Goat R Us!!!
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Inro to goats!

Goats Goats Goats

The natural sounds of the goat in its natural habitat!

Brilliant Story!

South Park

goat apocolips

Funny Link!

best of stick death!

Anarchist Cookbook and Terrorist Handbook

Goat Apocolips 2!

Search the entire internet from this one page!

Is this Cool Or what?

Potato Launcher Page

The BEST mp3 music page on the WHOLE internet!


Goats, they are somewhat strange creatures, they can fart tin cans and they look stupid but I think they are so much more, they are Goats. This page will really go into the goat and how they feel, enjoy.


Goats RocK! Is that what your here for then here come the goats! ow ya gotes galore these are some nice goats i even got pictures of em does my site rock or what!. You have found the secret text good for you see if you can find other good secrets on this site!

Goats, is that really why your here I mean what a stupid subject, Ha I knew that was why your here i'm such a scallywag! Gotes are probably the most interesting thing on earth everyone just has not figured that out yet , because they havn't come to my site, of cource.

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