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On Saturday morning we loaded up and went to Weaver's Store. Jim (a PRINCE of a fella) Clark was a very gracious host and it was good to have Allen (Floyd) Newsome and his family join us there. After some shopping and visiting we went to the South Street Cafe where we were joined for lunch by Doug Dillard and George Lindsey. We split up for some sightseeing that afternoon and met again for the Grand Old Opry that night. It was almost like they knew we were there. Porter Waggoner sang "Dooley" and TAGSRWC member T. Graham Brown was a guest.

Bob, Carolyn, Becky, Johnny, Jeff, Bobby and Trisha
at Jim's house (Weavers).

Jeff, Carolyn, Becky, Jo, Donna, Jim (a PRINCE of a fella) Clark, Allan and Adam Newsome

Goober and Jo

Carolyn and Goober
(I guess I COULDA told him to look UP!)

What do you MEAN this ain't the County Insecticide Convention?

Friday Sunday