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Animated Series

Batman: The Animated Series began in 1992. Harley Quinn was created specifically for this series, to serve as a screwball, Lucille Ball-type henchwench to the Clown Prince of Crime, the Joker. Harley eventually won the hearts of many and became a fan-favorite and a staple in the Bat-universe, eventually even making her way into the actual DC Comics continuity. For a comprehensive guide of where Harley got her start and the episodes Harley has appeared in, check out Harleywood. The episodes that Harley have appeared in from the Animated Series are:

Joker's Favor
The Laughing Fish
Almost Got 'Im
The Man Who Killed Batman
Harley and Ivy
Harley's Holiday
World's Finest (note: this is a Superman episode)
Holiday Knights
Joker's Millions
Over the Edge
Girl's Night Out
Beware the Creeper
Mad Love
Hard as Nails (note: this is a Static Shock episode)
Wild Cards (note: this is a Justice League episode)

The following are a few home videos that can be purchased which include episodes with Harley in them.

Christmas With The Joker | The Laughing Fish

An evil grin, sadistic wit and a mirthless, bone-chilling laugh are all trademarks of Batman's greatest foe: The Joker! Though frequently confined to Arkham Asylum, the evil Clown Prince of Crime keeps devising new ways to escape and bring misery to Gotham City.

"Greeting, fun-seekers! Joker here to brighten your otherwise dismal lives. Whether handling out gifts of holiday jeer in Christmas with The Joker or gleefully popping off city offcial in The Laughing Fish, my one goal in life is to delight you with my merry pranks and antics. And just to make sure I leave you laughing, I've taken the liberty of spraying a fine coat of Joker venom on the very video you're holding now. Fell that ol' grin tugging at your lips yet? Don't worry. You will! HA, HA, HAAA!"

(UK exclusive release)
Make 'Em Laugh | Harlequinade

(Australia exclusive release)
Harley & Ivy | Harley's Holiday

Formely known as Arkham Asylum's Doctor Harley Quinzel, Harley Quinn has since become one of Gotham's most outrageous criminals. Whether working-in-league with the Joker or Poison Ivy, or hatching some madcap scheme of her own, the Maid of mischief remains a comical but continuing threat to Batman and Robin.

"No matter what happens, I'm one gal who can always keep smiling. After getting the boot from the Joker, (Aww!) I strike a new partnership with my best gal pal, Poison Ivy. (Yah!) In no time Harley And Ivy are Gotham's new Queens of crime, throwing both Batman and Mr. J for a loop! (Ha HA!). In Harley's Holiday I try to clean up my act, but trouble seems to follow me wherever I go. My first day out of the bin and I've already got the cops, the army, the underworld and Batman on my case! (Oy!). It's enough to drive this poor clown-girl nutso! Uh, if I weren't already."

World's Finest Parts 1, 2, 3

Batman, Superman, the Joker and Lex Luthor all come together in the most action-packed superhero adventure of all time.

When the Joker elicits the help of Lex Luthor in a fiendish new scheme, only the combined powers of Batman and Superman can save the city of Metropolis. Will the Man of Steel and the Caped Crusader be able to put aside their differences and foil the diabolical duo's evil plans?


The sleeker, deadlier and seemingly immortal Clown Prince of Crime is back with his own unique brand of havoc and mayhem. While trying to uncover the Joker's secrets, the new Batman, Terry McGinnis, discovers the greatest mystery in the life of the original Caped Crusader: what happened the night he fought the Joker for the last time. When Bruce Wayne is almost killed in one of the Joker's last attacks, Batman vows to avenge his mentor put the Joker to rest forever.

The first feature-length film of Batman Beyond.
For more information on Harley in Batman Beyond, visit Harley Beyond.