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Silver Winds




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A warm welcome to all those who have stumbled across this page by       Fanfics
accident, or perhaps by fluke, and a welcome back to all those who have       Poems
found my site once again. I've been in the closet for almost a year now       Images(coming soon)
working on the new layout for my site, and it's taken me so long, and now       Affiliates
that it's summer I can actually finish it and get it up. And lucky you, with this new       Contact Us
Site comes a whole bunch of new stories, including the completions of "A       Link to Us
Sailor Moon Fanfiction Trilogy" by Saiyan Princes...currently renamed Diamond        
Winged Pegasus. All of these stories will eventually be found on under       .: Last Updated :.
that particular pen name. So I hope you all enjoy this new design...oh and feedback       12/29/2002 15:22:40
would be nice! ENJOY!        
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(it's my brother's I have to put it here)