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Comic Continuity

For fans, August 1999 was a great month for Batman. Batman: Harley Quinn was released; a one-shot issue introducing Harley Quinn into the Batman continuity. Read about how Harley was introduced below...

Batman: Harley Quinn

Written by Paul Dini, "Batman: Harley Quinn" tells us how Harley met Joker, how she became Harley Quinn, and explores their fatalistic relationship. Whilst bearing a lot of similarities to "Mad Love," it is also a different story -- a more adult story, like any good graphic novel. One of the biggest concerns about Harley's inclusion in the Batman universe was that the Joker of the comics is quite different compared to his animated counterpart -- he's a lot more crazy, lethal and unpredictable. That's to say that he might not be so patient with Harley and he might even kill her (as he attempts in this book). It seemed that some characters had to have their personality altered a bit.

However, Dini managed to pull it off fabulously. Harley didn't change, and Joker was still pretty much the evil dangerous deadly dude he's always been.

The story is wicked, full of twists and a lot of fun. Joker, for instance, finding himself beginning to care for her, he tries to kill her. He fails, and although Harley is peeved all he has to do is say "sorry" and she forgives him. The book also shows how Poison Ivy and Harley meet up, and how she gives her an extra whallop.

All in all, "Harley Quinn" is a brilliant book. It remains true to animated Harley and the comics Joker and brings the two of them together beautifully. The more adult edge makes the exploration of their psychotic yet blissful relationship much more full and real, and it paved the way for many more stories featuring the Joker's moll.