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Kent McCord Articles

"We Had to Grow Up Fast--Or Sink!"
Article about Kent and his family.

Tunnel of Love
Kent's bio from the program for the play "Tunnel of Love."

"Tyke Talk: Give a Child a Chance to Talk Back!"
Article, written by Kent, about his daughter and about parenting.

"Adam-12: Review"
A review of "Adam-12" from TV Guide's 1968 Fall Preview issue.

"Police Record"
Article from the Jan. 1990 issue of Starlog magazine. Kent discusses his appearance in the film Predator 2 as well as his experience on police shows.

"Actors Say Seniors Are Being Short-Changed in Hollywood."

"TV confidential: Hollywood's long relationship with SoCal's finest."
Includes some quotes from Kent.

"Senior Actors Call on Hollywood to End Ageism."
An article (with quotes from Kent) about the lack of roles for older actors in Hollywood.

"Won't Get Fooled Again."
An article about Farscape.

Galactica 1980
Interview/production information with Kent McCord and others involved in the production of Galactica 1980.

"Public Eye"
Article about Adam-12.

"The Fan Letters I Answer First"
Article written by Kent in which he describes the type of fan mail that catches his attention. Contains some interesting facts.

"Kent McCord's Life in Pix"
Short q & a session with "newcomer" Kent McCord, complete with pics of Kent from childhood through Adam-12.

"Kent McCord Complains About Senior Roles"
Recent article about Kent and the lack of roles for senior actors.

"Kent Mccord to Receive Ralph Morgan Award from the Screen Actors' Guild"
This is from June 1999, but discusses Kent's involvement with the Screen Actor's Guild.

"When Being Clean Cut Isn't Square"
Short article about Kent and Martin Milner

"I Can't Imagine Life Without Her"
Article about Kent and his wife and children. Nice article!

"To Protect and to Serve"
Short article about Adam-12, Kent McCord and Martin Milner, with a cool photo.

"The Making of a Cop"
Article/Interview about McCord from TV Guide.

Adam-12: Kent McCord
From the book TV Today, a chapter on Adam-12 and Kent McCord.

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