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Joker Femmes
Cheap knockoffs! Weren't as clevah as me, eh?

The Harlequin
Scott, Molly Maynne / "The Harlequin"

In the years after World War II, Molly worked as the quiet mundane secretary of Alan Scott at WXYZ Radio in Gotham. She fell in love with Green Lantern at first sight, not realizing he was truly her boss. Using a character from a Green Lantern radio play, she decided to become a "villain" to gain the attention of Green Lantern, and profess her love to him. She became a member of the Injustice Society, but with the help of Black Canary, betrayed them to save the Justice Society from being their zombie slaves.

She unknowingly became a pawn of the Manhunters, a secret organization with a millennium old plan against mankind, and the Green Lantern's specifically. They gave her a special pair of Illusion Spectacles to help in her battles. But the Manhunters did not realize her strong emotions for Green Lantern, and she was unable to successfully eliminate him as they had hoped. Eventually, she retired from her double life.

Many years later, she learned that Green Lantern was Alan Scott, and worked as his private secretary in California. She also learned that the Thorn was out to kill Jade and Obsidian, suspected of being the twin children of Alan Scott. After the battle, her secrets were revealed and she was soon married to Alan Scott.

Eventually, Alan Scott had been rejuvenated to his youth, and Molly felt inadequate. Because of her past activities as a villain, she was given a special candle by Neron. Once it was lit, her youth was restored, but at the price of her soul. Sentinel and a group of mystics entered Hell to retrieve Molly, and Scott traded himself for his wife. Eventually, he was rescued and the couple was reunited.

The Joker's Daughter
Dent, Duela > "The Joker's Daughter" / "The Harlequin"

Your basic wild-card, costumed heroine, the Harlequin is shrouded in mystery. She first gained notoriety by calling herself the Joker's Daughter and also used the alias Duela Dent, but her true identity is unknown.

At some point she was an ally to the original Titans team, as well as Titans West. It soon became apparent that the girl was delusional, as she claimed to be the daughter of various super villains. She has been in and out of mental institutions for the past few years.

Harlequin aided the Titans again during the Technis Imperative conflict, which involved the Justice League as well as all Titans, past and present. Apparently, Vic's system automatically sought out all Titans allies, including Harlequin even though she was in a mental institution at the time.

Duela Dent is a delusional and schizophrenic acrobat, and has (in her time) claimed to be the daughter of over a dozen super villains. Each lead turned out to be false. Each lead but one. But at the present time, Duela's parentage remains a secret.

Recently, Gar's obnoxious cousin Matt took it upon himself to hold a membership drive for an all new Titans West (the membership drive quickly devolved into a keg party). Insanely jealous she was not invited, Harlequin crashed the party with a group of villains. Terra and Flamebird defeated her and returned her to The Helping House Mental Institution in Industry, CA.

Cooper, Marcie > "Harlequin"

As a youth Marcie Cooper was recruited by the Grandmaster to join the Manhunters. Her grandfather, Manhunter, also encouraged her to join the group as he had years ago. The Manhunters gave her a job working at KGLX radio in Gotham City, alongside Molly Maynne Scott, who was a former agent called Harlequin. Marcie began dating Northwind, and later Obsidian, both of Infinity, Inc., infiltrating the superteam from within.

When the Manhunters began to strike at Earth, Marcie stole Molly's illusion-casting spectacles, taking the identity of Harlequin. She failed to recruit Obsidian to the Manhunters, but she did kill her grandfather after he betrayed the Manhunters. Single-minded in her attempt to destroy Infinity, Inc., she joined Injustice, Unlimited and masterminded the assassination of Skyman. She used Soloman Grundy as her pawn in killing Skyman, and when he realized he had been manipulated he savagely beat her. Harlequin has not been heard from since, presumably she never recovered from the beating.

Steeplechase, Bianca > "The Joker"
appeared in Elseworlds

The Joker of 1962, Bianca Steeplechase, was a ruthless gangster who was in no way related to the male version and doesn't take anything as a joke. Bianca only uses the name and the makeup as a cover-up for her identity but is just as dangerous as the real Joker. During they dynamic duo's (Batgirl and Robin) final case, Bianca framed Bruce Wayne for the murder of Selina Kyle, known as Catwoman in the strip joints, and killed Robin with a fatal kiss (tongue were dabbed with poison).

Fitzpatrick, Hayley > "Harley Quinn"
appeared in Elseworlds

Hayley Fitzpatrick was originally a school girl who mingled with the wrong crowd and was addicted to nicotics. She eventually made herself over as Harley Quinn and paired herself with Bianca Steeplechase, the Joker, after being captured by her. When the Joker died at the hands of Batgirl, Hayley was sent to a psychiatrist to work out lingering issues. She quickly stopped and left her family of having the responsibility to watch over her -- she gave them each a bullet in the head.

The Joker's Daughter
Joker's Daughter II > "Harlequin"
appeared in Elseworlds

Not much is known about the Joker's Daughter, but she is one of many to follow in the Joker's chaotic style. It is possible that her true identity is Duela Dent but that is unknown.

The Joker
Unknown > "The Joker"
appeared in Tangent

The Cuban missile crisis of 1962 obliterated Florida, Cuba and parts of Texas and Mexico. Atlanta was largely destroyed but somehow survived and became a symbol of hope and perseverance to the nation: New Atlantis.

The Joker is in her twenties and, like all youth, questions authority. Yet none do with quite her flair, nor for quite the same reasons. Both her parents were horribly disfigured and irradiated during the Cuban missile crisis. She was their first and only child; three younger sisters died after birth. The names of these sisters are the names of Joker's three identities; her way of keeping them alive. Joker's parents are also dead and she can't look the gleaming, columned skyscrapers of New Atlantis without thinking of the pain and suffering that, in her mind, they are trying to hide and forget. To her, America's most perfect city is a joke.