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Voiced By: Hynden Walch
First Appearance: "Two of a Kind"
Position: Joker's Hench Wench

Graduating from an online course with a degree in psychology, Harleen Quinzel was awarded a talk show to help others with their love problems. While the show attracted it's fair share of viewers, the network eventually lost interest in the show when Harleen continued giving idiotic advice that made no sense, despite her having a "degree."

After canceling her show while it was still recording and live on the air, Harleen packed up her things and went home. The Joker had been an avid fan of Harleen's for quite a while, as even he recognized her complete craziness, and tracked her down once he saw the "unjustice" she'd been served by being canceled. That and she was now particularly vulnerable.

Harleen teamed up with Joker when she saw a chance to get her career back by analyzing Joker's mind and writing a book about him. After a bit of couch time, the two went out into the night to stir up some trouble, so Harleen could get a better idea of The Joker. Before going out, Joker gave her a new costume and a new name: Harley Quinn.

The two wreaked their fair share of havoc on the city before Harley decided to go after the network that had canceled her show. While they almost succeeded, Batman, Robin and Batgirl stopped them before they were able to kill anyone--although the studio was completely destroyed by their bombs.

Just when Batman thinks he has convinced Harley that Joker merely used her for some fun and then ran off before the cops arrived, Harley's attention is taken to her police car driver who sat on a whoopie cushion. On it read "Harley, Keep Smiling! Love, Mr. J."

Episode Apperances:
~ Two of a Kind
~ Rumors
~ White Heat (mentioned only)
~ The Metal Face of Comedy

Comparison to The Animated Series: This version of Harley Quinn hasn't changed much from the original, and she even sports the same Queens accent. The hyenas also make a return from the original, and she drops a few lines from the original series, such as her pet name " Puddin' " for the Joker. Also, Hynden Walch, Harley's voice actress, has a similar voice to Arleen Sorkin, who was the first woman to voice Harley in Batman: The Animated Series. She also remains an excellent gymnast and has proven herself to be quite skilled in close combat situations.