10-20-01: Added a pic to the fan art page.

10-13-2001: Added 2 pictures to the fan art page.

9-20-2001: Added 3 pictures to the Fan Art page.  Can someone besides Mike
submit a pic, just for a change? :)

9-17-2001: Added a link to the new Fan Art page; shelved the Ten Day Poll
results into a new section of the site.  Did you notice that yesterday
was the one year anniversary of this updates page?  No?  Me either.

9-7-2001: Changed a line on the Lyrics page.  The line from "The Bard" that
always baffled me has been solved..."out, damned spot"...from MacBeth...
thanks Nftnat.

9-3-2001: I have read that Wizard magazine has published a list of what
it considers to be the Top 100 Cartoons of All Time.  Histeria made 
the list at #77.

9-2-2001: Added a link to the links page.  I will probably wait 'til
tomorrow to change the poll, sorry 'bout that all.  Also added a sound
file to the Sounds page, it's of Lydia and Alexander Graham Bell.

9-1-2001: Added a transcript to "Loud Kiddington's Ancient History" on the
Episode Guide.  Added a link to the "Pepper Mills Shrine" on the links
page.  Changed the descriptive bit on the front page.

8-25-2001: "Grim and Evil", Cartoon Network's newest Cartoon Cartoon, has
a character named Mandy, a very Charity-like little girl.  Have a listen
to her voice here and see if you can hear the similarities.

8-23-2001: New poll up.  Yaay!

8-19-2001: I've added 7 new Sounds to the site: 4 songs (the Loud 
Kiddington and Toast jingles, "President for One Day", and the "Histeria
Nite Live" intro) and 3 sound clips (the Krakatoa explosion, Antoinette
saying "Let them eat cake", and another exchange between World's Oldest 
and Joan of Arc).  Enjoy.

8-18-2001: Well, I've put up images to episodes 44, 45, and 48 on the
episode guide.  With this, I believe images are finally complete.  Should
anyone need anything else, I take requests, or if you see any glaring
omissions, I will fill the void, but other than that, I've got enough
pictures.  It's time to work on some other stuff for a while...

8-13-2001: Took down the old poll, put up a new one.  Thanks pjs.

8-11-2001: Check the Episode Guide for images from Better Living 
Through Science and General Sherman's Campsite.  I'm nearing the end of 
creating pictures for the epguide, it's quite a feeling...new episodes
on the Upcoming Episodes section of the main page courtesy Nftnat.
Also added images to episode #29, Hooray For Presidents.  Removed cameras
from episode guide, no need for 'em now.

8-9-2001: Check the "Teddy Roosevelt Show" on the Episode Guide for

8-5-2001: Added images to "Histeria Around the World I" and "Around the 
World in a Daze" to the Episode Guide.

8-4-2001: Added images to "American Revolution part II" and "Wheel of
History" to the Episode Guide.  Also check "Writers of the Purple Prose"
for images, including a huge 30+ picture shoot of "That's the Story That's
Told By the Bard"!  Also check "The Legion of Super Writers" for images
from that episode!  Also check "Histeria Satellite TV" for new images.

8-3-2001: Added a new poll, posted the old results.  Also added a brief
summary of the show to the main page.  Better late than never.  Also added
pictures to Super Amazing Constitutions on the episode guide.

7-29-2001: Added "Really Oldies but Goodies" images to the Episode 
Guide.  Check "Great Heroes of France" for pictures too!

7-25-2001: Added "Know-It-Alls" images to the Episode Guide.
Also added new episodes to the Upcoming Episodes list.

7-22-2001: Added images to "Blast in the Past" to the Episode Guide.

7-21-2001: Added images to "Tribute to Tyrants" to the Episode Guide.
Also added brand new images to "Russian Revolution".  Check it out,
it's some of my favorite image work yet.  Also added images to the
episode "Dawn of Time" to the episode guide.

7-20-2001: Added a transcript for the episode "Tribute to Tyrants" to 
le Guide de Episodes.

7-16-2001: Added pictures to episode #4 (Vikings) in the episode guide.
Also added new episodes to the Upcoming Episodes list.

7-15-2001: Added a transcript and images for the episode "Megalomaniacs" 
to the Episode Guide.

7-03-2001: Okay, listen up peoples, you may have noticed that the old
message board was eating posts left and right.  In a totally random way.
I don't think this was the work of any vandal (but if such is the case, 
other precautions have been taken), but merely a bad message board.  So
say hello to our new message board courtesy Network54.com with its 
integrated chat room!  There's also a new poll up, and the old poll's 
results are posted.  Hopefully we can get through this forum switch
intact as a community.  See you there!

7-01-2001: Added images to episode 21 on the Episode Guide.  Also 
Added a sound clip of Marie Antoinette to the Sounds page.

6-30-2001: Added new titles to the upcoming episodes page.

6-27-2001: Added images to episodes 50 and 51 to the Episode Guide.

6-24-2001: Added character bios for Cho-Cho and Big Fat Baby to the
Histeria Cast page, added images for episodes 03, 10, and 46 to the 
Episode Guide.  Added info to the message board about the upcoming fan 
work page.

6-23-2001: Added pictures for Return to Rome on the episode guide, and
added the theme song "It's Called Histeria" to the sounds page.  Also 
played with the main page design a bit.  I'll change the poll later today.

6-18-2001: Something totally new today.  If anyone out there plays guitar,
check here for a chord progression I made for the song "Please Watch Our 
Show".  The file can also be accessed through the Sounds & Songs page.

6-15-2001: Check the Episode Guide for "China" and "More China" pictures.
Also check the Sounds page, and learn how to say "I want to jump in the 
water with my pants on" in Chinese!

6-14-2001: New upcoming episodes.  Also, I've added some pictures to the
"Wild West" section of the episode guide.  Check it out.  There's also
a new sound file from that episode...

6-13-2001: New poll stuff.

6-3-2001: I've just finished cleaning up Songs of Histeria!  It looks 
much better, take a look.  And don't forget about the guestbook, read 
the entry below for more on this.  I've also added the first of EH's 
soon-to-be-famous "Ten Day Polls".  Please vote this week for your favorite
female character.  Also note the link on the main page to the next two
weeks' upcoming episodes, and the link for the forum.  It's a quick and 
dirty little forum, you can make requests there if you want.

6-2-2001: Howdy everyone, just wanted to let you know that I've just
gotten a new sound card in my computer, so fire away once more with
requests for MP3's and WAV's.  I may do some updates later today.  Also,
I fixed the KTLA link on the links page.  Since KTLA recently did a major
site redesign, you have to search a little bit for future episode 
showings, but they're still there.  Okay, the updates are in.  BAM!  We've
got new pictures on episodes 40, 41, and 43!  And BAM!  Four new full
length songs and two new sound clips are up.  Enjoy 'em.  If you like
today's updates, do me a favor and leave a message in the guestbook.  It's
on the main page, all the way at the bottom.

5-28-2001: Big day for images, check out the Episode Guide for two
more episodes with images...that is, episode 19 and 36.  Also, as far as
history-oriented cartoon, there seems to be something new coming from
Cartoon Network called "Time Squad".  It premieres Friday, June 8th at
9PM Eastern/8PM Central.  We'll see if it's any good.  And as far as
new cartoons go, Invader Zim on Nick looks pretty cool.

5-21-2001: Today is Montezuma day at Encyclopedia Histeria!  Check the 
Episode Guide for pictures from episode 16, "The Montezuma Show",
and then head over to the Sounds page for the song "Montezuma's 
Revenge" and for two sound clips from the episode, one of Montezuma and
the other of Nostradamus.  Enjoy!  Also, please read the following...

The Internet Movie Database has a Histeria File that 
needs some serious updating.  So if you're reading this, please go there 
and add a positive comment to the "user comments" section and, if you can 
think of one, add a movie to the "movie connections" section.  There're 
plenty of them, just pick one and add it.  Let's show the IMDB that 
there's a Histeria fan community out there who cares about the show...only 
good things can come of it.

5-20-2001: I've added some pictures of Edgar Allen Poe, by request.
I've also added a sound file of Charity Bazaar delivering "Words of 
Wisdom", also by request, to the Sounds page.

5-17-2001: I've done some file maintainance, please check the Sounds
page and tell me if you can find any broken links.  If you have time.

5-13-2001: I've done a lot today, though it's not easy to notice.  First,
two new eps at the Episode Guide have images attached...and I mean a lot
of images attached.  Those episodes are "H! Goes to the Moon" and "History 
of Flight".  Second, there are 4 new sound files over at the sound
page...those are from Charity, Toast, Lucky Bob, and Froggo.  Also, I
fixed two Nostradmus links that were broken, and I changed the background
on the front page...that's Toast by that big H logo.  I'm running out of
room here again...I need to do some file maintainence.  I also put up
3 new Nostradamus image and sound files.  Oh, one more thing, I found 
an error in my HTML (silly me, ha ha...) which might have caused some 
people to have problems downloading some sound files.  I fixed it, find 
out if that was the problem.  Oh, I took down some Charity images a while
ago, and people finally complained, and now they're back up on the images

5-12-2001: I've added roughly 60 images to the episode guide...to episodes
I already had images for.  D'oh.  Oh, well, now I have lots more, no 
duplicates though.  Check episodes 28 and 34 for the new stuff.  I 
also want to add that I did this in a big darn hurry so if you see any 
broken links let me know.

5-6-2001: I've started a "Church of Lucky Bob".  It'll be a page full of 
Lucky Bob sounds, quotes, and pictures for all his fans.  Feel free to
stop by and pay homage.

5-6-2001: More pictures over at the Episode Guide, check episodes
6 and 52 for plenty of screen shots.  There's another sound clip up 
at the Sounds page, too, 'soldiers try to take the kids' castle'.

5-5-2001: Hey, got lots of pictures for you today, from episodes 7, 17, 
and 47...check out the Episode Guide and click on the appropriate links.
I've also added a new sound file to the Sounds page.

4-29-2001: It's been a while, eh?  Well, life she can be a-tough.  Anyway, 
lots of stuff for you today, I've added pictures from 4 episodes to the 
Episode Guide...and those who have requested a variety of 
pictures will find the Histeratubbies (ep 44), the Bald Eagle/Turkey (ep
45), and some general pictures from episodes 1 & 2, which are the 
"Inventors Hall of Fame" episodes.  Also up are two new Sounds, one is the
full sketch of "Valhalla Cantina & Grill" and the other is Toast recording
a song he calls "Hey Dude"...listen for Lucky Bob saying, "I am the 
walrus."  Also, there's 2 new links up...enjoy, you'll get more later on 
this week.  See ya!

4-08-2001: Filled a few requests today sound-wise, visit the sounds
page and listen to the song "New Deal For You", and hear a few sound clips
about irate ferrets and microphone burning.  There's even the complete
audio of the "Pledge of Allegiance" sketch with Loud Kiddington.  Keep 
sending in those e-mail requests.

3-25-2001: Added the songs "Peace, Land, and Bread" and "What's In A 
God's Name", two of my favorites, both by visitor request, to the Sounds
page.  I've also finished up the first stage of the Episode Guide.

3-18-2001: Added the song "You Stabbed Me In The Back" to the Sounds
page.  Also, the song I put up yesterday had a broken link.  it's
fixed now.

3-17-2001: Added the song "Atlanta Burnin' Bright" to the Sounds page.

3-09-2001: Perhaps some bad news for Histeria, at least for American
viewers.  Might not be airing anymore soon.  Tape 'em while you can.

3-04-2001: Added an MP3 of "Please Watch Our Show" to the Sounds page.

2-24-2001: I've added 15 new episodes to the Episode Guide.  Oh, and 
thanks to all EH's visitors for giving the site a total of 2,000+ visits 
as of this week.

2-17-2001: Sorry I've been gone for so long, everybody.  I've fulfilled 3
requests today, adding the songs "Cowpie", "Spice It Up", and 
"Megalomaniacs".  Remember peoples, I just can't say no to a request on
the day of my daughter's wedding...wait, that's Don Corleone.  No, what I 
meant to say was that your requests help build the site, so keep sending 
them in.  Oh, and I also added another episode to the guide.

1-27-2001: Added "The Histeria March" and a clip about the Spanish Armada
to the Sounds page.  Also added quite a few Napoleon pictures
to the Images page, and added some pictures to the Episode Guide for the
episode about the Renaissance.
Also added the song "President for One Day" to Songs of Histeria!  How'd
I miss that one for so long?

1-23-2001: Added some pictures to the Episode Guide.

1-21-2001: I've gotten 2 e-mails describing problems with song downloads.
Please read the message on the Sounds & Songs page for more information,
and check out the two new sounds while you're there. Also, I've added 16 
more episodes to the Episode Guide.  Bear with me, building this thing 
is going to take some time...
1-20-2001: Watching Bush Junior parade down the street live right now...on
a more cheerful note, I've started work on the Episode Guide.

1-13-2001: Hello again...I've managed to fulfill many of the requests that
have come in, though I didn't do enough for everyone.  Check out the 
Sounds and Images pages to see what I've done.  My next project is going 
to be updating the episode guide, so see you soon.

12-24-2000: Added a sound file to the Sounds page, and also
replaced 6 other sound files on that page that were of bad sound quality
with identical ones of better quality.  The improved sound files are:


If you've downloaded any of those files in the past and want the new, 
improved versions, please get the new versions.  I'm sorry about the 
problems, but I just bought a new computer and the sound card was going

12-23-2000: Played with site design some more.

12-17-2000: Retooled the Images page, among others, and fixed a few broken
links.  Also added some new sound clips and images.

12-16-2000: Added the songs "Easter Island" and "The Invasion Song" to the 
Sounds page.  Also added some very large pictures of Miss Info and Pepper 
Mills, as well as some other pictures, to the Images page.
(Also gave the Sounds page a new format...)

12-10-2000: Added the song "That's the Story That's Told By the Bard" and 
the full audio of the "Molly Pitcher" sketch to the Sounds & Songs 
page.  Also added a few pictures of characters such as Miss Info, Fetch, 
Joan of Arc, Ben Franklin, and John Steinbeck to the Images page.

11-18-2000: Added character bios for Pepper Mills and World's Oldest Woman.
Also added a Lucky Bob sound file and fixed a few errors in the Russian
Revolution transcript and the lyrics index.

11-09-2000: Check out the two new songs over on the Sounds page.  I've
got "People Wanted Pepper on Their Food" and "Big Fat Road Baby".  Also,
I tried out some new BFB wallpaper on the front page.  I'm going to keep
trying til it looks right...

11-04-2000: Lots of new sound files up, many of them Lucky Bob related.  
Check the Sounds page to hear them!  There's also a few more Images going 

10-22-2000: Sorry I didn't get that Nostradamus stuff up yesterday.  I got
a bit busy.  The new updates are--added the song "Louie, Louie", and two
Nostradamus sound files, to the Sounds page, and added some pictures
of Aka Pella, Pepper, and Nostradamus to the Images page.

10-21-2000: Angelfire, nice people they are (well, I could live without 
the banner) gave me 50 MB to play around with for my site.  Now that 
webspace isn't an issue anymore, I can keep a good chunk of high-quality 
mp3's around.  So fire away with those song requests.  Oh, and I'm working 
on getting some Nostradamus stuff up right now.  See you in a few hours.

10-14-2000: Added the song "Trustbuster" to the Sounds page.

10-7-2000: If you requested an image lately, you'll find it on the 
Images by request page.  Also, I've added a few more images to the regular 
Images page.  Lastly, you have two or three weeks to download an .mp3 of 
"The Tale of the Tudors" if you go to the Sounds & Songs page.

10-1-2000: I stuck a guestbook at the bottom of the first page.  Sign it 
if you feel like it.  No big deal.

9-30-2000: Added some more images by request.  Added three pictures to the 
images page.  Added the lyrics to two more songs to Songs of Histeria!:
"Spice It Up" by the Spice Island Girls, Libby

9-27-2000: Added some more entries to the links page

9-26-2000: Added the lyrics to four more songs to Songs of Histeria!:
Sacajawea, Thank History For Guys Like Him, The Emperor Napoleon 
Bonaparte, The Invasion Song

9-24-2000: Tinkered with the Blast From The Past transcript.  Added a 
Miss Information character file.

9-23-2000: Added some images by request.  Added a transcript of the 
episode A Blast From The Past to the episode guide.  Removed "That's The
Story That's Told By The Bard".  Sorry.  Feel free to request the song 
again if you missed it.

9-16-2000: Added a Toast character file; added three new links; added the
song That's the Story That's Told By the Bard.  This song will only be up 
for a limited time, so get it while you can.  Also added this updates 

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