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Nashville 2000

In March, 2000, we made another trip to meet with friends in Nashville. We didn't take many pictures this time but we had a wonderful weekend. Here are some of the highlights........

Jeff and Carolyn had both made it to the motel before we got there and it was great to see them again. Jeff was helping Carolyn with some Chemistry homework (92) when we arrived. It was late in the afternoon so as soon as we got settled in we headed downtown. We walked and talked and visited the shops and stores all around the Ryman area. The town was packed, as the NCAA basketball tournament was being played there that weekend. We had a really great supper at the Big River Grille and Brewing Works and then went to Roberts for more conversation and good retro-country music. With it being St. Patrick's Day AND the crowds for the basketball tourney, there was a real party atmosphere in town.

Saturday morning we headed out to Weaver's for a visit with Jim Clark and Allan, Jan, and Adam Newsome. We were to call Jim and get directions but 'somebody' had forgot to bring his phone number and the way Jeff managed to get the number and save the day is quite a story. Jim and Allan gave us a little mini-tour of some sights in the area. We saw the fraternity house at Vanderbilt where TAGSRWC got it's start. We also had the unique privilege of getting to visit TAGSRWC Headquarters at 9 Music Square South.
We had lunch at South Street again and it was just as good as we all remembered it being. Carolyn bought some ribs to take back to Bob. We visited one of the nearby record and memorabilia shops and after a little more touring we went back to Jim's house. Mary Clark was there then and, as always, was very gracious. I guess she must be used to having compelshun nuts like us dropping in. Later, Neil and Pat Coleman and their son Curt came by and it's always nice to see and visit with them. Such fine Mayberry folks, they are. I can't remember the name of the place we had supper (Jim pointed out Sam Bush to me as we were eating) but it was a good meal and made all the better by sharing it with the Clark's and the Newsome's. We said our goodbyes to them after supper and we headed back to the motel.

Sunday morning Donna and I took Jeff and Carolyn to the airport to catch their flights back to their homes and places of business. We enjoyed the drive home, taking our time and winding down from another weekend with our Mayberry friends, the best people in the world.

Presiding Goober of TAGSRWC, Jim Clark
at the entrance to TAGSRWC World Headquarters.

Adam, Allan, Jan and Carolyn, Donna, Johnny and Jeff