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Clown Prince
The Joker

For it was the Batman that made me the HAPPY soul I am today!

Real Name: Unknown, Jack Napier (rumored)
Occupation: Professional Criminal
Base of Operations: Gotham City
Marital Status: Single
Height: 6'5"
Weight: 192 Ibs.
Eyes: Green
Hair: Green

Next to nothing is known about Batman's greatest enemy, except that he operated as an enforcer/hitman for various crime bosses before becoming the "Clown Prince of Crime." The Joker first encountered Batman during a botched robbery at the Ace Chemical Factory. He escaped by leaping into a drainage vat of chemical waste, but later discovered the toxins bleached his skin chalk white, dyed his hair fluorescent green, and stretched his lips into a hideous, permanent red grin. It's not hard to understand why such a transformation snapped his already unstable mind. The Joker's methods are simple: gain pleasure in breaking every law and moral stature known to man. More importantly, he makes the crime funnier by playing a game of cat and mouse with Batman. Joker views every crime, infliction of pain, and murder as the ultimate joke -- mocking Batman. Joker's trademarks are his razor sharp playing cards and the laughing gas Smilex, a chemical that infects his victims with the same ghastly grin as his own. Extremely intelligent despite his lunacy, the Joker often accesses information within Gotham City that should only be available to government officials and the police. His only real motive is bringing Batman as close to the edge as possible. Joker strives to outdo Gotham's other villains as well, for if they have the honor of doing Batman in then he has no purpose. To The Joker Gotham is merely a stage on which he performs.

Mainstream: He is the Ace of Knaves, first and foremost of the Dark Knight's rogues gallery, with origins steeped in mystery. In another time, the Joker may have been a failed comedian, a hapless soul coerced by thugs to don the guise of the criminal Red Hood following the tragic death of his pregnant wife. He may have engaged in robbery, fleeing a vat of chemicals, caustic fluids that turned his skin chalk white, his hair green and his smile a grinning red leer. Only the Joker knows for certain. The truth is this: the Joker has committed sins that defy logic -- extortion, mass murder, nuclear terrorism -- crime often committed merely to taunt the Batman, a foe in whom the Joker has taken a very personal interest. It was the Joker who shot and permanently crippled Barbara Gordon, the former Batgirl. And later, in perhaps the most brutal attack of all, the Joker murdered Jason Todd, the second Robin. The Dark Knight rests easy only when the Joker is safely locked away in Arkham Asylum, and then knowing all too well that a new body count awaits his next escape.