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On the road to Mayberry .........

On Wednesday we drove up to Smokey Mountain National Park. We took the driving tour of Cade's Cove again and spent the night in Gatlinburg.

01md08Deer in Cade's Cove.

Thursday we drove over the mountain to Cherokee, NC and took the Blue Ridge Parkway to Asheville. We then went over to Winston-Salem on our way to Pilot Mountain and on to Mayberry.

Rest area on the Blue Ridge Parkway

Views from Pilot Mountain State Park.

Meanwhile, in Mayberry, Sam was at Floyd's getting his haircut for the first time!

01md52 Before

During 01md51
Don, Carolyn, Bob, Linda, Ron, and Joyce
Here is the note Trisha sent with this picture:
"The barbershop was full of "Mayberry Grandparents" all watching that first haircut. I thought that was so nice. They all wanted to be there watching. We sure do have a great "Mayberry Family" don't we?"
Yes, Trisha, we surely do!

Schwump's MD01 Pictures and Some pictures from Jennie
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