the band's t-shirt on screen.

-Also, if you'd like to find detailed episode synopses for "The Lone Gunmen" episodes go to "The Lone Gunmen Timeline." They just updated with one on the pilot. You can find it on my "Links" page.

Updated March 5th

-Wow, great show last night. I hope everyone enjoyed it.

Updated March 4th

-Well, the day has arrived. "The Lone Gunmen" is finally premiering today. All I can say is that I wish all of the cast and crew good luck with the show, and that they have created a show that we will all love and which, for once, will stay on for a decent amount of time. Now, I know you all need to get to hour rituals in preparation for the show, so I won't waste too much of your time. I will try to have a poll up tomorrow where you can vote on your thoughts of the pilot, as well as my review for it, but school may prevent me from doing so. Oh and... enjoy the show tonight!

Updated March 3rd

-Today is the one year anniversary of the opening of this site. I would just like to take this time to thank everyone who has been checking this site for their dose of "The Lone Gunmen" news. There's been nearly 1700 hits so far and I hope that keeps building, as I will continue to bring you the latest news and info as I get it. Again, thank you all for visiting. Oh, and don't forget about a certain little show that is premiering tomorrow...

-Here are two good articles I found today. There are a lot of articles/reviews for "The Lone Gunmen," but these are the ones I thought really summed it up. There's an EW article here and a good one explaining Chris Carter's satisfaction with Gunmen promotion and its relation to "The X-Files" here.

Updated March 2nd

-The Lone Gunmen hacked "The X-Files" Official Site. The trio will be holding there own chat on Monday, 3/5 at 9/8c. They will also be chatting on www.scifispace.com at 7/6c, and www.zealot.com/chat/index.php3 at 8/7c that same day, according to the tv tome Lone Gunmen site. Finally, in even worse news than yesterday's report that "True Lies" will be showing on the last Sunday of March instead of TLG, when TLG first airs on a Friday (3/16), its lead-in show will be "Police Videos." What happened to that "Night Visions" show? Is FOX only putting out one new show for mid-season? Anyway, TLG deserves a good lead-in, like "Harsh Realm" did, and I can only hope that FOX realizes this.

Updated March 1st

-Writer/producers Vince Gilligan, John Shiban, and Frank Spotnitz held a very good chat tonight. I added a lot of episode info based off of it. Expect a transcript tomorrow or next week on "The X-Files" and "The Lone Gunmen" official sites. Also, don't forget about Chris Carter's numerous interviews and chats. You can find them all listed below.

-You can find a secret site on "The Lone Gunmen" OS here and an interesting site about the E-Com-Con site hack here.

-Finally, while previously thought to be do to a necessarry pre-emption, FOX, in an aparent total act on insanity, will be showing "True Lies" on Sunday, March 25th instead of "The Lone Gunmen." Why, God, why?

Updated February 27th

-The official site for "The Lone Gunmen" is now open, and despite its interesting look, I must say I'm disappointed. Perhaps it will get better in the future. I was expecting some newer (more) information than it had, especially so close to the premiere. Oh well.

-Series co-creators and executive producers Vince Gilligan, John Shiban, and Frank Spotnitz will hold a chat on Thursday, March 1st at 9/8 central pm at "The X-Files" official site. Also, The trio themselves are going to hold a chat at some later date.

-Finally, the E-Com-Con site has been hacked. Guess who did it...

Updated February 25th

-The official site for "The Lone Gunmen" has a blurb at the botton stating it will be open Monday 2/26. Finally!!! God, the show's a week away! Hopefully, it actually will open on Monday. (Speaking of which, any one else getting there taped Lone Gunmen centered TXF episodes out? That is, those who don't have FX, and can't see the "marathon.") Also, there should be a Lone Gunmen trailer after "The X-Files" tonight (along with I'm sure others in-between), since it premieres next Sunday and "The X-Files" does not return until April 1st.

Updated February 21st

-From TheX-Files.com

Chris Carter is making a number of press appearances to promote the debut of The Lone Gunmen. Here are details on a few:

March 1st: Good Day New York, MTV Radio interviews, Late Night with Conan O'Brien

March 2nd: Fox and Friends, ABC Radio interviews, KROQ radio in New York, The Charlie Rose Show Live chat on Yahoo, Live chat on MSN

Also, look for interviews with Chris on the AP and Gannett wire services, as well as in Salon.com, Newsweek.com, People.com, TVGuide online, the New York Observer, the New Jersey Star Ledger and the College Television Network.

-Apparently, FX will be showing a Lone Gunmen "marathon" next week, Sun-Thu. They will be showing "Unusual Suspects" "Kill Switch" "Triangle" "Three of a Kind" and "First Person Shooter." I must say I'm pretty disappointed. You would think if they would even bother to do this that they would show all of the episodes the Lone Gunmen have been in all day on say the weekened the show premieres, but I guess that would be too much for them... Oh well, I don't even have FX. "The X-Files" airs at 6pm and 12am e/p time. For those of you who have it, enjoy! (Jeez, you think they could have shown "Memento Mori" instead of "First Person Shooter." Obviously FX has no clue as to what Lone Gunmen, or even "The X-Files" fans want!)

-Oh, "The Lone Gunmen" premiere is less than two weeks away!

Updated February 19th

-Here's an interview with Chris Carter from TVGUIDE Online:

The Lone Gunmen, a spin-off about Mulder's three techno-nerd pals, takes the X-Files timeslot (Sundays, 9 pm/ET) for three weeks starting March 4. How 20th Century Fox (which produces both shows) and Fox TV choose to nurture Gunmen will help Carter decide if he'll do another year of X-Files.

"You're talking to a person that got burned on Harsh Realm," says Carter of his 1999 series, which Fox axed after three episodes. So far, he is underwhelmed: "I think the studio and the network don't really know what the hell we're doing [with Gunmen]. They don't understand three unlikely, geeky heroes being leads in a show."

Updated February 17th

-From Cinescape.com

Carter Talks 'Lone Gunmen'

Chris Carter is talking about the upcoming Lone Gunmen TV series.

While chatting with Ian Spelling's Inside Trek & Sci Fi column, Carter sounded almost amazed that a TV show featuring the oddball X-Files trio is actually happening, saying, "The Lone Gunmen worked in 'E.B.E.' They ended up working nicely through the body of our early shows and we got to know more about them later on, but I don't think anyone had the idea that these guys would ever have their own show."

Half joking, he adds, "I can tell you that there are a lot of people in Canada who are still scratching their heads. They're trying to figure out how Tom Braidwood, who was a first assistant director on The X-Files while we were in Vancouver, is the star of a television show."

Carter also talks about the need to add additional characters in the coming series, noting Yves Adele Harlow (Zuleikha Robinson) and Jimmy Bond (Stephen Snedden). He says, "You need something to bounce the geek comedy off of, and that something is a straight man and a straight woman, if you will. But I have to say that Zuleikha and Stephen score on their own...Stephen in particular is not a straight man at all - he is becoming the fourth Gunman."

Carter is, obviously, hoping that the midseason spin-off will take off rather than have a quick death like his aborted Harsh Realm. He says, "I hope X-Files fans will watch it. The comic episodes we've done of The X-Files are some of the most beloved episodes of the 180 we've done so far. So I'm hoping people will come to watch The Lone Gunmen like they watched those comic episodes of The X-Files."

He adds, "Beyond that, if you like Malcolm in the Middle, you will like The Lone Gunmen. It's just good comedy, tight and funny. If you like the Farrelly Brothers' movies, you're going to want to come and watch this."

Updated February 15th

-According to "Internet Movie Database," a writer named Collin Friesen as well as the aforementioend Nandi Bowe will be writing for "The Lone Gunmen." Neither have written for television or film before, but Bowe has previous experience in other areas.

Updated February 14th

-Today's treats make for good valentines to gunmen fans today. You can read a Frank Spotnitz interview here. Also, Cinescape posted some new FOX promo pics for "The Lone Gunmen." Happy Valentines Day!

Updated February 13th

-Loads of information today thanks to Fandom and "The X-Files" official site. "The Lone Gunmen" will premiere on Fridays on March 16th, however there will still be one last episode on Sundays to air on March 18th. Here is the link to a long and good Fandom interview with Dean Haglund and Tom Braidwood: INTERVIEW Enjoy!

Updated February 12th

-According to Vancouver Sun Entertainment, "The Lone Gunmen" will move to Friday nights at 8pm central on March 23rd. Hey, this means two new gunmen episodes that week! Oh, and was anyone surprised at its regular timeslot?

-Two new promotional commercials for "The Lone Gunmen" aired last night during "The X-Files." I'm becoming more satisfied with the promotion now. One was very long, and showed some new clips that we haven't seen. It looked pretty damn cool, not any surprise there :). The other was a shortened version. FOX news also aired a short segment on the show as well. Also, the new issue of Starlog magazine has an interview with Dean Haglund and one with newcomer Zuliekha Robinson, along with general information on the show. And for all of us who can't wait, just remember, the show's less than 3 weeks away!

Updated February 5th

-Well, the guys were, of course, most helpful last night. Agent "Dogbert" would have been lost without them. :) And, a certain webmaster I know will be most happy about Langly with no pants (no, not me...). Also, I'm glad we are finally seeing promotion for "The Lone Gunmen" now. It was most funny, and hopefully some people will actually know about a new Chris Carter show this time.

Updated January 31st

-From TVGUIDE.com

Will Gunmen Shoot and Score?

Wednesday, January 31, 2001

As one-third of the scene-stealing Lone Gunmen trio on The X-Files, Tom Braidwood has spent eight seasons lurking in the background. But that's all about to change now that the actor and his fellow super-sleuths, Dean Haglund and Bruce Harwood, have been spun-off into their own Fox series — aptly titled The Lone Gunmen. "It's really interesting to have to focus on it day in and day out," Braidwood tells TV Guide Online of going from a bit player to a full-fledged series regular. But the actor — who originally joined The X-Files as an assistant director — admits he's prepared if his career as a thesp doesn't blast off with Gunmen. "If they run the series and it doesn't get picked up, I'm quite certain I'll simply go back to focusing on directing and producing," he says. "But I would probably also make an effort to do auditions."

Premiering March 4 in The X-Files's Sunday at 9 pm/ET timeslot (where it will air for three weeks before being relocated to another night), The Lone Gunmen finds the three leads playing like a misguided Mission: Impossible team. And although the central characters were first introduced to viewers on The X-Files, Braidwood doesn't view Gunmen as a spin-off.

"The way the comedy has been happening and the direction the show has taken, it's really not a spin-off," he admits, referring to the show's differing tones. "It's sort of like what we do in our life when we're not helping out Mulder (David Duchovny) and Scully (Gillian Anderson)... And this is what we do, this is our life, which is very different than The X-Files life."

Well, one thing both shows have in common is that they both have very attractive leads — although it didn't start out that way. To beef up the babe quotient, Gunmen producers tapped comely newcomers Zuleikha Robinson and Stephen Snedden to round out the ensemble.

Braidwood, however, isn't offended by the notion that the core threesome weren't attractive enough to carry the show. Jokes the actor: "Us three are really ugly." — Sheryl Rothmuller

-Also, there is a rumour that the Alien Bounty Hunter will be appearing in a few episodes, but I seriously doubt it...

Updated January 27th

-First off, the Official Lone Gunmen site has changed, but it is still in its "Coming Soon" format (now it is a splash page with their logo), so I'm not going to bother posting a link. However, if you want to see it you can find that link on my "Links" page. Secondly, The X-Files Official Site has an RPG computer game with, you guessed it, the Lone Gunmen. Too bad, I can't get the thing to load any faster... Also, the Lone Gunmen will be on the cover of the New York Times TV Book on Sunday, March 4th, the day of the show's premiere, with a feature to run inside. Lastly, according to the Tv Tome Lone Gunmen Site, FOX has started to show promos for "The Lone Gunmen." Finally! I was beginning to think it had been Harsh Realm-ed. But I guess FOX doesn't want to mess with Chris Carter anymore. Also, the site had a cool article about a martial artist who is appearing in an episode of "The Lone Gunmen." I posted as much as the article that applies below:


VANCOUVER November 7, 2000 -- Japanese actor Kevan Ohtsji (oat-SUE-gee) is getting the chance to make both an artistic and physical impact in the X-Files spin-off television series, The Lone Gunmen.

In the first season episode titled "Bond, Jimmy Bond", Ohtsji plays TOSHIRO, an expert martial artist who kidnaps an influential Japanese businessman. The episode's plot, of course, is embroiled with intrigue as the trio of computer-hacking conspiracy freaks (The Lone Gunmen) attempt to expose another case of corporate conspiracy. "They've choreographed a fight sequence which I had a lot of fun rehearsing. I get to do all my own stunts with the exception of a shot where Frohike (played by Tom Braidwood) kicks my character through a wall. The script is very funny, and I really enjoyed filming last week." The role was "a great present" for the young actor who celebrated his 25th birthday on set.

Updated January 16th

-E! News Daily is going to have a behind-the-scenes of "The Lone Gunmen." It should be today at 5:30pm c and tommorow at 12pm c.

Updated January 10th

-There was a lot of articles today about "The X-Files," gearing up for Mulder's return, a 9th season, and, of course, its spin-off "The Lone Gunmen." It turns out it will premiere March 4th, and run for three weeks in the Sunday 9/8c timeslot of "The X-Files" before moving to another night for the other ten episodes. Too bad it is only for three episodes instead of the previosuly reported five... Also, Cinescape has a new picture of all the cast, which is the new picture you see on the front page of the site. They reported that Stephen Snedden character's full name is Jimmy Bond, and is described like James Bond, if he was a bafoon. Lastly, they have an article (which you will see below) about Chris Carter's concern for the promotion and handling of "The Lone Gunmen." Go Chris!

'Lone Gunmen' Treatment

Word has it from Chris Carter that the treatment that Fox gives the coming Lone Gunmen spin-off series may determine whether or not The X-Files will go into a ninth season.

According to the New York Daily News, while participating in a press conference for last weekend's Television Critics Association press tour event, Carter revealed that he's still felling burned by the way Fox abruptly canceled his Harsh Realm TV series. Carter addressed his concerns to the assemblage of journalists, saying, "I'm really interested in their promotion and support of The Lone Gunman. I want to make sure that they are supporting us completely, and not just partially."

Carter is also said to have taken issue with the network not adequately promoting the coming spin-off series by taking advantage of the connection between Gunmen and the creators of The X-Files.

Still smarting from the abrupt cancellation of Harsh Realm after 3 episodes, Carter says, "They said they would promote through the first eight episodes [of Harsh Realm]. Well, it didn't go eight episodes. For me, that was a dishonesty."

In addition, Carter also notes that he has concerns on whether or not The X-Files can continue to carry on creatively and with quality into another season, saying, "I hope there is a ninth season. But it's all about how can we make it good. It's creative, it's not financial. Is there a reason for a ninth season; are there stories to tell? And that's going to be a determining factor."

Though there is no timetable as yet for determining if X-Files will go on, the producer adds, "I hope the talks can be done a lot sooner than last year, and we would know, so I could have time to spend with the final episode. I really believe they want the show back and will put everything in order to get the show back."

That may include promoting Lone Gunmen to the level Carter thinks the program deserves.

Updated January 8th

-The following article was posted on the "Haven" from the LA times today. It seems to be a little old, at least as far as "The X-Files" is concerned, because Carter has recently started negotiations to return, and a season 9 is very likely considering the ratings are up and they are introducing a new agent. However, it has some info about TLG plotlines and the characters that has not been written previously, which is why I'm posting it. We don't get many articles with new information...

'X-Files' Spinoff Due On Fox In March (Los Angeles) By James Endrst

(c) 2001, The Hartford Courant LOS ANGELES -- There are still some people in this world who, when they speak, are guaranteed an audience. Fans of ''Star Trek'' come to mind. As do aficionados of Chris Carter and his Fox paranormal drama, ''The X-Files.'' So if you happen to be one of those people, listen up. With ''The X-Files'' in its eighth season and a ninth year in doubt, and after a long, distracting legal tussle between Fox and star David Duchovny, Carter is not only in the midst of determining the future of his series, he's also hard at work on a spinoff, ''The Lone Gunmen.'' Due in March in ''The X-Files'' Sunday night time slot at 9, the hourlong comedy/drama will give those computer-savvy conspiracy geeks Byers (Bruce Harwood), Frohike (Tom Braidwood) and Langly (Dean Haglund) Ñ also known as the The Lone Gunmen Ñ a Fox show of their own. Carter, the creator/executive producer here again, says his latest series wasn't part of some long, drawn-out plan. It happened, really, by chance. ''We did episodes that were dedicated to the Lone Gunmen ... really as a result of the unavailability of Gillian (Anderson) and David when we were making the movie (1998's 'The X-Files: Fight the Future').'' The ''Gunmen'' episodes, says Carter, were very successful. ''We thought the guys were very funny.'' Funny? Yes. But cool? Never. Described as a ''misguided 'Mission: Impossible' team'' with ''stagnant'' social skills, the trio will get some help from the distracting presence of Yves Adele Harlow, played by newcomer Zuleikha Robinson. ''She's just stunningly beautiful,'' says Carter. ''She's very young and she's very green, but she's terrific.''

From his perspective, Robinson is cut from the ''Bond Girl'' mold. But the British-born actress, who was raised in Thailand and Malaysia, is also a woman of the world, one with a British accent Carter will use in the series.

Look for a fourth gunmen, another unknown named Stephen Snedden, to join the show, as well.

Duchovny and Anderson were hardly household names when Carter cast them as Mulder and partner Dana Scully. Carter says he prefers casting no-names rather than big names. ''I think if you have faith in your taste, it's the way to go,'' he says. ''Because it creates a level of interest for a show, for the material, that might not be there otherwise. People have already made up their minds about certain actors.'' Carter didn't find the audition process too painful, either, speaking clearly of Robinson's role.

''Mostly we cast bland everybodys and everymans. And every once in a while, we get a chance to actually see beautiful women.''

For the ''X-Files'' faithful who simply must know, assuming they haven't hacked into a Web site somewhere in search of an answer, ''The Lone Gunmen'' won't get too much of a boost from ''The X-Files'' as far as setting up the series. The Gunmen will appear more frequently on ''X-Files.'' But Mitch Pileggi, who plays assistant director Skinner, is the only star scheduled for a crossover appearance.

Don't look for Duchovny, certainly.

Duchovny, who has been missing in action for a good part of this season, after being abducted by what appeared to be an alien space ship in the season-seven cliffhanger, has already been, essentially, replaced by Robert Patrick as Scully's partner, agent John Doggett.

''This show certainly could come back,'' Carter says. ''But I don't have a contract, and (when) I came back this year, I said I would only do it if I could figure out a way to make it good. That's the way I would come back next year. So I'm considering it. I'm not saying no, I'm not saying yes.''

The plan, he explains, is to turn the television series into a movie series.

''It's still kind of in the talking stages,'' Carter says of the movies to be. ''We really want to figure out how to wind the TV series down or reinvent it before we do that (next) movie specifically.'' (Duchovny would, however, ideally be in whatever big-screen version came next, says the producer.)

Still, though Carter says he loves the job that Patrick (''Terminator 2: Judgment Day'') has done in a difficult situation, Duchovny's public disappointment and protest over his share of ''The X-Files'' dividends has taken its toll.

''This year's been interesting,'' Carter says, ''because there are so many people who are invested in Mulder and Scully. Then all of a sudden you change that. And you hear about it, believe me. There is a lot of mail and a lot of opinions. And, you know, not all of them are positive.''

In fact, he says of the particularly tuned in, known as "X-philes": "They were ready to hate the show this year. They were going to punish us for changing what they had come to know and love. There's still a group on the Internet who just will not tolerate what we've done -- even though I think we're doing it well."

There's simply ''a lot of hysteria right now,'' says Carter.

That kind of palpable exasperation from the show's creator may shed some light on why Carter says ''The Lone Gunmen'' is a show (and it is a comedy as opposed to a drama), that stands on its own.

But rest assured, though there are many ''wonderfully lowbrow'' moments, Carter says he has no intention of writing down to the audience and the program will operate in the same milieu as ''X-Files.'' ''Right now, they're not dealing with the paranormal,'' he says of ''The Lone Gunmen,'' which is at about the halfway point in preparation for debut.

Conspiracy theories like the Kennedy assassination will be part of the plot lines, without a doubt. In general, however, Carter says, ''They have more to do with what I'd call contemporary crime and injustice.'' Such as?

''The kind of stuff where the government is lying to us,'' says Carter. ''Also white-collar crime and we've got a story about the legendary water-powered car. We've got a story about a philandering senator. We've got a story about a possible Nazi war criminal, who is a woman living in America.''

The last one, for a reason he won't explain, makes him laugh out loud. ''It's just very funny.'' Distributed by the Los Angeles Times-Washington Post News Service

Updated January 7th

-From "Chris Carter File"

The Lone Gunmen is scheduled to premiere March 4th, according to this week's Entertainment Weekly. Here's the full blurb:

At first glance, the Octium IV micro-processor demo (octiumchip.com) looks like just another gob of silicon snake oil -- it powers hovercars, after all. But X-Philes will discover some titillating clues strewn about the straitlaced corporate website (e-com-con.com). Wasn't senior VP of technical relations Suzanne Modeski at a tech show in '99, or am I just being paranoid? The answers to these questions, and plenty more, will be hacked out by the Lone Gunmen -- the trio of nerdy knights who always rescue Fox Mulder -- when their spin-off show of the same name premieres March 4.

Updated January 1st

-Happy New Year! TVGUIDE ONLINE, has a poll about what people are anticipating the most in the year 2000, and one of the options is "The Lone Gunmen." Please vote and bring it to number two! (I seriously doubt anything would beat "Lord of the Rings.") You can also vote for Gillian Anderson and "The X-Files" on their TVGUIDE Awards poll.

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